Vinland Saga Filler List

Vinland Saga Filler List

Vinland Saga is an anime series based on the manga of the same name. The anime is set in England in 1013 and tells the story of a young boy who starts a bloody battle to avenge his father’s death. The events took place during the Danish conquest of England.

So if you are watching this anime, here is the Vinland Saga Episodes list, followed by some filler. 


Vinland Saga Filler List

Vinland Saga Episode List

1Somewhere Not HereManga Canon
2SwordManga Canon
3TrollManga Canon
4A True WarriorManga Canon
5The Troll's SonAnime Canon
6The Journey BeginsMixed Canon/Filler
7NormanniManga Canon
8Beyond The Edge of The SeaManga Canon
9The Battle of London BridgeManga Canon
10RagnarokManga Canon
11A GambleManga Canon
12The Land on The Far BankManga Canon
13Child of a HeroManga Canon
14The Light of DawnManga Canon
15After YuleManga Canon
16History of BeastsManga Canon
17ServantManga Canon
18Out of the CradleManga Canon
19United FrontManga Canon
20CrownManga Canon
21ReunionManga Canon
22Lone WolfManga Canon
23MiscalculationManga Canon
25SlaveManga Canon
26Ketil's FarmManga Canon
27SnakeManga Canon
28AwakeningManga Canon
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Vinland Saga is an anime about a man named Thorfinn, who was born and raised in Iceland. When he was small, he and his family migrated to Vinland, now known as Newfoundland.


The story begins when Thorfinn is just 17 years old. Because of the Viking lifestyle, it’s common for men to start pillaging in their teens to get some wealth and power before they’re too old to do so.

Thorfinn has always dreamed of being a great Viking warrior like his father, but he’s not sure if he has what it takes yet

Is Vinland Saga complete?

The First Season of Vinland Saga is Complete. There is also news that Vinland Saga’ is officially returning for season 2

Is there a Vinland Saga Part 2?

Yes, Vinland Saga’ is officially returning for season 2

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