Sword Art Online: Alicization Filler List

Sword Art Online Alicization
Sword Art Online Alicization

Sword Art Online: Alicization is the third Sword Art Online anime franchise series. The story is set in a virtual reality video game where players are trapped, and the only way to escape is by beating all 100 levels.

The game creator Akihiko Kayaba announces that he has placed an item called the “Holy Sword Excalibur” at the deepest level of the game, which will be available to whoever defeats it.


You’ll find all the information about Sword Art Online: Alicization filler list episodes from volumes ten to twenty-three in this list. The list also includes Sword Art Online Episodes.

Sword Art Online: Alicization Filler List

Sword Art Online: Alicization Episode List

1UnderworldManga Canon2018-10-07
2The Demon TreeManga Canon2018-10-14
3The End MountainsManga Canon2018-10-21
4DepartureManga Canon2018-10-28
5Ocean TurtleManga Canon2018-10-28
6Project AlicizationManga Canon2018-11-04
7Swordcraft AcademyManga Canon2018-11-18
8Swordsman’s PrideManga Canon2018-11-25
9Nobleman’s ResponsibilitiesManga Canon2018-12-02
10Taboo IndexManga Canon2018-12-09
11Central CathedralManga Canon2018-12-16
12The Sage of the LibraryManga Canon2018-12-23
13Ruler and MediatorManga Canon2019-01-05
14The Crimson KnightManga Canon2019-01-12
15The Relentless KnightManga Canon2019-01-19
16The Osmanthus KnightManga Canon2019-01-26
17TruceManga Canon2019-02-02
18The Legendary HeroManga Canon2019-02-16
19The Seal of the Right EyeManga Canon2019-02-23
20SynthesisManga Canon2019-03-02
21The 32nd KnightManga Canon2019-03-09
22Titan of the SwordManga Canon2019-03-16
23AdministratorManga Canon2019-03-23
24My HeroManga Canon2019-03-30
25In the Far NorthManga Canon2019-10-12
26RaidsManga Canon2019-10-19
27The Final Load TestManga Canon2019-10-26
28Dark TerritoryManga Canon2019-11-02
29The Night Before BattleManga Canon2019-11-09
30Battle of the KnightsManga Canon2019-11-16
31Stigma of the DisqualifiedManga Canon2019-11-23
32Blood and LifeManga Canon2019-11-30
33Sword and FistManga Canon2019-12-07
34Stacia, the Goddess of CreationManga Canon2019-12-14
35Heartless ChoiceManga Canon2019-12-21
36Ray of LightManga Canon2019-12-28
37The Great Underworld WarManga Canon2020-07-11
38End to EternityManga Canon2020-07-18
39InstigationManga Canon2020-07-25
40Code 871Manga Canon2020-08-01
41Prince of HellManga Canon2020-08-08
42MemoriesManga Canon2020-08-15
43AwakeningManga Canon2020-08-22
44The Night-Sky BladeManga Canon2020-08-29
45Beyond TimeManga Canon2020-09-05
46AliceManga Canon2020-09-12
47New WorldManga Canon2020-09-19

Sword Art Online: Alicization Video Trailer

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Sword Art Online is an anime series about a game called “Sword Art Online” where people can control their avatars game to fight monsters and complete quests. The players are not aware that if they die in the game, they will die for real.

  Sword Art Online Filler List

This becomes an issue when the creator of the game, Kayaba Akihiko, declares that if players try to log out from outside of the safe zone, their avatar and brain inside the game will be destroyed.


The protagonist Kirito is one of 10,000 players who find themselves trapped and fighting for survival. In order to escape, he has to beat all 100 floors of Aincrad’s dungeon and defeat Kayaba Akihiko himself.

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