All National Level Hunters in Solo Leveling

In the manhwa, Solo Leveling, some of the strongest characters besides Sung Jin-Woo are the National Rank hunters. The Rulers and Monarchs are the most powerful beings overall in the series. However, certain human hunters can still hold their own against them.


The National Rank hunters are elite fighters at the top of the hierarchy, just below the Rulers and Monarchs in strength. They serve as humanity’s best defense against the series’ ultimate threats.

In summary, while the Rulers and Monarchs are the mightiest, the National Rank hunters are also extremely powerful human characters. They play a key role in using their formidable skills to face the manhwa’s greatest dangers.

National Level Hunters in Solo Leveling

These individuals, even among Rank S Hunters, distinguish themselves with exceptional power and strength, possessing the military might equivalent to an entire nation and often viewed as one-man armies. They hold the exclusive status of National Rank Hunters in the series. Below, we’ll list each of them in detail.


6. Sung Il Hwan

Sung Il Hwan

Sung Il-Hwan is Jin-Woo’s father and one of the first Korean S-Rank hunters. He was believed dead after being trapped in a dungeon but returned during the Demon Castle Arc.


He deeply cares about protecting his family. He also saves innocent bystanders, showing his selflessness. As an unofficial hunter, his full power was unknown. But he became even stronger after being rescued by the Rulers and becoming a Vessel Ruler.

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He fought the Ice Monarch and later died from his injuries, sharing final memories with Jin-Woo.


Sung Il-Hwan was a caring yet mysterious S-Rank hunter who disappeared and returned much stronger. Despite his immense power as a Vessel Ruler, he sacrificed himself battling the Ice Monarch, leaving a legacy for his son Jin-Woo.

5. Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed

Christopher Reed was one of 5 National Rank hunters and the #1 hunter from the USA. He is arrogant and conceited, not liking the idea someone could be stronger. But Reed was very intelligent and took precautions when needed. His immense strength somewhat justified his arrogance.

As a Vessel Ruler, he could use Spiritual Body Manifestation and was among the world’s mightiest. However, his full abilities were never revealed since he died off-screen before displaying his powers further.


Christopher Reed was an extremely skilled yet arrogant American hunter. Despite his confidence, he was highly capable. But his powers as a Vessel Ruler were cut short when he was killed before reaching his full potential.

4. Go Gun-Hee

Go Gun-Hee


Go Gun-Hee, the former President of the Korean Hunter Association held the status of a Rank S Hunter in Korea and was widely recognized as the second strongest after Jin-Woo. As he aged and his body could no longer endure his full power, he retired from active duty to assume the role of association president.

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Even in retirement, Gun-Hee commanded immense respect among Rank S Hunters, thanks to his formidable presence. Moreover, he possessed the rare ability of a Ruler’s Vessel, enabling him to wield the Ruler’s Authority skill.


Known for his humility and integrity, Gun-Hee upheld strong moral values, strengthening his bond with Jin-Woo. Despite his immense power, Gun-Hee met his demise at the hands of the Ice Monarch at the onset of the War of the Monarch’s Arc.

3. Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang

Liu Zhigang, China’s esteemed Hero, is one of the five National Level Hunters and ranks the world’s second strongest. Once Asia’s most formidable Hunter was hailed until Jin-Woo surpassed him, Zhigang is characterized by his boldness and unwavering thirst for battle. Like Jin-Woo, he eagerly seeks opponents capable of pushing his limits.


Despite his prowess, Zhigang remains candid and exhibits humility and friendliness towards those he respects. As a Hunter, he is regarded as one of the world’s most formidable, possessing the rare ability of a Ruler Vessel and the potential to wield the Ruler’s Authority and Spiritual Body Manifestation. However, these abilities remain unused in the series.

Apart from Jin-Woo, Zhigang surpasses all other hunters globally, with the notable exception of Thomas Andre.


2. Thomas Andrew

thomas andre

Thomas Andre is one of 5 National Rank hunters and the #1 ranked hunter worldwide. Known as “The Goliath,” he has enormous physical size and strength. He is arrogant but cares about his comrades, even those who betray him.

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Andre gracefully accepts defeat, holding no grudges when Jin-Woo nearly kills him. He is widely feared and respected as a Ruler’s Vessel with Spiritual Body Manifestation. But without Ruler’s Authority, he is not all-powerful.


Thomas Andre is the mighty yet loyal #1 hunter globally. Despite his arrogance and strength, he values camaraderie and respects those who best him, like Jin-Woo. His rank as a Ruler’s Vessel makes him extremely formidable.

1. Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-Woo

Sung Jin-Woo is the protagonist and new Shadow Monarch. He starts as the infamously weak E-Rank hunter. Normally, hunters can’t get much stronger after awakening, but as the main character, Jin-Woo is an exception.


Through the System, he becomes Ashborn’s successor and gains incredible power with no limits. Despite his might, Jin-Woo remains benevolent and deeply cares for his family. From the Jeju Island arc to the Monarch War, his feats establish him as one of the strongest beings.

He surpasses even the former Shadow Monarch Ashborn, solidifying his status as the new Shadow Monarch.

Jin-Woo uniquely grows from the weakest E-Rank to the all-powerful Shadow Monarch. His journey demonstrates exceptional strength yet unwavering compassion. His achievements position him at the pinnacle of power in Solo Leveling’s world.

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