When is Fire Force Season 3 coming out?

Fire Force Season 3 Announced

Fire Force is an exciting anime with action-packed moments that fans love. It’s been three years since season 2, and fans are hoping for a season 3. We’re all waiting for news about it. Will Fire Force Season 3 happen, and when will it be released?

At Which Arc did the Fire Force Anime end?

In the second season of Fire Force, the Stigma Arc ended with thrilling moments. After completing the arc, we find Arthur and Shinra heading to Asakusa for training under Benimaru’s intense guidance. During their training, Shinra’s powers intensify, thanks to Benimaru’s tough methods.

Stigma arc | Fire Force
Stigma arc | Fire Force

However, things take a dangerous turn as the White Clad targets individuals with an Adolla Link, putting Konro at risk. Company 8 and its allies mobilize to protect Konro, but Company 5 faces a significant loss. The story takes an unexpected twist, leaving Company 8 in a challenging situation.

The story continues with more surprises and excitement. Please note that the following part contains manga spoilers. So, if you want to keep the suspense, skip ahead.


Fire Force Upcoming Arc:

The upcoming arcs in Fire Force are critical to the story’s development. Both sides are preparing for a major showdown, and the battle for control over the world is on the horizon.

  • Obi’s Rescue Arc: Company 8 faces a distraction as their Captain is arrested, diverting their attention from the main issue.
  • Return to St. Raffles Arc: Company 1 and Company 5 embark on a mission to uncover the truth behind the destruction of St. Raffles ruins, following promising leads.
  • Arthur’s Adventure Arc: Arthur embarks on a personal quest to find a more powerful Excalibur, setting the stage for an exciting adventure.
  • Stone Pillars Arc: The White Clad initiates a devastating plan, putting the Fire Force to the test. Can they overcome this new threat?
  • Asakusa Showdown Arc: Benimaru faces his mentor in an intense battle, and the outcome remains uncertain. Who will emerge victorious in this fiery showdown?
  • Kusakabe History Arc: Explores the Kusakabe family’s past and discovers its secrets.
  • Final Pillar Arc: As a world-threatening foe emerges, Shinra returns for an epic showdown.
  • Battle of Amaterasu Arc: Company 8th and the White Clad race against time to control Amaterasu.
  • Great Cataclysm Arc: Can Vulcan and Arthur save the world from impending disaster?
  • Epilogue Arc: The ultimate conclusion to the story.

Asakusa Showdown Arc


“Fire Force Season 3 is likely to adopt the Asakusa Showdown Arc, and it could be the series’ final season.”

Fire Force Season 3 Release Date?

“Fire Force Season 3 doesn’t have an official release date yet. It’s been a year since they announced its production. There are rumors about a change in animation studios from David Production to Shaft Studios. Here are two possible reasons:

  • The studio switch hasn’t happened, slowing down the animation.
  • The action-packed later story arcs are taking time to produce.

If the second situation is accurate, we might see Season 3 as a Summer anime next year. But that’s the earliest estimate.”

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