10 Interesting Facts about Silvers Rayleigh

10 Interesting Facts about Silvers Rayleigh

Silvers Rayleigh is a former member of the Roger pirates, also known as the pirate king’s right-hand man. Silvers Rayleigh is also dubbed the ‘King of Darkness.’

Silvers Rayleigh became a shipbuilder on the island of Sabaody at some point after Roger died and the entire crew was disbanded. He also became Luffy’s teacher in use during the 2-year time skip. He is also Shakuyaku’s husband.


Silvers Rayleigh has excellent strength, and the Rayleigh vs. Kizaru fight is one of the coolest fighting scenes in One Piece. In addition, Rayleigh also has interesting facts to know and the following include:

Facts about Silvers Rayleigh in One Piece

1. Rayleigh was inspired by an explorer named Sir Walter Raleigh. He was a 16th-century writer, poet, courtier, and explorer. It should also be noted that Raleigh’s last name is spelled in over 40 different spellings, one of which is ‘Rayleigh.’

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2. Rayleigh still has an active bounty from the wanted capture of the World Government. However, the actual amount of his bounty is still unknown. This was explained when Rayleigh fought Kizaru and asked him to remove his wanted poster, and then he would retire.

3. The name Silver Rayleigh is not only inspired by the pirate Sir Walter Raleigh. Rayleigh Scattering also inspired Rayleigh’s name. Rayleigh Scattering is the elastic scattering of light, shown when Rayleigh fights Kizaru, where he scatters his light attacks.


4. Silvers Rayleigh is a former member of the Roger Pirates, with Gold D Roger as captain and the first and Silvers Rayleigh as the second. This relationship is similar to Gold (Gold) which is more valuable than silver (Silver).

5. Roger’s Pirate Crew is listed as the world’s strongest Pirate with the highest reputation. Until then, the names of Roger’s members also come from metal types. First, there was Gold D Roger, Silvers Rayleigh, and then there was another member named Scopper Gaban, who was also a cooper.

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6. Rayleigh was ranked 32 in the 5th One Piece fan poll.

7. He is the first former member of the Roger Pirates who still has an active bounty.

8. Coby and Rayleigh have the same birthday, May 13.

9. Rayleigh loves women and alcohol very much. This is a statement by Shakky, proven when he saves Keimi from being molested at the disco. When rescued, he was holding a bottle filled with alcohol.


Rayleigh loves women and alcohol very much.

10. When it was revealed that Shanks and Buggy’s redheads were separated from Roger’s pirates, a fan asked Eiichiro Oda about another captain under Roger who scolded Shanks and Buggy. Oda didn’t want to reveal that it was Silvers Rayleigh, so Oda told Toei Animation not to call Silvers Rayleigh captain.

These are ten interesting facts about Silver Rayleigh fans of One Piece should know.

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