8 Visored Members of Bleach, Hollow Masked Shinigami

8 Visored Members of Bleach, Hollow Masked Shinigami

Sōsuke Aizen, a cunning antagonist in the series, conducted Hollowfication experiments on multiple Shinigami. While most of these experiments failed, eight individuals successfully transformed. These eight Shinigami came together and became known as the Vizard.

With a sinister motive, Aizen framed Kisuke as the mastermind behind the Hollowfication experiments. This was a part of Aizen’s plan to prevent Kisuke from exposing his true intentions.


Due to the false accusation, Kisuke faced exile and the threat of execution for the Hollowfied Shinigami. However, Yoruichi, a trusted ally, intervened and saved them all from their unjust fate.

Despite his exile, Kisuke dedicated his efforts to finding a way to reverse the Hollowfication process. While he never achieved complete success, he played a pivotal role in assisting the Vizards in controlling their inner Hollows and harnessing their powers for battle. This was accomplished by wearing their Hollow masks, allowing them to tap into the strength and abilities bestowed by their Hollow sides.


Vizard Members of Bleach, Hollow Masked Shinigami

1. Shinji Hirako

Shinji Hirako

Shinji, a prominent character in the series, initially served as the captain of the 5th Division but later reclaimed his position. As the fearless leader of the Vizard, Shinji’s appearance has undergone some changes. He used to have long blonde hair as a captain, but his hair has become shorter since becoming a Vizard.

Shinji’s signature outfit consists of a button-down shirt paired with a tie, and often sports a pickpocket hat. During his time as a captain, Shinji appointed Aizen as his lieutenant because he had suspicions about him right from the start.


Shinji possesses intelligence and cunning, although he often portrays himself as an eccentric or foolish individual behind the scenes.

His Zanpakutō, Sakanade, takes on a peculiar appearance when released. It features a loop handle connected to a traditional knife, and the sword’s unique ability causes the world to appear upside down. This reversal affects things like direction, sight, and even the location of the opponent’s injuries, making it challenging to respond effectively to attacks.

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Shinji’s strength is particularly formidable when he taps into the power of the hollow within him. He demonstrates this strength by unleashing an enhanced cero, a powerful energy blast. Due to his integral role in the story and his distinct personality, Shinji holds a prominent position among the Vizards, earning him recognition as one of the group’s top members.

2. Lisa Yadomaru

Lisa Yadomaru



Lisa, a notable character in the series, previously held the position of the 8th Division lieutenant under Captain Shunsui. Known for her helpful nature, Lisa also has a peculiar interest in reading erotic magazines. It seems that Captain Shunsui’s perverted tendencies might have influenced her in some way.

Lisa sports black hair and is often seen wearing glasses and a school uniform, which adds to her distinctive appearance. Among the group, she stands out as one of the most intriguing members. While Lisa may project a tough exterior, she also possesses the ability to express genuine emotions and affection towards others, revealing a more compassionate side to her character.

Considering her well-rounded attributes, Lisa secures a deserving position as the second-ranked member on this list.


3. Love Aikawa

Love Aikawa

Love is a former captain of the 7th Division in the Soul Society. His distinctive personality and demeanor left a lasting impression on viewers, as he effortlessly balanced a cool and laid-back attitude with moments of intense determination during battles.

Love’s fashion sense is equally notable, as he is often seen sporting a green jumpsuit and stylish sunglasses, which add to his unique and eye-catching appearance.


In combat, Love wields a powerful Zanpakutō named Tengumaru. This impressive blade, despite its large size, does not hinder Love’s agility. With Tengumaru, Love can unleash devastating attacks, including his notable technique known as “Hifuki no Koduchi.” This technique involves igniting the blade with flames and launching colossal fireballs at his opponents, resulting in impressive and explosive displays of power.

Beyond his combat prowess, Love’s endearing qualities make him an appealing character. His cute and chill demeanor adds depth to his persona, making him a favorite among fans of the series.

4. Hachigen Ushoda

Hachigen Ushoda

Hachi is a captivating character in the anime series Bleach, known for his role as a former lieutenant of the Kido Corps under Tessai. One of Hachi’s notable traits is his kindness, which shines through in his interactions with others. Additionally, he possesses a profound way of expressing himself, often offering deep insights with his words.

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Despite his towering height of over 8 feet and a weight exceeding 800 pounds, Hachi’s shyness can sometimes cause him to get lost in crowds. His usual attire is a suit, complementing his unique appearance, including pink hair.

In battles, Hachi relies primarily on his binding spell, Bakudō, as opposed to the destructive Hado spells associated with the “path of destruction.” This aligns with Hachi’s nature as a peace-loving pacifist, emphasizing his preference for non-violent approaches.

5. Mashiro Kuna

Mashiro Kuna

Mashiro is an intriguing character in the anime series Bleach, known for her role as a former lieutenant of the 9th Division. What sets Mashiro apart from other Shinigami is her preference for hand-to-hand combat, using her fists and feet as her primary weapons instead of relying on a traditional Zanpakutō.

Her distinctive appearance adds to her unique persona, as she dresses like a Power Ranger, donning a full-body suit and thematic boots and gloves. The very name of her technique evokes a Power Ranger-like vibe.

Mashiro holds the distinction of being the first Vizard to gain complete control over her Hollow. She showcases her mastery by seamlessly transitioning into the Hollow phase for 15 continuous hours.

During her Hollowfied state, Mashiro can unleash a remarkable cero, a powerful energy blast characteristic of Hollows. This adds to her already impressive arsenal of combat techniques.

6. Kensai Muguruma

Kensei Muguruma

Kensei, a prominent character in the world of Bleach, held the esteemed position of Captain in the 9th Division. After some time, he reclaimed this title, showcasing his skill and dedication.

One of Kensei’s notable characteristics is the striking “69” tattoo emblazoned on his chest. While the number “69” commonly evokes associations with sexual positions, it carries a different meaning in Kensei’s case. The “6” represents the kanji of his last name, while the “9” symbolizes his affiliation with Division 9, adding a unique twist to the tattoo’s significance.

Described as a tall and muscular individual, Kensei’s appearance is distinguished by his striking white hair and combat attire. He presents himself as a formidable figure ready for battle.

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Tachikaze, his Zanpakutō, takes the form of a dagger. This remarkable weapon grants Kensei the power to unleash cutting wind blades capable of effortlessly slicing through Hollows. Furthermore, Tachikaze allows him to unleash powerful energy blasts, enhancing his combat prowess and versatility.

7. Hiyori Sarugaki

Hiyori Sarugaki

Hiyori, a notable character in the Bleach series, was a former lieutenant of the 12th Division. Her loyalty was initially dedicated to Captains Kisuke Urahara and Kirio Hikifune, under whose leadership she honed her skills.

Hiyori stands out with her petite stature, blonde hair, and freckles adorning her face, giving her a distinctive appearance.

Her Zanpakutō, Kubikiri Orochi Hiyori, takes the form of a large buzzsaw. Despite the details of its specific abilities remaining undisclosed, Hiyori exhibits remarkable proficiency in swordsmanship. Moreover, she possesses impressive control over Hollows, showcasing her unique command over these spiritual entities.

In terms of personality, Hiyori tends to express herself through insults and attacks, often directed at those closest to her. Notably, Shinji and Kisuke have been the primary targets of her confrontational behavior.

8. Rojuro Toribashi (Rose)

Rojuro Otoribashi

Rose once held the esteemed position of Captain in Squad Three and later reclaimed that role.

Standing tall with striking blonde hair, Rose is recognized not only for his combat skills but also for his impeccable fashion sense. His signature attire consists of a traditional suit adorned with open cuffs and a collar, adding a touch of elegance to his appearance.

His Zanpakutō, Apreggio Rose, takes the form of a unique weapon resembling a whip with a flower bud at its end. This distinctive weapon allows Rose to unleash devastating attacks, targeting multiple enemies simultaneously and reaching varying distances.

One notable display of Rose’s prowess was when he effectively employed the wires from his Zanpakutō to ensnare and crush a powerful Gillian, demonstrating the whip-like capabilities of Apreggio.

Adding to his intriguing persona, Rose possesses a captivating Hollow mask reminiscent of the masks worn by medieval plague doctors. This distinctive feature contributes to his overall character design, enhancing his visual appeal.

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