The Top 10 Espada in Bleach, Aizen’s Strongest Arrancar

The Top 10 Espada in Bleach, Aizen's Strongest Arrancar

The anime Bleach features many characters, including Shinigami, Espada, and regular people from Karakura Town.

These characters not only differ in their fighting techniques but also in their personalities. Some are more mature and responsible, while others can be the opposite. Among the Espada, the top Arrancar, there are both disciplined and mature individuals and aggressive and bully-like personalities, setting various examples for the lesser Arrancar in Hueco Mundo.


10. Yammy Llargo

Yammy Llargo

Yammy Llargo is the 10th Espada, and in his sealed form, he’s considered the weakest among them. However, he becomes more powerful when he releases his zanpakuto, Ira.


He was one of the first Arrancar to appear, but his attitude is terrible compared to the other Espada. He’s like an annoying bully who doesn’t follow orders well.

In battles, Yammy talks big but often fails to back up his words. He’s also known for hurting or mocking his allies and acting impulsively without thinking. It’s no surprise that Kisuke Urahara defeated him quite easily.

9. Aaroniero Arurruerie

Aaroniero Arruruerie


Aaroniero Arurruerie stands out for his dangerous and cunning personality among the ten Espada. He is known for using disguises and psychological tactics against his enemies, like Rukia Kuchiki.

However, Aaroniero’s arrogance often gets the best of him. When he released his zanpakutō, Glotoneria, he loudly boasted of his strength and let his guard down. At that moment, Rukia seized the opportunity and stabbed him in the head, ultimately defeating him.

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8. Szayelaporro Grantz

Szayelaporro Grantz

Szayelaporro, the 8th Espada, sees himself as the top Hollow scientist. He behaves distant and cool during battles, enjoying the opportunity to analyze and experiment on his enemies. His arrogance shows when things go well for him.

As the fight intensifies, Szayelaporro’s childish nature comes to the surface, and he takes great joy and pride in overpowering his opponents with his powers.


However, everything changed when Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi entered the picture. Szayelaporro’s confidence wavered, and he threw a short tantrum. He doesn’t like being played with or underestimated by others.

7. Zommari Rureaux

Zommari Rureaux

Zommari Rureaux, the 7th Espada, has a strong ideological disagreement with his opponent, Captain Byakuya Kuchiki.


Zommari believes that the Shinigami’s use of force to kill Hollows is unjust, and he sees it as a crime against true justice. He accuses Byakuya and the other Shinigami of being arrogant.

While Zommari’s concerns may have merit, the irony is that he is arrogant and careless with his Brujeria skills when facing Byakuya.

As the fight ends, Zommari gets frustrated and angry, but in the end, he praises Aizen before meeting his demise. He proves to be one of the most loyal Espada to Aizen.


6. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez

Grimmjow is a warrior with a strong sense of honor and justice, but he can be pretty immature overall, even when facing his ultimate boss, Sōsuke Aizen.

He tends to follow his instincts and act on his selfish desires, often creating problems for everyone around him.

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Grimmjow has a history of defying orders and acting independently, which resulted in punishment from former Gotei 13 Captain Kaname Tosen.

When Ichigo defeats him, Grimmjow refuses to accept defeat and continues confronting Ichigo with anger and defiance.

5. Nnoitora Gilga

Nnoitora Gilga

Nnoitora Gilga, the 5th Espada, also shows his childish side, though he’s not as reckless as Yammy.

He’s selfish and obsessed with becoming the strongest Arrancar. When Nelliel Tu Odelschwank proves to be stronger, he becomes resentful.

Instead of supporting Nelliel as a fellow Espada, Nnoitora teams up with Szayelaporro Grantz to ambush and injure her, getting rid of his rival. During the fight against Ichigo’s army, Nnoitora displays violent behavior, even towards the young Nel.

4. Ulquiorra Schiffer

Ulquiorra Schiffer

The 4th Espada is the icy Ulquiorra Schiffer, one of the early Espada alongside Yammy. Ulquiorra is known for being cold, distant, and fiercely loyal to Aizen. He prioritizes his mission above all else.

He follows orders calmly and politely, rarely acting out of spite or seeking revenge, even when given the chance.

Ulquiorra carries himself like a disciplined warrior, although he does lose his temper during his final battle with Ichigo.

3. Tier Halibel

Tier Halibel

Tier Halibel, the 3rd Espada, is an ideal follower for Aizen. She’s a highly skilled Arrancar with a calm and composed demeanor, even in intense battles.

Halibel is strong and assertive, but not arrogant or petty. She cares for her three subordinates, the fraccions.

When she fought Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya, Halibel sought revenge for her fallen followers and always puts others before herself. Her determination to prove her worth to Aizen is admirable, but he betrays her when he joins the fight. Luckily, Halibel manages to survive.

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2. Barragan Luisenbarn

Barragan Luisenbarn

Barragan Luisenbarn, the 2nd Espada, was once the king of Hueco Mundo, so he still wears a crown-shaped mask.

Barragan is a smart and self-assured leader who keeps his composure in battle. However, he also has a playful and childlike side that comes out occasionally.

Like some other Espada, Barragan can become arrogant and let his power go to his head. He sees his opponents as insignificant ants and holds a deep grudge against Aizen for taking control of Hueco Mundo.

1. Coyote Stark

Coyote Stark

Coyote Starrk, the 1st Espada, isn’t a fan of fighting. He prefers a laid-back approach, much like his opponent, Captain Shunsui Kyoraku.

Most of the time, Starrk can be found napping in Las Noches, but he follows orders when given to him.

Reluctantly, Starrk engages in a battle with Captains Kyoraku and Ukitake in Karakura Town. Despite facing multiple opponents, he remains composed. Ultimately, he doesn’t seek glory as a warrior; he longs for companionship and friendship.


Is yammy the Strongest Espada?

“Yammy holds the title of “Espada Number 0,” which means he’s the most powerful among the Espada group. This is indicated by the “1” on his tattoo that flakes off when he activates his Resurrección.

In fights, Yammy relies heavily on his sheer strength. He uses powerful attacks like bala and Cero blasts. He doesn’t use his sword much unless he’s in a situation where he’s being pushed to his limits.”

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