17 Strongest Zanpakuto Swords in Bleach, Bankai!

17 Strongest Zanpakuto Swords in Bleach, Bankai!

In the Anime Bleach, Shinigami uses badass swords called Zanpakuto to battle enemies. As a Shinigami gets stronger with their weapon, the Zanpakuto can transform into more powerful forms.

The first is the Shikai release, where the sword has an upgraded look and new abilities. The strongest Shinigami can eventually unlock the ultimate Bankai form, boosting their powers to crazy levels!


Let’s check out some of the strongest Zanpakuto Swords wielded by fan-favorite Bleach characters:

Strongest Zanpakuto Swords in Bleach,

17. Suzumushi



Kaname Tosen was once a captain but turned into a villain helping Aizen. His Zanpakuto is called Suzumushi, meaning “bell bug.”

It has some freaky skills! The sword can overload an enemy’s senses, paralyzing them before they bleed. Tosen also uses it to rain down many blades on opponents. We see him pull that move on Kenpachi during their fight in the Soul Society arc.


But his Bankai is even wilder. It traps foes in a space where all their senses get dulled. Are you trying to battle Tosen when you can’t see, hear, or feel anything? No thanks! His Suzumushi makes him a scary guy to face.

16. Zabimaru



Renji Abarai is one of the main Bleach characters, and he’s got a cool multi-form Zanpakuto called Zabimaru. His release command is “Roar!” in Shikai form, Zabimaru turns into a long six-part blade. The segments can multiply endlessly, too.

The pieces connect with a stretchy thread, so Zabimaru works great as a whip or regular sword. Renji’s sword skills let him switch smoothly between the two. Of all the lieutenant’s weapons, the whip-sword Zabimaru is among the trickiest to master.

Renji’s earlier Bankai was a massive snake creature. But his true Bankai has a sleeker look. He gets a snake skull gauntlet on his arm with feathery fins. A bony snake tail trails from the skull, too.

Plus, Renji can pull a large blade from the mouth of the snake head! His Zabimaru is one of the most unique and adaptable swords around.


15. Suzumebachi


Next up is Suzumebachi, a small but super fierce Zanpakuto! It belongs to the tiny but deadly Captain Soi Fon from Squad 2.

As a trained assassin, Soi Fon is perfectly matched with Suzumebachi. In Shikai form, it makes a nasty stinger on her middle finger. When she stabs someone, it leaves a butterfly-shaped mark.

Sting the same spot twice? The target will die, guaranteed, no matter what.

Suzumebachi’s Bankai is a missile with seriously explosive power. It makes sense for an assassin’s sword to have long-range killer capabilities like that!

14. Shinso

Holy Spear Shinso

There’s also the “Holy Spear” Shinso, used by Gin Ichimaru. In Shikai form, Shinso can extend super fast, smashing into enemies from up to 100 times its normal length away.

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Gin uses this to beat Ichigo multiple times. His Bankai cranks up the speed and power even more. It’s believed the Bankai can stretch to 13 km and move 500x the speed of sound! Gin cleverly distracts foes with the insanely long blade while striking fast.

Shinso’s incredible reach lets Gin blindside opponents and impale them in the blink of an eye. No wonder it’s called the Holy Spear – getting pierced by it must feel like divine punishment!


13. Sode no Shirayuki

Sode no Shirayuki

Rukia was one of the first Bleach characters created, even before Ichigo! But we don’t see her Zanpakuto Sode no Shirayuki until later in the Arrancar arc.

Sode no Shirayuki means “snow white arm.” Fittingly, it takes the form of graceful icy blades that can freeze or hurt foes in different cool ways.


Even though Rukia shows up early in the story, her powers stay mysterious for a while. But when we finally see her Shikai, it’s beautiful yet deadly, just like Rukia. She wields elegant frozen swords as chilling as her cold attitude.

12. Ashisogi Jizo

Ashisogi Jizo



Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi wields a unique sword known as Ashisogi Jizo in the 12th division of Gotei 13. This sword has a peculiar ability – anyone it touches gets paralyzed, yet they feel the full extent of pain.

During Mayuri’s Bankai, the sword transforms into a colossal poison demon with a baby head and caterpillar body. Ashisogi Jizo’s breath emits a lethal poison that rapidly breaks down the body upon contact.

The potency of this deadly poison extends across a wide area. Captain Kurotsuchi can trigger a self-destruct mechanism if the Bankai becomes a hindrance.


11. Sakanade


Shinji Hirako’s sword, Sakanade, is a part of the Visored group, and he currently serves as the captain of the 5th division in the Gotei 13.

When Shinji twirls his sword, it releases a pink mist. Anyone who inhales this mist falls prey to his sword’s unique ability, known as “Reverse World.”


The power of Shinji’s Zanpakuto is to invert his opponent’s perception. It transforms left into right, up into down, and backward into forward. Shinji can even reverse his spoken words, adding an extra layer of confusion for his adversaries.

Additionally, this ability plays with the victims’ senses. For example, if their left leg sustains an injury, they will perceive the damage as occurring to their right leg.

10. Hyorinmaru



No compilation of impressive Zanpakuto would be adequate without mentioning Hyorinmaru, the sword wielded by Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya.

This remarkable sword manifests as an ice dragon, and what’s even more fascinating is that its powers continually evolve and advance, mirroring Toshiro’s own growth.

In its initial form, the Shikai is already quite formidable. However, when the bankai is unleashed, Daiguren Hyorinmaru gains the ability to freeze the moisture in the air, construct an ice prison, and even generate an ice doppelganger. This duplicate can come in handy, sparing Toshiro the trouble of dealing with attacks directed at him.

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9. Benihime


Kisuke Urahara, the ex-captain of the 12th division and a prominent scientist in Soul Society, stands out for his exceptional experiments, much like Mayuri.


In its Shikai state, Urahara’s Zanpakuto, Benihime emits a red aura under his command.

Benihime’s Bankai takes it further, allowing it to reshape anything it cuts. This versatile power allows Urahara to mend things, aiding healing. On the offensive side, it can also dismantle objects, causing substantial damage.

8. Minazuki



Minazuki, translating to “Flesh Drop Canyon,” appears like an elongated katana in its sealed state, resembling an aodachi. The oval-shaped tsuba and the red hilt give it a distinctive look.

Retsu Unohana prefers a unique “Tachi style,” carrying Minazuki over his shoulder with a strap or having Isane carry it for him instead of securing it to his obi.

In Shikai form, Minazuki transforms into a massive, green, one-eyed, stingray-like creature, serving as a means of transportation. Its notable ability lies in healing—wounded individuals placed in its mouth are swallowed and stored in its stomach, where the gastric acid acts as a potent healing remedy, gradually mending their injuries.


Upon releasing Bankai, Unohana’s Zanpakutō blade liquefies into a thick, dark red substance that flows around it. As the liquid drains, it solidifies into a short katana, suitable for combat.

The secreted fluid from Minazuki acts as an incredibly powerful acid, rapidly reducing physically robust fighters like Kenpachi Zaraki to skeletons upon contact with their bodies. In a strategic battle, Unohana combines this acidic potency with her formidable Kidō skills to expedite the killing and reviving of Kenpachi, aiming to eliminate the mental block hindering his powers.

7. Nozarashi


Like its wielder, Nozarashi is a powerful sword that is simple to understand. It gives Kenpachi Zaraki even more destructive potential than he already has.


Nozarashi becomes large and strong enough to penetrate space when released into its Shikai phase.

Kenpachi’s Bankai transforms him into a demon-like creature, which is much stronger and faster. His skin also became red, and he acted on instinct and bloodlust.

6. Senbonzakura


The one who wields Senbonzakura is Byakuya Kuchiki, the captain of the 6th division in the Gotei 13 and the 28th head of the Kuchiki Clan.

This sword can uniquely separate into a thousand tiny blades resembling cherry blossoms. These blades are so minuscule that they’re invisible to the naked eye, only revealing a pink hue when light is refracted. Byakuya has complete control over all these swords.

In more advanced Bankai forms, the number of blades increases significantly, enabling more powerful techniques, like gokei (“throat scenes”).

5. Katen Kyokotsu

Katen Kyokotsu

Katen Kyokotsu is held by the current Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, Shunsui Kyoraku. Shunsui also holds the distinction of being captain of the 1st division and former captain of the 8th division.

This sword’s special ability can force anyone who comes within the range of Shunsui’s spiritual pressure to ‘play the game.’

Shunsui decides on the specific rules of this game and plays various rules during his fight with Coyote Stark. His Bankai takes his opponent to a dark and gloomy place and damages the opponent in four separate “Acts.”

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4. Zangetsu


This is Ichigo’s Zanpakuto, and it’s quite straightforward. Similar to Kenpachi’s, this sword enhances Ichigo’s speed and strength.

During attacks, Zangetsu absorbs his spiritual energy, condenses it, and then releases this concentrated energy from the blade. Ichigo often employs this for his renowned Getsuga Tensho attack.

With Tensa Zangetsu, his Bankai, these enhancements reach a new level. He becomes faster, stronger, and more resilient. Utilizing Getsuga Tensho with Tensa Zangetsu is potent enough to pose a significant threat even to Yhwach, the most powerful character in Bleach.

3. Kyoka Suigetsu

Kyoka Suigetsu

Sosuke Aizen, once the captain of the 5th division of the Gotei 13, is currently confined to Muken prison for his attempt to overthrow the Soul Society and attain godhood.

His Zanpakuto, Kyoka Suigetsu, possesses a unique ability known as “Perfect Hypnosis.” Anyone who gazes upon the sword falls under Aizen’s hypnotic control.

Once ensnared by this hypnosis, escape becomes impossible, and individuals can remain under its influence for extended periods, affecting multiple people simultaneously. Aizen used this power to deceive others into believing Central 46 was still operational, forming a crucial part of his ambitious plan to ascend to godhood, which came dangerously close to fruition.

2. Ryujin Jakka


The devastating fire refers to the Zanpakuto wielded by the former Captain Commander of the Gotei 13, Genryusai Yamamoto.

Upon releasing his sword with a command, flames erupted from Yamamoto’s sword, capable of reducing anything it touched to ashes.

Ryujin Jakka’s flames burned fiercely, enveloping Yamamoto’s surroundings and incinerating anything he desired. In its Bankai form, Zanka no Tachi, all the flames concentrate on his blade. Anything Yamamoto cuts with it is consumed by the intense fire, leaving nothing behind, not even ashes.

The potency of Zanka no Tachi’s flames was such that they could even evaporate the moisture in anything Yamamoto’s spiritual pressure touched.

1. Ichimonji


When comparing Ryujin Jakka and Ichimonji, it’s still debatable which one can claim the title of the strongest Zanpakuto.

In its Shikai form, Ichimonji, wielded by Ichibe, releases ink with each swing. Anything covered in this ink loses its name and, consequently, its power. Ichibe’s unique ability stems from black power; when Ichimonji is unleashed, all black in the universe, whether from living or non-living entities, becomes his power.

The abilities summoned by Ichimonji can be taken, but attackers cannot utilize them against Ichibe, as he controls all black elements in the universe.

Ichibe possesses a formidable Bankai, where his spilled black ink can erase a person’s existence by manipulating their fate. These are considered the strongest and most impressive Zanpakuto in Bleach. Which one is your personal favorite?

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