10 Facts about Yamato in One Piece

Facts about Yamato in One Piece

During the Wano arc, many new characters are introduced in One Piece. However, Yamato stood out among all the newcomers in this saga. It seemed that there would be no more surprises left for the arc to enter its main war since everything was already set for it to happen.

However, Kaido revealed something big by saying he had a son, and even more shocking than that, he became an ally of Luffy on the brink of the third act of Wano.


One Piece has many star characters, but none more so than Yamato. The character first appeared and said he wanted to fight alongside Luffy and team up with him as his crew, even though he was the son of the feared Kaido. As the character developed, Yamato gained a legion of fans and became one of the central figures in this arc. Here are ten facts about Yamato and his trajectory across the series.

Facts about Yamato in One Piece

10. He is the son of Kaido

He is the son of Kaido


The main reason that Yamato’s introduction was so impactful in One Piece is that he is Kaido’s son. Since Kaido mentioned having a son, it seemed he would be another enemy Luffy and his allies would initially face at Onigashima. However, it was a great surprise to learn that we’re given an interesting twist in the series because Kaido also wanted to fight his son as an ally of Luffy.

While Yamato has a few things in common with his father, like horns and an Eastern clothing style, he also has other similarities, like their fighting style. They both use the kanabo to attack opponents while they use their strength and endurance to fend off those that get too close.

9. He lived his entire life imprisoned.

He lived his entire life imprisoned


Young Yamato was resentful of his father, but he always hoped his father would be defeated one day. Kaido imprisoned and starved his son for many years. Once Yamato had given up on his dream of being free and living as Kozuki Oden, he placed him in handcuffs that would explode if he ever escaped.

To break out of his prison, Yamato had to defeat his father in several battles. He was never able to defeat him, even with help from Luffy. However, when Luffy arrived in Onigashima, he removed Yamato’s handcuffs so that the two could work together against Kaido and his pirates and free Wano entirely.


8. Kozuki Oden is his greatest inspiration.

Kozuki Oden is his greatest inspiration.

The person Yamato has always looked up to is Kozuki Oden, a hero from Wano. When he was young, Yamato found the great hero’s logbook and read about his adventures at sea. Through this diary, he learned about his hero’s travels alongside Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger.

Oden’s story had such a big impact on Yamato that he started introducing himself as Kozuki Oden. He even put so much effort into this persona, sometimes taking it to the point of acting as if he was Oden himself.


7. Ace was his first friend.

Ace was his first friend.

Having been imprisoned for his life, Yamato had always lived on his own and never interacted with other people. The only ones who kept in contact with him were his father and subordinates to ensure he did not escape. He had never made a close friend until the day that he met Ace, Luffy’s older brother.

Ace set out to challenge Kaido, who had enslaved the people of Wano. Ace and Kaido were not in the country at the same time but meeting for their final battle in a small town. They became friends and even celebrated Christmas together.


6. Born with great Haki skills

Born with great Haki skills

Yamato is powerful because he inherited Kaido’s strength and developed a different type of Haki ability. Haki’s abilities are known as special powers that only the strongest people in the world can develop. However, not many people can reach the full potential of this power as Kaido can.

Like Luffy and Zoro, other users must train hard and face strong opponents to reach an advanced level of Haki. In Yamato’s case, he awakened mighty Haki as a child due to his lineage. This is why he can wield the Armor and Conqueror Haki as a cloak.


5. He wants to join the Straw Hat Pirates.

He wants to join the Straw Hat Pirates

One of the reasons that fans worldwide have come to love Yamato so much is his sheer determination to join the Straw Hat Pirates. Since the meeting, he’s made several comments about joining their crew and not wanting to be constrained by his duties as a samurai. Seeing him aboard with Luffy and the rest of the crew is something many people have been waiting for since Wano was introduced.

One of the best scenes in the film is when Luffy and Yamato become fast friends. Everyone else on the ship was surprised to find out that he was the son of Kaido, but they also liked him after getting to know him better.


4. He was one of Luffy’s greatest allies in Wano

Luffy's greatest allies in Wano

So far in the story, Kaido is one of Luffy and his crew’s most formidable enemies. He has been known as the World’s Strongest Creature and one of the Yonkou thanks to his impressive strength. Being able to face him is a privilege few people get, like Roger, Whitebeard, Oden, Shanks, or even Luffy. But they won’t be alone, as Yamato has shown that he is also brave enough to battle against Kaido.

3. His Akuma no Mi is a Mythical Zoan

His Akuma no Mi is a Mythical Zoan


Yamato also ate the Inu no Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami. Kaido says this Akuma no Mi is known as the “Guardian Deity of the Land of Wano.” The Inu no Inu no Mi is a Mythic Zoan type that transforms the user into a wolf considered divine in Wano. Yamato’s father had one, too; it was a rare model, and Yamato became its vessel when he ate it.

With this form and the power of ice, Yamato can transform into this legendary wolf or into a hyper-speed hybrid form that greatly increases his strength. When Yamato uses this transformation, he can generate ice for attack and defense. His hybrid form is so powerful when combined with ice that it almost reaches Kaido’s level of strength in dragon form.


2. He was accepted by the people of Wano

He was accepted by the people of Wanov

Ever since Luffy became allies with Yamato’s father, Kaido, the people of Wano were no longer sure if they would be able to accept him. With their final battle approaching and Kaido telling them the truth about Wano’s history and his son, it was hard to tell what would happen.

Wano has many people who accept mixtures and are willing to overlook differences. As a child, even though the people Yamato was imprisoned with were on the enemy’s side, they were still kind to him. And in the end of Kaido’s demise, Sora willingly accepted anyone who showed up, and there was never any hatred or discrimination.

1. His gender identity

His gender identity


The most discussed aspect of Yamato is his gender identity. At first glance, it seemed like he was a man since he was called the son of Kaido, but after removing his mask, it became clear that the character had a woman’s body. So, the public asked whether Yamato should be called a man or a woman.

The One Piece special issue, Road to “Laugh’s Tale,” featured drafts Eiichiro Oda did when deciding on the gender of Yamato, who is a member of Oden’s pirate crew. In one draft, Yamato has more feminine features and feels that she belongs as a woman; in others, she wants to be recognized as a man. In the original story, Yamato has an outwardly female body but identifies himself as male due to his desire to become Oden.

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