5 Worst Things Sasuke Uchiha Did

5 Worst Things Sasuke Uchiha Did

Uchiha Sasuke, maybe those who have just started watching Boruto anime think Sasuke is a great and reliable shinobi from Konoha. Even though Sasuke was wanted from Konoha village because he was a traitor to the village in the past, Sasuke cannot justify many things for the sake of committing ridiculous acts, namely revenge against his older brother Itachi, the truth of which is that Sasuke does not know.

Let’s discuss the grave sin that Sasuke committed before becoming the Shadow Shinobi of the village of Konoha.


Worst Things Sasuke Uchiha Did

1. Left the Village

Sasuke left tthe Village

Sasuke experienced frustration because he felt he was more than Naruto, So Sasuke accepted an offer from Orochimaru to become stronger than Naruto and beat Itachi. After his fight against Gaara, Sasuke could not do much, and Naruto managed to beat him. Young Sasuke became increasingly unstable, and staying in the village of Konoha would not make him grow.

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2. Become a member of Akatsuki

Sasuke Become a member of Akatsuki

After, he decides to follow the runaway ninja Orochimaru. Sasuke is branded as a traitor to Konoha village. This condition got worse when Sasuke decided to become a member of Akatsuki. This made Naruto’s friends even more convinced that Naruto no longer needed to save Sasuke.


Sasuke’s problem also widened by becoming a member of Akatsuki, making Sasuke not only a fugitive from the village of Konoha but all villages consider Sasuke a threat.

3. Killed Itachi

Sasuke Killed Itachi


In the fight between the brothers, namely Itachi and Sasuke, Sasuke didn’t win. Itachi was running out of time to continue the fight. Due to the effect of the power of the eye that was always used, Itachi’s body was getting weaker daily.

Sasuke’s fight against Itachi is considered stupid, considering what Itachi has done so far is to protect Sasuke. Until this fact was revealed, Sasuke did not immediately feel guilty but instead took out his frustration on the village of Konoha.

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4. Wants to Become a Hokage

Sasuke Wants to Become a Hokage

After what has been done so far to his friends and the village of Konoha, suddenly Sasuke loudly stated that he wanted to become a Hokage. Suddenly this surprised all of his former colleagues at the Konoha academy because, apart from Naruto at that time, no one believed in Sasuke after what he had done so far.


5. Trying to Kill Sakura and Killer B

Trying to Kill Sakura and Killer B

Maybe the action that fans don’t like in Anime Naruto is when Sasuke tries to end the life of the person who is always near him, namely Sakura, which makes Sasuke’s character feel so cruel. Not to mention his actions when he was a member of Akatsuki against Killer B.

As an act of remorse for what Sasuke had done in the past, Sasuke chose to refuse the return of his left arm. What other sins did Sasuke commit that disappointed you as fans and harmed the village of Konoha? Leave your opinion in the comments column below…

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