10 Popular Anime Girl Names With Meanings in Japan

Choosing a name, whether for fanfiction characters or kids, is a task that requires some thought. Everyone desires a name they cherish that might have a special meaning.


Anime names often stand out for their cool and unique qualities. They also frequently carry significant meanings, depending on the kanji characters used or the person’s gender.

In anime, girls’ names often embody softer meanings than boys’. These meanings revolve around love, beauty, nature, and light.

A name holds significant importance as it becomes a person’s identity. It reflects the hopes and dreams bestowed upon an individual by those who name them. Here’s a list of popular anime girl names for those seeking inspiration.


Popular Anime Girl Names

1. Shizuka

Hio Shizuka

Shizuka is a Japanese name whose primary meaning is “calm.” However, depending on the kanji characters used, it can also signify “floral,” “fragrant,” or “great.” While it is commonly used as a family name, it is also a given name.


If you search for “Shizuka” on Google, you’ll likely see numerous pictures of Shizuka from Doraemon. Another anime character with this name is Hio Shizuka from Vampire Knight. Also known as the Mad Blooming Princess, she is infamous for her violent tendencies.

Although not the main character in Vampire Knight, Hio Shizuka plays a significant role in the story, particularly concerning Zero’s past, present, and future.


2. Haruka

Haruka/Sailor Uranus

Haruka is a popular Japanese girl’s name with varied meanings depending on the kanji characters used. While primarily feminine, Haruka is sometimes given to boys as well.

Some common definitions of this melodic name include “spring,” “fragrance,” “fair weather,” “distance,” and “flowers.” It evokes lovely images of nature and serenity.

One iconic anime, Haruka, is Sailor Uranus (Tenoh Haruka) from the magical girl series Sailor Moon. She is best known for her close relationship with her fellow Sailor Soldier, Michiru (Sailor Neptune).


Haruka/Sailor Uranus is a fascinating character – a dutiful guardian of the solar system who struggles between her masculine interests/appearance and her female identity. Her complex personality and relationships add dimension to both Haruka as a name and character.

So whether spelled with kanji meaning “spring” or “distance,” Haruka is a floral, feminine name tied to one of anime’s most beloved heroines. Its popularity for girls in Japan reflects its graceful aura.


3. Sakura


Sakura is an enduringly popular Japanese name, both domestically and internationally, derived from the word for Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms. These delicate pink and white flowers bloom for a fleeting yet vivid moment each spring, imbuing the name with symbolic meaning.


Sakura has become ubiquitous in anime as a family or given name over the decades. Perhaps the most iconic is Cardcaptor Sakura’s Kinomoto Sakura – the cheerful magical girl heroine who won over audiences worldwide with her kindness and courage. Her fantastical quest to recapture the powerful Clow cards she accidentally unleashed is fondly remembered.

Yet for contemporary audiences, Haruno Sakura of the ninja saga Naruto likely comes to mind first when hearing the name Sakura. Initially rather bratty and fixated on Sasuke, Sakura matured over the long-running anime into a determined, well-rounded character that ultimately lives up to her namesake flower through inner strength despite flaws – just like the fleeting yet resilient cherry blossoms.

Whether the spunky Kinomoto or serious Haruno portrayal, characters named Sakura reflect the duality of the bloom behind this beloved name – at once delicate yet bursting with understated power.


4. Ichigo

Amano Ichigo

While Ichigo is strongly associated with Bleach’s orange-haired male protagonist, it’s also used for anime heroines, meaning “strawberry.” This fruity term doubles as a cute given name fit for sweet female leads.


For instance, the gentle-natured patissiere of Yumeiro Patissiere is named Amano Ichigo. Matching her signature strawberry confections, she’s as sweet as her namesake fruit.

Tokyo Mew Mew’s magical girl, Momomiya Ichigo, suits the bubbly berry connotation – her vibrant pink transformation even evokes the color.

No matter the show, Ichigo brings to mind warmth, vibrancy, and gentle femininity – just like the sweet, juicy berry and its subtle hint of tartness. The name aptly reflects these anime characters’ usually kind, endearing qualities.


So, while one famous Ichigo battled supernatural foes with a massive sword, the name has an equally strong connection to tender-hearted heroines. Whether baking a cake or transforming into a Mew Mew, Ichigo is a name as bright and cheerful as a freshly picked strawberry.

5. Sora

Naegino Sora

Sora, meaning “sky” in Japanese, is a popular unisex name in anime with depth. The kanji characters used alter the exact definition from just the sky to the expansive heavens. This lends interesting dimensions to characters bearing the aspirational name.


Many great heroines share the name, like Sora of Digimon and Oh My Goddess! But perhaps the most fitting is Kaleido Star’s lead, Naegino Sora.

True to Sora’s soaring namesake, this spunky, acrobatic performer constantly strives higher, propelled by big dreams despite barriers. Her outlook remains bright, defying the shadows of a painful past or daunting present obstacles through perseverance.

Naegino Sora epitomizes the inspirational qualities associated with the limitless skies beyond our reach yet ever-present overhead. Regardless of its exact symbols, anime girls named Sora often share her indomitable hopeful spirit, constantly ascending to self-actualize their full potential – as boundless as the heavens themselves.


6. Kyouko

Mogami Kyouko from Skip Beat!

The name Kyouko consists of “kyou” and “ko.” In Japanese, “ko” is commonly written in kanji to mean “child,” making it a popular choice for a girl’s name.

On the other hand, “kyou” can have various meanings depending on the kanji used, such as Echo, Mirror, salute, city or capital city, today, or apricot.


Kyouko is associated with many anime characters, appearing in series like Danganronpa, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Fruits Basket. However, one of the most well-known characters named Kyouko is Mogami Kyouko from Skip Beat!

Mogami Kyouko is portrayed as an honorable who takes control of her destiny to seek revenge upon discovering the truth behind the deceptions in her life. Despite her relative inexperience in showbiz and her unfamiliarity with certain aspects, she is an inspiring character, especially when not around certain people.

7. Haruhi

The name Haruhi in anime, like Haruhi Suzumiya, has a Japanese origin and means “spring day.” There are various ways to write Haruhi.


One well-known Haruhi is Suzumiya Haruhi from “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.” Fans have mixed feelings about her, sometimes loving and sometimes not.

My favorite Haruhi is Fujioka Haruhi from “Ouran High School Host Club.” She’s the main girl in this anime, but she’s not aware of her impact.

Haruhi is an awesome character who brings joy to many characters in “Ouran High School Host Club,” whether they are guys or girls. She captures everyone’s heart, whether they know her secret or not.


8. Yumi

While Yumi is not commonly used as a last name, it’s a popular first name in both Japan and Korea!

The characters used for Yumi often convey the meaning of beauty, but they can also symbolize reason, abundance, evening, fruit, gentleness, God’s blessing, immortality, and friendship.


There are various kanji combinations for the name Yumi, but the majority emphasize the idea of beauty. In the series “Chobits,” the name Yumi holds special significance, particularly for a young baker named Hiroyasu.

9. Hikari

Hikari is a Japanese word and name that means “light.” When written in characters other than kanji, it’s typically in hiragana.

In the anime Special A, there’s a well-known character named Hanazono Hikari. She’s a lively and positive teenage girl who absolutely loves good competition, especially when her opponent is her lifelong rival, Kei!


Even though Hikari tends to be overly enthusiastic about competing and jumps into challenges without knowing the rules, she becomes a lovable main character in Special A.

Despite her occasional obliviousness, don’t underestimate her brightness. She’s the top student in her class and serves as the guiding light for everyone in Special A.

10. Yuki

Yuuki is a really popular name for anime girls, and it means “snow” in Japanese. But here’s the thing—there are different ways to write it in kanji.


Here’s a fun fact: Yuuki is not just for girls; it’s a name that both guys and girls can have. So, you might come across male anime characters named Yuuki, like Yuuki Sohma from “Fruits Basket.”

Now, let’s talk about Cross Yuuki from “Vampire Knight.” She’s a character you don’t want to overlook. When she first pops up in the series, she might not strike you as someone super special, other than being the director’s daughter at the school.

But hold on—there’s more to her story. There’s this whole mystery vibe around her, like the fact that she can’t remember her own childhood before meeting Kaname. Intriguing, right?

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