Tokyo Ghoul:re Filler List

Tokyo Ghoul re Filler List

Tokyo Ghoul: re is the sequel to Tokyo Ghoul which is an extremely popular manga and anime. It takes place two years after the events of the first series. Haise Sasaki, a former CCG (Commission of Counter Ghoul) investigator, leads a special squad called the Quinx Squad.

The team consists of members who are half-ghouls and half-human and are capable of fighting ghouls just like full ghouls. They work with unit members who hunt down ghouls as well as those who conduct research on Rc cells in order to develop new weapons that can combat this dangerous species.


Tokyo Ghoul:re Filler List

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode List

1START: Those Who HuntManga Canon
2member: FragmentsManga Canon
3fresh: EveManga Canon
4MAIN: AuctionManga Canon
5PresS: Night of ScatteringManga Canon
6turn: In the EndManga Canon
7mind: Days of RecollectionsManga Canon
8TAKe: One Who WrithesManga Canon
9play: Departed SpiritManga Canon
10think: SwayManga Canon
11writE: The Absent OneManga Canon
12Beautiful Dream: DaybreakManga Canon
13Place: And So, Once AgainManga Canon
14VOLT: White DarknessManga Canon
15union: Close GameManga Canon
16vive: Those Left BehindManga Canon
17MovE: Confluence, ConfusionManga Canon
18FACE: EffulgenceManga Canon
19proof: BondsManga Canon
20incarnation: Awakened ChildManga Canon
21Morse: RemembrancesManga Canon
22call: The Far Side of TragedyManga Canon
23ACT: EncountersManga Canon
24Final EpisodeManga Canon
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