The 10 Best Chefs in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

10 Best Chefs in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma

In Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, many talented chefs are fighting for the title of the best chef in this series. From former members of the Totsuki Elite Ten to Noir chefs at BLUE, there are many great chefs to choose from.

Some of the best chefs in anime, like Gin Dojima and Azami Nakiri, never show off their cooking skills on screen, so it’s unfair to compare them to characters whose cooking ranks in competitions.


While it is difficult to rank some of the chefs, there are characters whose skills speak for themselves.

1. Erina Nakiri

Erina Nakiri


Erina Nakiri, the woman renowned for possessing God’s Tongue and currently serving as the director of Totsuki Academy, possesses all the qualities to claim the title of the best chef in the anime world.

With her exceptional sense of taste and upbringing in one of the most esteemed cooking families globally, Erina has unparalleled access to ingredients, cooking techniques, and experiences that surpass those of her peers. This privileged background has undoubtedly contributed to her culinary expertise and repertoire.


Although viewers are only treated to glimpse her culinary creations throughout the anime, those few dishes are more than enough to showcase her extraordinary culinary prowess. A standout example is her creation of Le Plat Veritable during the Regiment de Cuisine finale. Remarkably, she masterfully utilizes inexpensive snacks such as squid and peanut butter to craft a dish that astounds both the characters and the audience.

This accomplishment demonstrates her ability to push boundaries and embrace innovative approaches, much like Soma Yukihira himself.


2. Soma Yukihira

Soma Yukihira

Soma Yukihira, the main protagonist in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma unquestionably stands out as one of the top chefs in the series.

Throughout the anime, Soma’s journey is defined by his unwavering determination to learn from his failures and continually strive for improvement. Although he may not have surpassed his father and Erina, he accomplished an impressive feat by defeating Asahi, who held an advantage over his own parents.

With each battle he faces, Soma utilizes his accumulated experiences to craft unique and groundbreaking dishes. Examples of his culinary innovation include the Time Fuse Mapo Curry Noodles and Nasi Goreng, which brilliantly blend flavors from Chinese, Italian, Indian, French, and Turkish cuisines.


By embracing his failures and persistently honing his skills, Soma ensures that he possesses all the necessary ingredients to become one of the greatest chefs of his generation.

3. Asahi Nakiri

Asahi Nakiri

Asahi Nakiri, later revealed to be the son of Azami Nakiri, emerges as a skilled young chef who trained under Joichiro before venturing on his own to refine his abilities. Eventually, he leads an underground group of chefs known as the Noir.

With his unique Crossed Knives skill, Asahi can replicate the techniques of any chef who wields a knife. This enables him to fuse diverse cooking styles, resulting in unprecedented and extraordinary dishes.

Despite being introduced late in the series, Asahi swiftly demonstrates his prowess. He defeats Joichiro and emerges victorious against Eishi and Megumi, ultimately facing off against Soma in the BLUE finals.

While his defeat might not be enough to transform him from an anime villain to a hero, Asahi unquestionably deserves recognition as a formidable chef.

4. Joichiro Saiba

Joichiro Saiba


Soma’s father, Joichiro, is a renowned chef in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, having held the prestigious Elite Ten second seat position.

During his time as a student, Joichiro engaged in 121 cooking battles with the former first seat, Gin Dojima, emerging victorious in an impressive 100 of them. However, his exceptional achievements often went unrecognized, as his ranking failed to reflect his culinary prowess fully.


Although Joichiro never completed his formal education, he embarked on a journey worldwide, continually refining his skills by working in various kitchens. Eventually, he established the esteemed Yukihira Diner as his culinary haven.

Joichiro earned the moniker “The Devil” for his audacity in the kitchen. Fearlessly experimenting with ingredients, he developed a unique cooking style, the Yukihira Style, which inspires his son and aspiring chef, Soma.

Despite Soma’s countless attempts, he has never surpassed his father’s culinary abilities in a cooking match. This fact stands as a testament to Joichiro’s exceptional skills and expertise.


5. Kojiro Shinomiya

Kojiro Shinomiya

Kojiro Shinomiya, a member of the 79th generation of Totsuki alumni and a former first seat of the Elite Ten, holds a remarkable culinary reputation. Notably, he achieved the distinguished Pluspol, the highest honor in French cuisine, making him the first Japanese chef to receive this prestigious award.

Recognized as The Legume Magician, Shinomiya possesses a remarkable ability to elevate the flavors and qualities of vegetables, showcasing his expertise as a professional chef who competes at the pinnacle of the culinary world.


During the training camp, his culinary skills were displayed when he crafted a remarkable dish called Chou Farci, impressing the judges and almost leading to Megumi’s expulsion.

Although his presence in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma was brief. It was enough to demonstrate his exceptional talent and expertise.

Furthermore, while apprenticing at his restaurant, Shinomiya played a pivotal role in enhancing Soma’s French culinary skills. Additionally, he played a part in guiding Megumi to develop greater self-assurance in her battles against the Elite Ten.


6. Eishi Tsukasa

Eishi Tsukasa

Eishi, the former first seat of the Elite Ten, earned the moniker “White Knight of the Table” due to his remarkable talent for bringing out the finest qualities in his ingredients.

As a perfectionist, Eishi not only excelled in French Haute cuisine but also possessed the unique ability to transform ordinary ingredients into visually stunning and delectable dishes.


Throughout the series, Eishi showcases his exceptional culinary skills, particularly during the Regiment de Cuisine, where he impressively defeats Kuga and Satoshi Isshiki with his imaginative interpretation of a dish featuring green tea and wild rabbit.

Although he ultimately falls short against Soma and Erina in the finals, Eishi undeniably holds his place among the greatest chefs to have graced the halls of Totsuki.

7. Rindo Kobayashi

Rindo Kobayashi


Rindo, the former second seat of the Elite Ten, is renowned in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma for his expertise in exotic ingredients.

While Rindo may not possess the same competitive drive as his fellow chefs, he has established himself as an unparalleled authority on rare and unique ingredients.

In three consecutive battles, Rindo showcased his culinary prowess during the Regiment de Cuisine.


In his first match against Megishima, he triumphed with a fiery dish featuring crocodile meat, leaving a lasting impression. He completely overwhelmed Takumi with his Spear Squid Causa creation in his second battle.

Rindo’s fearless approach to experimenting with unconventional ingredients has earned him the moniker “The Brave Barbarian.”


His exceptional culinary skills and willingness to push the boundaries make Rindo a standout chef in the series.

8. Takumi Aldini

Takumi Aldini

Although Takumi may not hold the same esteemed position as some of the current Elite Ten members, his rivalry with Soma has propelled his growth and allowed him to surpass many of his peers.


His inventive approach to Italian cuisine is a remarkable source of inspiration, and he consistently strives to refine his culinary abilities.

Throughout the series, Takumi has emerged victorious against numerous skilled chefs. In the Regiment de Cuisine, he triumphs over Etsuya Eizan, and alongside Soma, they form a formidable team that defeats Don Calma in the BLUE competition.

Furthermore, his Aldini Style Cheese Fondue Minestrone secures him second place in the BLUE preliminaries, serving as a testament to his burgeoning talent.


Takumi’s relentless dedication and impressive achievements demonstrate his growth as a chef, making him a formidable and respected figure in the culinary world of Food Wars! Shokugeki, no Soma.

9. Megumi Tadokoro

Megumi Tadokoro

Despite holding the tenth position in the current Elite Ten, Megumi has proven herself to be an exceptional chef whose culinary prowess is deeply rooted in the spirit of hospitality.

With her heartfelt approach to home cooking, she can remarkably elevate ordinary dishes into extraordinary masterpieces.


Megumi struggles with insecurity at the start of the series and doubts her abilities. However, through her friendship with Soma, she gradually gains confidence and learns to believe in herself.

As a member of the Elite Ten, Megumi embarks on a journey across the globe, where she immerses herself in diverse culinary techniques, further refining her skills as a chef.

In a surprising turn of events in Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma, Megumi secures the Totsuki slot in the Blue preliminaries with her innovative take on miso soup, earning the highest score in the competition.

Megumi’s growth, both in terms of culinary expertise and self-belief, showcases her remarkable potential as a chef and solidifies her rightful place among the talented individuals of the Elite Ten.

10. Akira Hayama

Akira Hayama


As the current fourth seat of the Elite Ten, Akira Hayama has earned the reputation of being a master of deep spices in Food Wars! Shokugeki, no Soma.

While possessing an exceptional sense of smell may not appear advantageous in everyday situations, Akira’s extraordinary olfactory abilities give him a significant edge in cooking battles.

Though renowned for his expertise in curry, Akira proves to be a well-rounded and capable chef in various culinary domains.

His notable triumph came in the Fall Selection Finals, where he emerged victorious over formidable opponents Soma and Ryo with his exquisite Scorched Pacific Saury Carpaccio. Although he narrowly missed qualifying for the prestigious BLUE competition, he secured an impressive fourth-place tie alongside Satoshi Ishiki and Isami Aldini in the preliminary round.

Akira stands as an esteemed culinary artist, continuously honing his skills in the world of spices. With the ever-present competition from other talented chefs like Ryo, his journey toward culinary excellence promises to be an ongoing progression of growth and achievement.

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