Will there be Heavenly Delusion season 2?

Will there be Heavenly Delusion season 2

Many anime fans are excited about possibly a second season for Heavenly Delusion. The first season left a strong impression on viewers, thanks to its unique blend of absurd and fantastical elements, brought to life by Masakazu Ishiguro’s manga and Production I.G.’s adaptation. The story follows Tokio as he journeys to heaven in a captivating and unusual world.

However, it’s important to remember that a successful first season doesn’t guarantee the production of a second season. Many long-time anime fans have experienced disappointment when their favorite series never received another season. Examples like Magi and Fire Force serve as reminders of this unfortunate reality, so there’s a chance Heavenly Delusion could face a similar fate.


Heavenly Delusion Season 2 Release Date

Simply put, there hasn’t been any official confirmation or announcement about Heavenly Delusion season 2. While the first season performed well and received positive reviews, that alone doesn’t guarantee a second season, which can be frustrating for fans.

Several factors come into play when deciding on a new season, including animation costs, DVD sales (which are significant in Japan), ratings, and more. While there’s still plenty of material from Masakazu Ishiguro’s manga to adapt, and the reception has been positive, there’s no official word on season 2 yet.


So, while it seems likely that this anime will get a second season, nothing is inevitable, and fans of Tokio and his friends will have to wait for any official announcements.

 Heavenly Delusion Synopsis

While we’re still uncertain about Heavenly Delusion season 2, Production I.G. did an impressive job with the series. The story unfolds in a world devastated by some catastrophe, and kids from an isolated facility are released into this post-apocalyptic landscape, trying to find their way in this new reality.


The main character, Tokio, is on a quest to unravel what happened and find her purpose in this world. She’s told that a girl who looks identical to her will come to rescue her. Meanwhile, this look-alike Tokio is journeying through the wasteland world with a boy named Maru.

The series uniquely portrays isolation, tragedy, and death while also having a heartwarming aspect. Viewers are left with many questions about what caused the world’s destruction, adding to the mystery and making the characters’ journey even more captivating.


There’s no confirmation for Heavenly Delusion season 2, which can be frustrating for fans. It’s understandable since the first season was solid, and Production I.G. did an excellent job. However, this waiting game is something many series go through.

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