Sung Jin-Woo’s Strongest Weapons in Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling follows the story of Sung Jin-Woo, a hunter who gains incredible power and uses it to battle hordes of menacing monsters. As Jin-Woo increases in strength throughout his adventures, he accumulates an arsenal of devastating weapons taken from the formidable enemies he defeats.


While Jin-Woo can unleash destruction with his bare hands, these legendary armaments provide an extra layer of attack power for the intimidating battles he faces. From a dagger that can kill immortals to the previous Shadow Monarch’s massive, double-edged spear, Jin-Woo wields some of the most fearsome weapons in existence.

Join us as we count down and explore Sung Jin-Woo’s Strongest Weapons in Solo Leveling, powerful tools of destruction that amplify this hunter’s already imposing capacity to annihilate his foes.

Sung Jinwoo’s strongest weapon is in solo leveling.

A lot of hunters can only do a little bit of damage to enemies, even when using special weapons. That’s because the most powerful weapons are made from monster parts, costing a lot of money.

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But for Jinwoo, getting awesome weapons is way easier since he can straight-up loot them as drops from defeated monsters, like in a video game. So, the stuff he gets is higher quality than what most hunters can buy.

Not all monster weapons are equal since they come from different creatures. Some really stand out over the others in terms of power.


7. Kasakas Poisonous Fangs

Kasakas Poisonous Fangs

The dagger itself only gives +25 attack power, not the highest. But its Bleed and paralyzing effects make it great for taking down strong enemies. Jinwoo got it from killing the boss snake Kasaka in a subway dungeon. Paralyze stops or slows enemies. Bleed makes them lose 1% health per second.


While not the strongest in pure attack power, the debilitating effects give Kasaka’s Poison Fangs unique utility against tough foes. It can cripple and wear down enemies over time.

6. Knight Killer

Knight Killer

Jinwoo purchased the Knight Slayer dagger from the System store for 2.8 million gold. It’s a B-class dagger, giving +75 attack power. It’s not the strongest weapon, but it gets the job done. True to its name, the Knight Slayer is extra effective against armored knights – gaining +25 more attacks against them.

Jinwoo bought it during his job change quest when his old dagger couldn’t pierce his opponents’ armor well. So, the Knight Slayer became the perfect replacement with its armor-piercing bonus against knights. A handy purchased weapon that patched a weakness.

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5. Barukas Dagger

Barukas Dagger

After a red gate, Jinwoo fought the ice elf Baruka. Jinwoo needed his shadow soldiers to defeat Baruka despite only beating B-class hunters then. Jinwoo used Baruka’s daggers for a long time, even against Demon King Baran on floor 100. So they were very sturdy weapons.


Though A-class, the daggers hit hard. They also made Jinwoo more agile by reducing his weight with magic.

4. Demon King’s Daggers

Demon King's Daggers


The Demon King’s daggers were Jinwoo’s main weapons before getting the Dagger of Kamish. He got them from beating Demon King Baran.

With 220 attack power, they were his strongest armament for a while. As S-class daggers, they’re among his most powerful weapons overall. The daggers could cut through anything and were effective against normal S-class hunters. However, against national-level hunters and Monarchs, they couldn’t harm them.

3. Orb of Avarice

Orb of Avarice


The Orb of Avarice is a magic orb Jinwoo got from killing Vulcan. It doubles the wielder’s magic damage, making it an excellent weapon.

Though just an item, it becomes a formidable armament in Jinwoo and Tusk’s hands. With Tusk’s wizard skills, few sorcerers or dragons could match his firepower with the Orb. Most items or weapons only increase damage by 40-50%. The Orb’s 100% boost shows its immense power.

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2. Demon King’s Longsword

Demon King's Longsword

On floor 100 of the Demon Castle, Jinwoo fought a copy of the White Flame Monarch Baran. After winning, Jinwoo got the Demon King’s Longsword as a drop.

With 350 attack power, it’s one of Jinwoo’s strongest weapons. It also has a White Flame Storm effect, shooting lightning when swung. Though Jinwoo mainly uses daggers, he gives the Longsword to his lieutenant Igris. She used it to fight evenly with S-class hunters.


1. Wrath of Kamish

Wrath of Kamish

The Dagger of Kamish, made from the tooth of the deadly dragon Kamish, is one of Jinwoo’s most powerful weapons.

Kamish was humanity’s greatest disaster before the appearance of monsters. After its defeat, its giant tooth became a weapon – the ultimate dragon-slaying tool. The Dagger of Kamish is unmatched, letting Jinwoo kill multiple Monarchs by stabbing them. However, it failed against Antares, the Dragon King.


Still, before fully inheriting Ashborn’s power, the Dagger of Kamish was key to Jinwoo’s ability to harm and defeat the Monarchs. Among all weapons, it stood above the rest for its dragon-slaying potential.

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