10 Best Waifu in Naruto

Regarding Naruto, one common topic among fans is the issue of how female characters are portrayed. They often don’t receive the same level of character development and screen time as their male counterparts.


However, despite these challenges, the female characters in Naruto are far from one-dimensional and possess distinct personalities. Fans cherish them for valid reasons.

While some characters may be more appealing than others, all the women in Naruto showcase strength and uniqueness in their own individual ways.

Best Waifu in Naruto

1. Temari



Temari is a perfect example of a strong female character. She is outspoken and kind, and she accepts her own mistakes to change for the better. She was the first to accept Gaara’s personality change after the Chūnin Exams and helped him earn the respect of the other Sand Villagers.

She cares deeply for her siblings and takes her role as their older sister seriously. Her calm and collected nature is perfect for leading others, so she seems to be the older sister to every young Shinobi in her village.


2. Hinata


Between Hinata and Naruto, it’s pretty clear who has the luck in their relationship. Hinata is one of the sweetest characters in Naruto, and her shy personality doesn’t stop her from standing up for her friends and doing the right thing.


She was willing to face death because it meant protecting Naruto and helping save the Leaf Village. Fans love to see her develop into a stronger person as Naruto develops. She may not be as outspoken as some friends, but she is more confident, and fans love her for it.

3. Konan


Konan may be stoic and calm, but she is very passionate about protecting her beliefs and those of her comrades. She doesn’t act evil because she wants to but because she wants to do right by her friends. Whatever she does is to protect what is most precious to her, which makes her one of the most loyal characters in the world of Naruto.

Even though she doesn’t see much action, her Ninjutsu is always fun to watch. No other Jutsu is like it in the Naruto series; she uses it uniquely. Because of her Jutsu, Obito was nearly defeated, and Konan was the closest to killing him.


4. Kushina


Kushina is the exact opposite of a character like Konan. Like her son Naruto, Kushina is impulsive, loud, and eccentric. She may have insecurities, especially about her bright red hair, but that doesn’t stop her from being direct and cheerful.


She wishes the best for people, including her son, whom she greatly protects. She sacrificed her own life to make sure Naruto would live. Even though she couldn’t be present in his life, it’s clear that the best aspects of Naruto’s character come from her.

5. Tenten



Tenten is, of course, the most serious in her team of eccentric individuals, which became apparent after Neji’s death. Despite being annoyed by Gai and Rock Lee’s antics, she supports them. Tenten is also very brave, strong, and selfless. No matter which enemy she faces, she does everything she can to protect those around her, even if it means risking her own life.

It’s refreshing for fans to see a female character like Tenten who isn’t too focused on her romantic life or dating.

Despite not having much screen time, she’s a hard worker and a likable character, so it’s always fun when she shows up.


6. Ino


Ino was always confident and outspoken. She knows what she wants and works hard to get it. Although she tends to annoy her teammates, like Shikamaru, they respect her abilities and opinions. Unlike the other characters, she also seems to have hobbies outside of being a shinobi. Ino is knowledgeable about flowers and has used that knowledge several times.


Despite her stubborn attitude, she is kind and cares deeply for her friends and teammates.

Even if she views Sakura as Sasuke’s love rival, she is willing to risk her life to protect Sakura, proving that she values her comrades’ lives above petty competition.

7. Sakura



Sakura has earned a lot of respect from fans over the years. While she used to be disliked by many, it’s now recognized that her character suffered from the creator’s poor writing in of Naruto. Sakura has always been outspoken and stubborn,, but is self-aware enough to accept her mistakes and grow.

Because she recognized her weaknesses within herself, she became a very powerful medical ninja. Sakura is loyal, kind, brave, and has grown into an excellent Shinobi. She deserves more praise from Naruto fans.

8. Tsunade



As the only female Hokage and one of the most powerful Shinobi, Tsunade is admired by many people. While many Shinobi remain stuck in their old ways, Tsunade is open-minded and considers all perspectives.

This mindset allowed her to implement changes in the way of fighting,, and she likely saved hundreds of lives with her medical techniques.

Although Tsunade can be strict, she cares deeply for her village and will do whatever she can to protect them.


9. Anko


Anko was a mysterious character when she was first introduced. Later on, Naruto pointed out that Anko was much more impulsive than fans initially thought. Despite her stubborn nature, she is a top-ranking Shinobi and successfully led a team of scouts during the Fourth Great Ninja War.

Her actions proved that protecting Leaf Village and its people was very important to her, which is a great trait for a leader to have.


Despite being trained by Orochimaru at a young age, she has not let that change her feelings for her loved ones and her village. She is one of the strongest mentally of all the Naruto characters.

10. Kurenai


Kurenai may not engage in as much action as some other Jonin, but her skills and techniques still make a significant impact. She is the only team leader primarily using Genjutsu and is highly skilled in this technique.


Compared to other Jonins, she appears to be the most involved in her students’ personal lives and is someone they can rely on for emotional support. However, that doesn’t mean she went easy on them.

She expected the best from them and wholeheartedly supported them, as a teacher should.

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