Tokyo Ghoul:re Filler List

Tokyo Ghoul re Filler List

Tokyo Ghoul: re is the first season of the anime adapted from the manga of the same name by Sui Ishida, and is the third season overall within the Tokyo Ghoul series. The series is produced by Pierrot and is directed by Odahiro Watanabe.


It’s been two years since CCG’s raid on Anteiku along with also the strain in Tokyo remains the same. To eliminate this ghoul occupying it CCG unveils a fresh group called the Quinx Squad a bunch of people undergo surgeries to possess quinques as a human body part. Their chief Haise Sasaki must conquer each one of the ghouls and discover out about himself along with his mysterious roots…

In this article, we are listing the Tokyo Ghoul: re Episode List followed by its fillers.


Tokyo Ghoul: re Episode List

1START: Those Who HuntManga Canon2018-04-03
2member: FragmentsManga Canon2018-04-10
3fresh: EveManga Canon2018-04-17
4MAIN: AuctionManga Canon2018-04-24
5PresS: Night of ScatteringManga Canon2018-05-01
6turn: In the EndManga Canon2018-05-08
7mind: Days of RecollectionsManga Canon2018-05-15
8TAKe: One Who WrithesManga Canon2018-05-22
9play: Departed SpiritManga Canon2018-05-29
10think: SwayManga Canon2018-06-05
11writE: The Absent OneManga Canon2018-06-12
12Beautiful Dream: DaybreakManga Canon2018-06-19
13Place: And So, Once AgainManga Canon2018-10-09
14VOLT: White DarknessManga Canon2018-10-16
15union: Close GameManga Canon2018-10-23
16vive: Those Left BehindManga Canon2018-10-30
17MovE: Confluence, ConfusionManga Canon2018-11-06
18FACE: EffulgenceManga Canon2018-11-13
19proof: BondsManga Canon2018-11-20
20incarnation: Awakened ChildManga Canon2018-11-27
21Morse: RemembrancesManga Canon2018-12-04
22call: The Far Side of TragedyManga Canon2018-12-11
23ACT: EncountersManga Canon2018-12-18
24Final EpisodeManga Canon2018-12-25
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