Vinland Saga Filler List

Vinland Saga Filler List

Vinland Saga is a Western historic manga series written and illustrated by manga writer Makoto Yukimura. An anime adaption by Wit Studio of Vinland Saga consisting of 24 Episodes aired from July to December 2019.

Here we have shared the list of Vinland Saga Episodes followed by the Filler Episodes which will help you to avoid non-relevant episodes.

Vinland Saga Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Somewhere Not Here Manga Canon 2019-07-07
2 Sword Manga Canon 2019-07-07
3 Troll Manga Canon 2019-07-07
4 A True Warrior Manga Canon 2019-07-28
5 The Troll’s Son Anime Canon 2019-08-04
6 The Journey Begins Mixed Canon/Filler 2019-08-11
7 Normanni Manga Canon 2019-08-18
8 Beyond The Edge of The Sea Manga Canon 2019-08-25
9 The Battle of London Bridge Manga Canon 2019-09-01
10 Ragnarok Manga Canon 2019-09-15
11 A Gamble Manga Canon 2019-09-22
12 The Land on The Far Bank Manga Canon 2019-09-29
13 Child of a Hero Manga Canon 2019-10-06
14 The Light of Dawn Manga Canon 2019-10-13
15 After Yule Manga Canon 2019-10-20
16 History of Beasts Manga Canon 2019-10-27
17 Servant Manga Canon 2019-11-03
18 Out of the Cradle Manga Canon 2019-11-17
19 United Front Manga Canon 2019-11-24
20 Crown Manga Canon 2019-12-01
21 Reunion Manga Canon 2019-12-08
22 Lone Wolf Manga Canon 2019-12-15
23 Miscalculation Manga Canon 2019-12-22
24 END OF THE PROLOGUE Manga Canon 2019-12-29
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