Will Heavenly Delusion Get a Second Season ?

Will Heavenly Delusion Get a Second Season

The first season of Heavenly Delusion has concluded alongside the spring 2023 anime lineup, leaving fans wondering about the potential for a second season. Based on Masakazu Ishiguro’s manga of the same name, this anime adaptation made its debut this season and immediately captured attention by presenting a compelling series of mysteries throughout its 13-episode run.

Heavenly Delusion wrapped up its first season with 13 episodes as the spring season ended. However, there hasn’t been an official announcement regarding the renewal of the anime for a second season. The final episode of the season left viewers with even more mysteries to anticipate. The storyline has become increasingly complex, and numerous unexplored aspects in the manga could be further delved into.


For now, fans eagerly await news about the future of Heavenly Delusion. They are excited about the potential for new episodes and the opportunity to unravel more of the captivating story that has been established. While we wait for updates, it’s a matter of patience and anticipation, hoping the anime will return to continue the journey and deliver further revelations.

How to watch Heavenly Delusion

There hasn’t been much buzz about the possibility of Heavenly Delusion returning for a second season. Still, given the first season’s popularity, there’s a chance we might see its comeback. However, fans might need to exercise patience as the release of Heavenly Delusion season 2 could be further away than anticipated.


In the meantime, if you want to catch up on the series, you can now stream Heavenly Delusion on Disney+ in international territories and on Hulu in the US (it goes by the title “Tengoku Daimakyo” if you need to search for it).

As for what lies ahead in the new season, Denpa has obtained the official English license for the Heavenly Delusion manga and offers a tantalizing description: “Within the safety of the walls, young people are raised in a robot nursery-style environment. Though life appears monotonous on the surface, these kids are brimming with potential and curiosity. It’s like a piece of heaven in many ways.

However, the outside world has transformed into a nightmarish landscape devoid of technology and inhabited by strange and formidable supernatural beings. Maru, aided by Kiruko, embarks on a journey through what was once Tokyo’s paradise. But after searching for so long, perhaps the notion of heaven is more of an elusive dream than a realistic possibility.”

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