My Hero Academia Main Characters

My Hero Academia Main Characters

Since 2016, My Hero Academia has been conquering fans all over the world with the story of the young Izuku Midoriya, who was born without powers in a world where almost everyone has their so-called individualities but who ends up inheriting the power of one of the greatest heroes of history.

Anyone who has seen the anime knows that many characters have different individualities and relationships with the protagonist.


My Hero Academia Main Characters

1. Izuku Midoriya (Deku)

Izuku Midoriya

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Surname: Deku


Izuku Midoriya, better known as Deku, was born without any power in a world where almost everyone is born with so-called individualities. For this reason, he was the target of jokes and contempt from his schoolmates, including being tormented by Katsuki, his childhood friend, who laughed at Deku’s aspirations of becoming a hero one day.
When Deku risks his life, even without powers, to save Katsuki from a villain, the mighty hero All Might decides he is worthy of becoming a hero and passes the boy One For All, a power passed down for generations and which accumulates the energy of each of the previous users.

After 10 months of heavy training, Deku receives the power and can fulfill his dream of starting his way to become a hero at the UA School, where he starts to control his abilities even better. Also, back when he didn’t have individuality, he was studying the powers of professional heroes and villains, which comes in handy in future battles.



In addition to his innate leadership skills and knowledge of the powers of his potential opponents, Deku can use an almost unlimited supply of energy with One for All. This allows him to improve all of his physical abilities, such as strength, speed, and endurance. Your connection with other One for All users gives you access to scams developed by them.

  • Black Whip: The power of the 5th user, Daigoro Banjo, creates small vines of energy from Deku’s arms, which can be used to grab things and increase his mobility.
  • Float: Like the 7th user, Nana Shimura, Deku can be suspended in midair.
  • One for All – 100%: Through this technique, Izuku can use all the power of One For All in the part where he wants his body. However, the strain can cause fractures, scarring, and the need for surgery.

2. Toshinori Yagi (All Might)

Toshinori Yagi


Affiliation: Professional Hero and UA Teacher
Hero Name/Surname: All Might

The eighth user of the One for All individuality, All Might, decides to hand the power over to the young Izuku Midoriya, training him to become his successor. Seen by many as a symbol of peace, Today All Might teaches Fundamental Studies at the AU.

Although the audience knows him more in his super muscular form, Toshinori surprises him when he is not in his “hero mode,” presenting a very thin and petite body. He uses his hero image to convey confidence, always hiding his worries behind a calm smile. When you are using your real body, you can show more of your negative emotions while still hiding your already deteriorating health condition.


He has a fatherly relationship with his students and makes several attempts to improve the relationship between Izuku and Katsuki.


His strength, speed, and invulnerability are incredible, even when his powers start to diminish after passing One for All to Deku and after his battle with the villain All for One.

  • Texas Smash: A punch that creates wind pressure large enough to level half of a city.
  • Detroit Smash: This punch, in turn, has enough force to change the weather.
  • Carolina Smash: A two-way strike that goes through the opponent’s body.

3. Katsuki Bakugo (Kacchan)

Katsuki Bakugo

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Surname: Kacchan

A childhood friend of Izuku’s, Katsuki, developed an aggressive personality and a superiority complex that he often takes out on Deku. He even bullied his friend because he didn’t have powers. And he felt great envy that the young man had inherited the individuality of All Might, a hero he also greatly admires.


Although he plays a role as a rival to Deku, especially within the UA, he is not an anime villain. Still, he stands out for his brutal fighting style and his smiling while in battle. His emotional instability and image that causes fear to others don’t help him be seen as a perfect hero, but he knows well who his allies and enemies are.

Extremely intelligent, he is seen as a genius by his classmates. And use that sharp mind in your battle strategies. His rebellious behavior, however, could hinder his progress within the AU.



Enhanced strength, intelligence, and even musical talent are among Katsuki’s abilities. But the highlight of his powers is his explosive individuality, which causes him to take his nitroglycerin through his hands. He still wears armbands in the form of grenades that help him in different blows.

  • Blast Rush Turbo: Causes explosions with your hands to propel yourself forward at great speed, almost in a flight.
  • Stun Grenade: A sphere of light that explodes and blinds anyone nearby.
  • Howitzer Impact: By boosting himself upwards in circular motions, Katsuki creates a tornado that will be used in an intense explosion.
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4. Tenya Iida (Ingenium)

Tenya Iida

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Surname: Ingenium


Tenaya Iida’s serious, polite and rational manner soon earned him the post of leader of the 1-A class. In UA, he ends up becoming one of Izuku’s best friends. Originally from a family of great heroes, Iida is very strict with himself, always dedicating himself to his studies and showing anxiety and hyperactivity.

Almost obsessed with discipline and organization, he aims to protect his classmates. He is extremely humble and loyal, to the point of breaking some rules to protect those he loves or to avenge something they have done to those close to him.



Iida’s individuality is called Engine, which allows him to transform his legs into a kind of engine, which gives him extraordinary speed, which he can use in first, second or third gear.

  • Recipro Burst: Through this technique, he reaches an even higher speed than usual for about 10 seconds. However, it is a while without being able to activate its engines after this blow.
  • Recipro Extend: A kind of extension of the prior technique, which allows it to reach even greater speed after the negative effects of Recipro Burts have worn off.

5. Ochaco Uraraka (Uravity)

Ochaco Uraraka

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Surname: Uravity


Also a member of Class 1-A, he met Midoriya on the first day of the admission test, when she ended up being saved by Deku, which started a great friendship (and a certain romantic interest in the young man).

Always very cheerful and kind, your loyalty to your friends allows you to be frank and direct, even if you need to say something they don’t want to hear. Extremely intelligent, he always uses his individuality with caution, as he may vomit if he overuses his power.



Uraraka’s individuality allows him to take gravity off objects with just a touch. That way she can use them as weapons, shields, etc. However, it feels bad if you use the power extensively or even on itself for a long time.

6. Minoru Mineta

Minoru Mineta

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Surname: Grape Juice


Mineta is known for his perverted personality, always trying to get close to the girls in his class at school, but showing very little ability to do so. Comic relief character from the story, he is part of Deku’s group of friends and is constantly making trouble with the girls or despairing of bleeding by using his powers to excess.

The funny moments are also due to his being very fearful, but Mineta is also extremely intelligent and loyal to her friends.



Mineta’s hair is made up of purple balls, sorts of sticky spheres that he can produce with his head. In battle, he can release the spheres and stick them to any surface, leaving them trapped for as long as you want, a great resource to imprison the opponent, slow down his movements, or even hurt him.

7. Mina Ashido (Alien Queen / Pinky)

Mina Ashido

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Nickname: Alien Queen and Pinky

A generally cheerful and smiling girl, Mina is also quite intense in her emotions, ranging from “extremely excited” to “emotional, almost crying” in different situations.


Still, she’s known for her easygoing way, her sociability, and her extinguished protectiveness with those she cares about. Extremely against bullying, he has already challenged scary bullies to defend his friends.
In addition to her individuality, Mina has significantly improved reflexes, allowing her to dodge attacks easily.


Its individuality is called Acid. Mine is capable of shooting corrosive liquid from different parts of your body. One of its powerful attacks is:

  • Acid Veil: Mina increases her acid’s solubility and viscosity, creating a kind of wall that serves as a protective shield.

8. Shoto Todoroki (Shoto)

Shoto Todoroki

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Surname: Shoto

One of Deku’s UA friends, Shoto, entered the superhero school without having to take the entrance tests. That’s because the young man already has excellent talent and experience on the battlefield, thanks to the rigid training he received from his father, the number 1 hero, Endeavor.

His distant and cold personality is among the consequences of his upbringing, which changes very slowly as he lives with his new friends. Aware that the abusive training his father subjected him to was a path that the hero saw of overcoming All Might, Shoto harbors great grudges against him for not having an ordinary childhood.

This harms him when using his powers, refusing for a long time to use the part of his individuality that he inherited from Endeavor.


The part of his Half-Cold Half-Hot individuality he inherited from his mother allows Shoto to produce ice on the right side of his body. The part of the power that came from his father means that the boy can produce fire on his left side, a resource for he intensely dislikes.

However, he needs to balance both sides of his power to maintain his body temperature, at the risk of freezing if he uses only the skills on the right side. One of its scams is:

  • Giant Ice Wall: Through which Shoto creates a large glacier, which can vary in size.

9. Tsuyu Asui (Froppy / Tsu)

Tsuyu Asui

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Nickname: Froppy / Tsu

A sincere and lively girl, Tsuyu stands out for being very observant, noticing details in the individuality of her colleagues. She is intelligent and hardworking at school and one of the best students in the class.

In risky situations, he keeps his mouth shut and expression almost unchanged. With his analytical mind, he could already discover the plan of the League of Villains.


Its individuality is called Frog, which gives Tsuyu almost all the features of a frog, such as jumping great distances, sticking to walls, and using its tongue so extended that it can hold an entire person. In addition, the young woman can camouflage and secrete a toxic sticky substance through her mouth.

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10. Denki Kaminari (Chargebolt)

Denki Kaminari

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Nickname: Chargebolt

Also known for his failed attempts to win over different UA girls, Denki stands out for being playful and not exactly brilliant as a student. Although he demonstrates great knowledge in certain areas, such as literature and art, he doesn’t do very well in other subjects and always seems naive when he doesn’t understand the sarcasm of his colleagues.

The reputation of not having an exactly sharp mind was further strengthened by the effects his use of his individuality had on him. When he exceeds the power limit of his power, his brain is electrocuted and seems to go into a kind of short circuit, which makes him look like a smiling fool with little idea of ​​what is going on around him.


Your individuality is known as Electrification. Through it, Denki can generate electricity throughout his body. It has two hits: Indiscriminate Discharge 1,300,000 volts and Indiscriminate Discharge 2,000,000 volts, with which it releases great potencies of energy that can reach everyone around.

11. Eijiro Kirishima (Red Riot)

Eijiro Kirishima

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Surname: Red Riot

Eijiro is known for his always excited and happy way but also for his constantly trying to prove his courage, highlighting attitudes that he considers manly. Honest, with a good heart, and always with a noble attitude, he can break the rules if his friends’ lives are at stake.

He even finds it easy to make friends, being close to Katsuki and Izuku. His only insecurity is about his individuality, which he finds boring, without the shine of the powers of professional heroes.


His individuality is Hardening, through which he can harden parts of his body, giving them the resistance of a solid rock. Power gives you not only protection but different attack techniques.

  • Red Counter: A right punch while your skin is rock textured.
  • Red Riot Unbreakable: Your body reaches the maximum hardening level for about 30 or 40 seconds. He takes on a rather monstrous appearance in this period and is practically invulnerable.

12. Fumikage Tokoyami (Tsukuyomi)

Fumikage Tokoyami

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Surname: Tsukuyomi

Reserved, serious and polite, Fumikage is one of the most influential students in Class 1-A. He becomes more sociable as a team, demonstrating a certain dramatic way of describing things around him. He feels ashamed of his taste for darkness and doesn’t let his friends into his gloomy room.

While his individuality has to do with his control over his own shadow, Fumikage also features a bird’s head, which remains a mystery.


Its individuality is known as Dark Shadows. Fumikage is the host of a dark, sentient beast, which materializes out of the young man’s body, taking the form of his shadow. His control over her allows him to use her to fight, watch or defend in different strategies.

  • Dark Ankh: The Dark Shadow takes the form of a kind of armor or exoskeleton in Tokyami.
  • Shadow’s Piercing Claw: Dark Shadow’s claws rapid fire.

13. Momo Yaoyorozu 

Momo Yaoyorozu

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-A
Hero Name/Nickname: Everything Hero: Create

Vice President of Class 1-A, Momo stands out for his advanced intellect for his age and his extraordinary talents. These traits also earned him a recommendation for entering school rather than passing the entrance exams. A natural leader, he maintains balance and calm in dangerous situations, always aiming to protect the team.

She has already had her pride and self-confidence shaken by different defeats to other students. However, he had Shoto’s encouragement during his final exams and regained his self-esteem.


In addition to excellent physical conditioning, Momo has the Creation individuality, through which she can create any non-living material in her body, as long as she understands how that object is made, what its chemical composition is.

14. Itsuka Kendo (Battle Fist)

Itsuka Kendo

Affiliation: AU Student – Class 1-B
Hero Name/Nickname: Battle Fist

Leader of Class 1-B, Itsuka stands out for his intelligence, the kindness he treats everyone (although he can also be very critical), and his concern for the others he can help. It even tries to avoid conflicts between classes 1-B and 1-A.

He is an excellent fighter; his skills earned him 5th place in the AU Admissions Exam. But his intelligence is also a strong point in combat when he can theorize the location of enemies and perceive the pattern of individualities, among other helpful information.


From his Big Fist individuality, Itsuka can expand his hands, which gives him an extremely improved attack power and reach.

15. Neito Monoma (Phantom Thief)

Neito Monoma

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-B
Hero Name/Surname: Phantom Thief

Student of Class 1-B acts as a kind of rival of Class 1-A for being envious of the prominence the team conquered. Calm and intelligent, he can also be nasty and sarcastic regarding the other class’s popularity and the fuss that team members get into, which he considers a risk to the school in general.

With his 1-B classmates, on the other hand, Neito demonstrates another side of himself, constantly encouraging his teammates. Very smart, he takes advantage in some battles because he can understand opponents’ strategies and draw his own.


With his Copy individuality, Neito can replicate the individuality of an opponent he comes into contact with. However, it can only use one individuality at a time and only for five minutes, but it can copy up to four at a time. Another limitation of his power is that he can’t copy individuals who store power over time, like Izuku’s One For All.

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16. Mei Hatsume (Mei)

Mei Hatsume

Affiliation: UA Student – Class 1-H
Hero Name/Surname: Mei

Known for her habit of “cutting to the chase” in praise or criticism, Mei can make people around her uncomfortable with her firm and sincere opinions. However, the young woman is best known for the amazing gadgets she creates, her “super cute babies”.

Intelligent and innovative, Mei is a kind of genius inventor and was responsible for developing various equipment that other UA students use in addition to the ones she uses herself. Even though she has individuality, she relies heavily on her artifacts and the advantage they give her in battle.


Her individuality is called Zoom, through which she can bring her vision closer and see objects or people up to 5 km away.

17. Mirio Togata (Lemillion)

Mirio Togata

Affiliation: UA Student – Grade 3-B / Member of the Big Three
Hero Name/Nickname: Lemillion

The leading candidate to inherit One For All from All Might before Izuku appeared, Mirio Togata is one of the groups known as the Big Three, formed by the three best students at UA, those considered the best candidates to become professional heroes.

With a silly and energetic young personality, he is highly dedicated to training, which is why he became one of the main candidates to become Hero Number 1 in the future, surpassing even many of the already professional heroes.

More experienced, he can already follow protocols and actions worthy of a hero, separating his emotions and knowing how to perceive the bigger picture. With a good heart, he dreams of one day being able to save a million people.


Through his Permeation individuality, Mirio can reduce his body density enough to pass through solid matter.

18. Nejire Hado (Nejire-chan)

Nejire Hado

Affiliation: AU Student – Class 3-A / Member of the Big Three
Hero Name/Nickname: Nejire-chan

Nejire is known to be a talkative young woman, extremely curious and direct enough sometimes to make people uncomfortable with her invasive questions. Still, she is quite sensible and genuinely cares about her friends.

Add to that her extensive combat talents and academic achievement, and we can understand why the girl is one of three members of the AU Big Three.


Her individuality is called Wave Motion and allows her to convert her vitality into energy that she can release in the form of shock waves, which can be used in extremely effective attacks

19. Tamaki Amajiki (Suneater)

Tamaki Amajiki

Affiliation: UA Student – Grade 3-A / Member of the Big Three
Hero Name/Nickname: Suneater

Tamaki’s shy, anxious and introverted personality can be deceiving at first glance and make us doubt his abilities as a hero. But, although his emotions and his lack of social skills affect him daily, the young man is extremely competent in battle, showing strength, analysis capacity, and insight.


His individuality, known as the Manifest, is probably one of the most versatile, yet it takes extra effort from Tamaki. Through this technique, the young person can manifest things in the body he has ingested. But we’re not just talking about food, but anything Tamaki decides to try to swallow for later use in battle, like crystals, plants, and other things.
The most exciting thing about his ability is that he can manifest characteristics of the thing he has swallowed, such as creating chicken wings and legs from having fried chicken with me, or swordfish arms from having launched this type of fish, or even pincer hands and armor for eating crab.

20. All For One

All For One

Affiliation: villain/leader of the League of Villains
Rank: S

One of the main antagonists of the anime, he is the archenemy of all users of the One for All power. A complete psychopath, All for One, does not believe in morals or justice. He has even used his powers to help other people, but only to blackmail them later in exchange for servitude.

He committed all his crimes believing he was doing this to bring order to the world. He went on to act as a mentor to Tomura Shigaraki, considering him to be his perfect successor.

Extremely powerful, it trounced hero number 4 and wound All Might in its prime severely. His intelligence is another highlight, being the brain behind the League of Villains and demonstrating excellent knowledge about different individuals.


Superhuman strength, speed, and durability are among the resources of All for One. Being blind, his other senses have also improved to the point of being able to perceive small vibrations in the air.

Your All For All individuality allows you to steal individualities from other heroes, leaving your opponents powerless and increasing your abilities with each new theft. Also, it can combine different individualities.

21. Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki

Affiliation: villain/successor to All for One and leader of the League of Villains
Rank: S

Also, one of the main antagonists of the anime, Tomura, becomes the success of the mighty All for One. A sinister man who goes to great lengths to reach his goals can kill AU students and civilians to provoke All Might.

Immature and arrogant, he also shows excellent intelligence, analyzing his opponents’ individuality to know how best to fight each one. Its main objective is to kill All Might, to destroy the “peace symbol” in which he doesn’t believe.


In addition to improved durability and speed, Tomura has an individuality known as Decay, with which he can disintegrate anything he touches with his hands. Activating this power, however, isn’t voluntary, so the villain must be careful not to touch what he doesn’t want to disintegrate.

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