Top 15 Waifu from One Piece, More Than Just Fanservice

Top 15 Waifu from One Piece,

One Piece has a fantastic group of strong and influential female characters in the world of anime. While some might have designs that appeal to fans, there’s more to them than looks.

These characters include essential members of the Straw Hat crew, each with their own unique skills. There are also women in powerful political roles and even leading their own pirate crews.


To give you an idea of the amazing women you’ll meet in One Piece, I’ve put together a list that introduces them as they appear in the series. This shows how these characters play a meaningful role in shaping the One Piece world.

Best Waifus from One Piece

1. Alvida



Alvida is the First Antagonist person that Luffy meets when the story begins in the anime. At first, she was big and overweight.

But then, she ate a special fruit called the Sube Sube no Mi, which made her slim and super slippery. When she came back to Loguetown, everyone was surprised to see her new look.

After she lost her pirate friends, Alvida joins up with Buggy.


2. Nami


Of course, one of the most liked female characters in One Piece.

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Nami is part of the Straw Hat Pirates, and she’s the one who takes care of figuring out the directions when they sail. Her big dream is to create a map that shows the entire world.

3. Tashigi


Tashigi is a Marine officer who follows Smoker’s lead. Even though she’s part of a group that’s not always fair, she sticks to her sense of right and wrong and the old ways of sword fighting.


She’s determined to ensure that solid and special swords, called Meito, don’t end up being used by bad people.

4. Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi

Nefertari Vivi is the Princess of Alabasta, and she’s good at dealing with politics and talking to people.


At first, she pretended to be someone else, Miss Wednesday, to spy on a group called Baroque Works. She did this to protect her kingdom. This made her seem like an enemy to Luffy and his friends.

Vivi even joined Luffy’s crew for a while, but later she decided she needed to go back and lead Alabasta because it was finally free from trouble.

5. Nico Robin

Nico Robin


Nico Robin is a character many fans like. She was introduced as a mysterious and attractive woman. Robin is good at digging up old things and is part of Luffy’s crew.

She’s the only one who can read these special writings called pone glyphs. Her big dream is to find a special one called the Rio Poneglyph, which has secrets about the world’s history.

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6. Blush


Perona is a character who’s a mix of being innocent and acting like a child, but she’s also really tough on her enemies.

She has a special power from a devil fruit that lets her make and control ghosts.

7. Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney

Jewelry Bonney was quite impolite and always wanted more. But even with this behavior, her pirate crew really admires her.

She’s got a special power from a devil fruit that lets her change her age and even the age of others whenever she wants.

8. Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock, as she mentioned after the Levely, was picked to be one of the Shichibukai because of her strength. She’s really tough, confident, and skilled in fighting in One Piece.

She fights both pirates and Marines without any fear, and she’s known for her cold and powerful ways. However, she has a strong dislike for Luffy, which is one of her weaknesses.

9. Shirahoshi


Shirahoshi, also called the Mermaid Princess, is the youngest daughter of King Neptune.

She holds the special title of Poseidon, which means she can talk to the Sea Kings, powerful creatures of the ocean. This power is seen as a dangerous weapon.

10. Baby 5

Baby 5

Baby 5 is a tall and slender young girl. She usually wears a burgundy French maid outfit.

She used to be part of the Donquixote pirates, working as an assassin under Pica’s command.

Afterward, Baby 5 joined the Happo Navy by marrying Sai, the leader of the Happo Navy and one of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet members.

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11. Rebecca


Rebecca was once the Crown Princess of Dressrosa. However, she chose to give up her royal title to lead a peaceful life with her father.

At the Reverie, she represented Dressrosa and shared how they had been liberated from Do flamingo’s control.

12. Koala


Koala had a tough childhood as a slave, but now he’s found a better life as a member of the Revolutionary Army.

Koala is skilled in fishman karate, a type of martial art. He works closely with Sabo, both following the orders of Monkey D. Dragon, their leader.

13. Carrot


A carrot is a mink that looks like a rabbit. He has the amazing ability to control electricity. Carrot joined the group trying to save Sanji during the Whole Cake Island adventure.

Now, Carrot is part of the Straw Hat crew, fighting alongside them to defeat Kaido in Wano.

14. Reiju Vinsmoke

Reiju Vinsmoke

Reiju is the Vinsmoke family’s lone daughter. Unlike her siblings, who are mean and don’t show emotions, she’s actually kind-hearted, though she keeps it hidden. Reiju saved Sanji so he could escape his family.

Using Germa technology, she fights using poison-based powers.

15. Yamato


Yamato is Kaido’s child. Instead of following Kaido’s path, Yamato looked up to Samurai Kozuki Oden. After Oden’s passing, Yamato started acting like him.

Apart from being super strong, Yamato ate the mythical zoan-type Oguchi no Makami fruit.

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