11 Strongest Hunters in Solo Leveling

11 Strongest Hunters in Solo Leveling

In one of the hit webtoon and manga series, Solo Leveling, hunters with incredible powers battle fearsome monsters and mystical beings from the dangerous gates. But among these hunters, a select few stand out as the strongest of the strong – the elites who rise to the top of the hunter ranks through their martial skills, magical abilities, strategic brilliance, and raw power.


This article will explore the 10 most powerful hunters in Solo Leveling lore. Some need no introduction, like Sung Jin-Woo, the Shadow Monarch himself, whose necromantic and shadow abilities make him almost god-like. We’ll rank Jin-Woo and highlight what makes him virtually unmatched against human and monster foes.

Whether by solo abilities or leadership prowess, these hunters represent the pinnacle of strength in Solo Leveling’s dangerous world.

If you want to know who the cream of the crop is regarding the most skilled hunters that even the fiercest dungeon bosses fear, then keep reading our breakdown of Solo Leveling’s mightiest monster-slayers.


11. Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho

Baek Yoonho stands out as one of the first S-Rank hunters we meet in Solo Leveling. Early on, before even more powerful hunters show up, readers probably figured he must be one of the strongest around. And with good reason – his abilities are awesome!


Yoonho leads the White Tiger Guild with a rare transformation magic that boosts his strength and agility to incredible levels, making him a battle beast. When he hulks out, not many creatures can hang with him!

So, while later S-Rank hunters may have eclipsed good ol’ Yoonho in the raw power department, he held his own as a transforming tank that hit like a wrecking ball for a while. I must respect the OG top-tier hunter before Sung Jin-Woo and his crazy shadow powers! Yoonho remains no slouch, even against today’s heavy hitters.


10. Choi Jong In

Choi Jong In

At the head of Korea’s elite Hunters Guild is the boss, Choi Jong In. Now, his top hunter, Chae Hae In may outmatch him, but don’t underestimate this leader! Choi is Korea’s strongest magic-wielding hunter. And he has some seriously fiery abilities.

Choi’s specialty is flame magic. He easily wields fire to unleash devastating moves on enemies like Flame Spear or Dragon. But his control over infernos also makes for imposing defense – he can summon a Flame Prison strong enough to trap B-Rank dungeon creatures. Badass!

So, while Choi lets his top hunter, Chae, take on the most dangerous missions, he still packs a scorching punch if you cross him or his guild. His peerless flame attacks would leave most assailants burnt to a crisp!

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9. Cha Hae In

Cha Hae In

As Vice-Master of Korea’s Hunters Guild, Chae Hae In stands among her country’s most powerful hunters. She has a sixth sense for detecting magical energy, can pick up on mana fluctuations, and identifies other hunters by their unique magical signatures. Handy skill!


Even Sung Jin-Woo acknowledges Hae In as stronger than the Hunter Guild’s leader. During the Jeju Island incident, she proved it took over twice as many giant ants as her boss. Undoubtedly, she’s in the top 5 among Korea’s S-Rank elite.

With her combination of battle skills, magical mastery, and almost supernatural senses that let her analyze other hunters’ strengths, Hae In is not someone you want to face in a fight! She’d likely anticipate all your moves and take you down before you even realize what’s happening.


It’s a small wonder she’s so highly ranked, even in an organization full of badass magical warriors and monster slayers. Hae In stands as one of the Hunters Guild’s strongest assets, ready to take on the most terrifying beasts from the dungeons. She’s more than up to the task, thanks to her combat abilities!

8. Goto Ryuji

Goto Ryuji

We first met badass hunter Goto Ryuji from Japan when he showed up during the Jeju Island arc. As the Guild Master of Japan’s Draw Sword Guild, this dude’s mere presence could intimidate even Korea’s top S-Rank hunters! That tells you how much power this guy wields.


When the giant ants attacked, Ryuji proved vital in battling the raid boss, Ant King. Get this – he managed to match the Ant King’s insane speed for a while! This is the same monster that nearly sliced elite hunter Chae Hae In’s head off in seconds. So, going toe-to-toe like that makes Ryuji one of the strongest hunters!

Ryuji may not be the overall mightiest by series end. But at that point in Solo Leveling’s story, he stood amongst the apex hunters that everyone else feared and respected. Ryuji could duel nearly anything: mutated bugs or dungeon demons, thanks to his peerless swordsmanship and battle instincts.


With skills letting him briefly keep pace with a terrifying creature not even Korea’s finest could handle, Goto Ryuji cemented his reputation as an S-Rank+ monster in his own right!

7. Lennart Niermann

Lennart Niermann

Hailing from Germany, Lennart Niermann serves as guild master for the elite Richter Guild. He’s ranked the 12th strongest hunter worldwide – quite the boss status!


We only saw Lennart fight once during the Monarch’s War, but his gauntlets packed a punch, blasting out intense shockwaves. Like Korea’s Chae Hae In, Lennart also has heightened senses beyond most hunters. He could detect Sung Jin-Woo’s stealthy shadows, which elude even top-rank hunters.

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And Lennart has got brains, too. When other arrogant hunters try picking foolish fights with Jin-Woo, Lennart tries getting on his good side instead. He understands not to provoke the intimidating Shadow Monarch pointlessly. Smart move!

So, while we haven’t seen Lennart in too much action, he’s established as one of the world’s premier hunters. He lives up to his high ranking with his keen perceptions, battle prowess, and tactical mindset. Not bad for the leader of Germany’s best monster-slaying guild!


6. Go, Gun Hee

Go, Gun Hee,

Go Gun-Hee stood as Korea’s undisputed strongest S-Rank hunter in his heyday. Even when he was older, he gave off an intimidating battle aura, signaling his immense strength. This badass could make elite hunters shake in their boots!

But Gun-Hee had been hiding an even greater power all along – he harbored the Ruler fragment called Luminosity, granted to him by an Ultimate Being. This made him comparable to the mighty Monarchs themselves!


So the old-timer turned out to be an incredibly powerful deity host, putting his levels above almost every other hunter in Solo Leveling. He had just been concealing his true strength while mentoring the next generations.

No wonder Gun-Hee remained so damn confident and commanding despite his age. As the living vessel for Luminosity’s divine magical fragment, he secreted abilities that rivaled mythical beings! Too bad his former student turned traitor, Cruz, later killed this Elder of elders.

5. Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed


Christopher stood amongst the top five “National Level” hunters in Solo Leveling before the Monarchs assassinated him. Officially, he ranked third strongest overall! Despite their warning, he still put up a hell of a fight.

Like Go Gun-Hee, Christopher harbored the power of a Ruler inside him as a magical vessel. He could also manifest his spirit energy into an armored battle form – a rare and powerful ability displayed when he unsuccessfully dueled the Steel Monarch.

With mighty magical abilities fueled by an Inner God, Christopher could likely defeat any hunter except Thomas Andre and Sung Jin-Woo at full power. The Monarchs knew he posed a threat and took him out preemptively.


Christopher battled until the end, pushing the Monarchs through an intense clash before finally falling. It shows how insanely strong this elite hunter was, on par with mythic beings! He stood amongst Solo Leveling’s mightiest humans for sure.

4. Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang is a big deal. He’s the only Seven-Star Hunter in China, and that’s like being at the top SSS rank in Korea. People in China even call him the ‘Hero of China’ because he’s the strongest Hunter there. When Sung Jin-woo wasn’t around, Liu Zhigang was the strongest Hunter in all of Asia.


One of Liu Zhigang’s notable achievements is effortlessly taking down a bunch of monster ants on Jeju Island. It’s quite likely he could have handled Beru if they ever crossed paths. Plus, Liu is what they call a Ruler’s vessel, which means he can do something cool called Spiritual Body Manifestation.

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3. Thomas Andre

Thomas Andre


The tall, strong blond guy is a powerful Hunter in Solo Leveling. Thomas Andre is officially the strongest Hunter in the Solo Leveling world. He’s also the leader of the Scavenger Guild and one of the rare National Level Hunters in the series. People often call him the “Goliath” because of his big and impressive stature.

Sung Jin-woo is The only Hunter known to be as strong as, or even stronger than in terms of physical power. Even though Jin-woo defeated Thomas, he held his ground against the Beast Monarch by using the Spiritual Body Manifestation.

2. Sung Il Hwan

Sung Il Hwan


While not officially ranked, Sung Jin-Woo’s badass dad, Sung Il-Hwan, stands as one of the strongest hunters ever in Solo Leveling based on what he can do. Jin-Woo is the only person who has exceeded his power after becoming a monarch.

Il-Hwan spent ten nightmarish years trapped in a top-ranked S-Rank dungeon, greatly boosting his abilities. After escaping, he easily crushed the S-Rank hunter, Hwang Dong-Su, when the guy threatened his family.

And get this – Il-Hwan once faced off solo against two powerful Monarchs, Ice and Beast! As a vessel for a Ruler’s magical fragment, he can manifest spirit armor and use god-level skills.


So, while an official global ranking doesn’t exist for Il-Hwan, this rugged veteran hunter reigns amongst the world’s strongest humans. Having battled creatures and hunters that terrify even the elites, Papa Sung firmly belongs in the top-tier category alongside the rulers and monarchs themselves!

1. Sung Jin Woo

Sung Jin Woo

Our boy Sung Jin-Woo may not have an official global hunter ranking in Solo Leveling, but make no mistake – he stands tall as THE strongest hunter! Even the almighty Monarchs can’t hang with his broken powers now.

After becoming the new Shadow Monarch, Jin-Woo wields all kinds of crazy necromancy and shadow manipulation abilities inherited from the previous king. His ever-growing army of undead soldiers takes down nearly anything in its path.


Jin-Woo once conquered the united Monarchs as revenge for harming his loved ones. After winning over the Rulers in a bet, he returned to easily devastate the Monarchs again, thanks to his loyal shadow forces!

No other being – be they the highest-ranked hunter, a mythical god, or whatever else – can match Jin-Woo’s post-Monarch power-up. Heck, even the nigh-invincible Monarchs become his subordinates!

While some hunters have neat tricks, and the Rulers command cosmic magic, Jin-Woo sits unequivocally at Solo Leveling’s summit. All shall bow before the indomitable Shadow Monarch!

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