Best Shisui Uchiha Quotes And Dialogues

Best Shisui Uchiha Quotes

Shisui was a really humble and down-to-earth man. He was not arrogant about his particular ability or achievements, however, wasn’t telling others if they made errors. At precisely the exact same time, he had been open-minded, never believing in one perfect completely, and strived to observe the unique character of the present situation.

He had been also demonstrated to be quite perceptive and intuitive even at a young age, able to undergo the psychological character of many others and also able to observe the smallest details about him. Shisui was very dedicated to this clan.

In the conclusion of this Third Shinobi World War, Shisui watched his companion die having the ability to get anything to rescue him consequently awakening the Mangekyō Sharingan. A year after, he fulfilled with a 5-year-old Itachi Uchiha, getting best buddies and forming a brother-like bond.

When Itachi started to act strangely, Shisui was educated by the Konoha Military Police Force to track Itachi since the younger Uchiha’s standing in Anbu was conducive to this Uchiha’s future standing in Konoha. Unbeknownst to the clan, Shisui in fact sympathized with Itachi, perhaps not needing the Uchiha to go to war with all the village.

In this article, We are Sharing few Best Quotes by Shisui Uchiha along with a few of his Dialogues.

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Best Shisui Uchiha Quotes

1. From now on… You may be forced to walk down a long, dark path. One that’s filled with pain and suffering. I have to apologize… That I can’t be with you through it all. Still, I hope you don’t falter from your path. And keep moving forward as a Leaf ninja. I believe in you.

Shisui Uchiha Quotes

2. Your the only friend I can trust. Protect the village, and the Uchiha name as well.   -Shisui Uchiha Quotes

Shisui Uchiha Quotes

3. That isn’t the only thing that I need to give you. I’m going to give you a new power, too. The Mangekyo Sharingan. I’m not going to last long anyway. Take it as a gift… My dying wish.

Quotes By Shisui Uchiha

4. I’ve been watching you train here every day for a while now. Let’s be friends.   -Shisui Uchiha

Quotes By Shisui Uchiha

5. As long as we have you, the future of the Uchiha’s is secure.

6. What’s with that look of yours? Even like this, I can still see your face easily, you know. A worried expression just doesn’t look good on you. You must always remain calm, my friend. That’s what Itachi Uchiha is. I’m positive you can do this. So don’t worry. It’ll be fine.     – Quotes by Shisui Uchiha

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7. Itachi is probably going to be mad at me for doing this without him. But this will keep you together as a family. That’s what’s most important. For that, I’ll do anything.

8. Thank you… For everything.

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