12 Anime About Toxic Relationships, Watch Out for Red Flags!

12 Anime About Toxic Relationships,

The world of anime has many heartwarming romance stories between characters, but some also depict toxic relationships that are best avoided.

Romantic anime can resonate with almost anyone, and fans often wish they could have a love like the ones portrayed in the shows they watch. In case you are interested in Best High School Romance Anime.


However, specific anime series may not be the healthiest to watch, as they showcase drama and red flags in relationships. If you’re interested in exploring this side of anime, here are ten titles you might consider watching.

Anime About Toxic Relationships

1. School Days

School Days


School Days is a prime example of how damaging cheating can be and can lead to a deadly toxic relationship.

The story revolves around Makoto, the main character, who starts dating a girl he had a crush on. However, he chooses to have affairs with multiple other girls throughout the anime’s visual novel adaptation.

The consequences of his actions are severe, and it eventually leads to a tragic and violent end when the girl’s original boyfriend becomes enraged and commits a gruesome act.


Cheating is harmful in any relationship, and this anime depicts such behavior’s extreme and devastating consequences.

2. Boku no Pico

Boku no Pico


Boku no Pico is an anime often used as a joke when new anime fans ask for recommendations. The central romance in this anime is deeply disturbing, and it involves Ecchi Anime Scenes that make it unsuitable for most curious viewers.

One of the major issues is that it portrays a 15-year-old girl dating a 22-year-old man, which is illegal and concerning. Additionally, the fact that Pico and Tamotsu are both boys further compounds the problem, as it perpetuates a negative portrayal of non-heterosexual relationships in the anime.

Due to its inappropriate content and problematic themes, Boku no Pico is widely disliked and not recommended for viewing.


3. Nana


“Nana” is an anime that follows two girls named Nana as they navigate the challenges of becoming adults together. Their journey involves complex and sometimes painful relationships.

However, toxicity arises with Nana K. as she tends to fall for guys who are kind to her, often leading her into difficult situations. One of these relationships involves getting involved with a rockstar who ends up conning her and leaving her pregnant.


The men she’s dated in the series are examples of the type of partners one should avoid in real life.

4. Diabolic Lovers

Diabolic Lovers

Diabolik Lovers is an anime adapted from a horror game that veers in a troubling direction.


In the anime, the main character, Yui’s personality is changed, and she becomes a victim of some vampires who show no restraint.

Throughout the series, Yui is subjected to constant torture and abuse by these vampires, making it one of the most toxic romance anime.

Even when one of the vampires seems kind to her, fans know that something terrible is bound to happen to Yui.

5. Death Note

death note light misa

In the anime, it’s evident that Light doesn’t truly care about Misa, but he becomes aware of her Shinigami Eyes powers.

Light manipulates her by pretending to have romantic feelings for her, exploiting her powers for his own plans. On the other hand, Misa idolizes Light and is infatuated with him.

They both use each other for their selfish purposes, leading to a toxic relationship between them.

To Light, Misa is merely a tool to achieve his goals, while Misa views Light almost like a god. There comes a point where Light even considers killing Misa because he sees her as a potential threat to his plans.

6. Citrus


“Citrus” is a story about Yuzu and Mei becoming stepsisters after their parent’s marriage. They go to the same school but have very different personalities – Mei is serious, while Yuzu is carefree and open.

The toxic part of their relationship arises when Mei uses Yuzu as an emotional outlet and takes advantage of her feelings, even though Yuzu is genuinely attracted to Mei.

Mei’s behavior towards Yuzu can be emotionally abusive, sometimes causing pain and distress in their relationship.

7. Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica

Madoka Magica is about Homura’s efforts to save Madoka, whom he has strong feelings for. What started as a simple crush became an unhealthy obsession, leading to tragic consequences.

Homura became willing to do anything, even fight and kill, to protect Madoka. He went as far as turning into a demon to have one last encounter with her.

Their relationship didn’t bring any good; it became toxic and dangerous for both.

8. NTR: Netsuzou Trap

YouTube video

This is a Kind of Yuri Anime relationship that some LGBT fans find concerning.

Yuma and Hotaru are friends, and Yuma seeks dating advice from Hotaru. However, instead of supporting Yuma with his current girlfriend, Hotaru advances him, even though she already has a partner.

Hotaru continues to lead Yuma on, even after he breaks up with his girlfriend and confesses his feelings for her. Their relationship becomes unhealthy and unclear.

9. Love and Lies

YouTube video

Love and Lies is an anime where the government uses an advanced algorithm to match people with their life partners.

Yukari has feelings for a girl named Misaki, and they both become engaged as per the government’s arrangement.

In an attempt to challenge the system, they struggle to keep their relationship alive while interacting with others who are also engaged. Love and Lies can be tough to watch because it’s clear from the beginning that their situation won’t have a happy ending for this couple.

10. Scum’s Wish

YouTube video

This series is about two teenagers who fall in love with their teacher, ending in a cycle of toxic relationships.

To vent their frustration, they end up getting intimate with each other and create a fake relationship that slowly unravels. When the two started dating, they started sleeping with other people, and the female teacher took advantage of the boys.

11. Angels of Death

YouTube video

Angels of Death is a horror anime focusing heavily on developing the relationship between two killers, Zack and Rachel.

After trying to kill, Rachel invites Zack to escape the facility where they are being held on the condition that Zack can finally kill him. Zack grows tired of Rachel’s expressionless face and agrees to help her escape to enjoy her death. Romance based on murder is truly a lethal toxic relationship and a recipe for disaster.

12. Happy Sugar Life

YouTube video

Happy Sugar Life is an anime about a girl named Sato who kidnaps a boy named Shio.

Sato is a sociopath who takes an interest in a missing child and locks him in his apartment, promising the girl they will always be together.

Shio suffers from memory loss due to the abuse and what appears to be PSTD.

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