10+ Best Legal Sites To Watch Anime Online

Best Sites To Watch Anime

Anime has grown in popularity in the last two decades. Sometimes, kids and adults who knew what a dragon ball or Kamehameha was were the odd ones. But not today. Anime is part of the mainstream culture in many ways to watch anime online.

Obscure mangas such as Alita Battle Angel are made into movies by some of today’s most famous movie directors. One Piece is the comic book with the most sales, more significant than most DC and Marvel properties. Anime is very in demand. This has led to the creation of many anime sites offering anime streams online.


Most anime streaming sites are full of ads and malware, sure to cause damage to your PC or smartphone. The quality of the product also suffers from bad rips and uploads. To be sure that you enjoy anime at its finest, check out some of the best anime streaming sites to watch anime online, free and paid, with fewer ads or an Ad-Free Experience.

In this article, We will list some of the most popular anime streaming sites with minimum ads that allow watching free anime online and some paid anime sites with high quality and other features.


Legal Sites To Watch Anime Online

1. Crunchyroll


The global leader when it comes to streaming anime. They are available worldwide, in over 180 countries. their catalog features over 850 shows, including popular animes like One Punch Man, Naruto, One Piece. There are some shows that can be watched for free, but if you want to enjoy Crunchyroll to its fullest, you have to pay up to 12 dollars a month. Watch anime online on Crunchyroll in High Quality.

2. AnimeLab


AnimeLab is a dedicated Anime streaming platform exclusively available in Australia and New Zealand. This Site contains most of the animes available for free streaming, while some are available only in the premium subscription.

3. Netflix




With over 60 shows in its catalog, the prices for the Netflix anime experience range from 8 to 12 dollars per month. It is available in most of Europe and the Americas. There might not be much anime, but you will get the best quality of whichever anime is available. You could check our guide by clicking the link if you are facing any Netflix errors while watching.

4. Funimation


It has a huge catalog of over 300 shows. But it can only be used in the Anglo part of the world, countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Ireland, and New Zealand. Some anime shows are free to watch. To enjoy the full catalog, you have to pay 6$ per month or 60$ per year. This is among the best sites to watch anime for free and paid.


5. Amazon Video

Amazon Prime


The video department of the global phenomenon that is Amazon offers more than 80 anime shows to enjoy. Unlike Crunchyroll, it is only available in the USA, Canada, and most EU countries. To enjoy their anime catalog, you have to pay 99$ per year.




This legal streaming site has over 100 shows to offer. It costs around 5 dollars per month and can be accessed from most of the English-speaking world and some European countries like Norway, Sweden, and Belgium.

7. Viewster



One of the best ones out there for the global audience. It is available in over 120 countries around the world. Its catalog has over 70 shows. The ice on this anime streaming cake is that it is completely free.

8. Asian Crush

Asian Crush



This site is free worldwide, and it offers over 20 anime shows to consume. This site also streams Asian movies in various genres. It may not be available in some of the countries due to restrictions.

9. Hulu


One more service that has plenty of shows but a low range. To enjoy over 140 best anime on Hulu has you have to live either in Japan or in the States. None of the shows is free. To join Hulu you have to pay 7,99 per month or 11,99 if you want to make your anime viewing experience ad-free.


10. Tubi TV

tubi Tv

Available in the States, Canada, and Belgium, this free streaming site has over 50 shows in its catalog.


11. Adult Swim

The final entry on our list is available in the States, Australia, and New Zealand. It allows you to view more than 20 shows free of charge.

If you are an anime fan in this day and age, you are in luck. Pick one of those best anime sites for anime streaming and get your anime fix taken care of. They all feature shows of their highest quality, just like they are meant to be watched.

In Case non of the Above Works, check out these as the last option.

12. GogoAnime

Anime Streaming Sites 


GogoAnime is among the most popular free anime streaming websites. This site is regularly updated with the latest episodes of anime. This website also allows switching between multiple servers taken from various sources on this site. You can watch anime here without any charges or subscriptions.

13. 9Anime

9 Anime Streaming Site

9Anime is Among the Second most popular anime streaming site. The Site has a simple and minimal UI, users can easily navigate and search for animes here. It also allows to search anime according to various filters like Year, Genre, and Language. In terms of streaming server quality, it’s similar to the Gogoanime site.

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