Inuyasha Filler List Guide

Inuyasha Filler List Guide

Five hundred years prior, during old Japan’s polite wartime, in a world loaded with evil spirits, spirits, condemnations, swords, and samurais, the prestigious priestess. Kikyo began to look half-devil Inuyasha. Kikyo was the defender of the mysterious Shikon Jewel, a gem with irregular forces that must guard against devils and fiendishness individuals. Inuyasha episodes


Kikyo needed to give Jewel to Inuyasha so he could turn into a full human, and she would never again be troubled with ensuring it. In any case, their relationship destroyed when Kikyo volunteered to think about Onigumo, a man who clothed from head to toe given exceptional wounds.

He couldn’t do anything besides rests and talk, so he remained in a cavern and Kikyo sustained him and thought about him.

In any case, Onigumo was a debilitated and underhanded man on a fundamental level. He needed Kikyo and the Shikon Jewel to be all his for his bent wants. He turned out obsessed by the point that he permitted countless evil presences within him in return for them, giving him his very own amazing body. At the point when every one of the evil presences melded into Onigumo, the devil Naraku conceived. And Story Goes On.


In this article, we are going to share Inuyasha Filler List Episodes with the help of that you can watch the Anime without any Inuyasha Filler Episodes.

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Inuyasha Filler episodes

Manga Canon Episodes:


1-25, 27-56, 60-62, 66-67, 70-71, 73-74, 80-82, 85-86, 88, 103-126, 131-132, 143, 145-146, 149-159, 161, 164-193

Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:


26, 57-58, 69, 83-84, 87, 102, 141-142, 144, 147-148, 160

Filler Episodes:

59, 63-65, 68, 72, 75-79, 89-101, 127-130, 133-140, 162-163

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