A Certain Magical Index Filler List (Toaru Majutsu No Index)

A Certain Magical Index Filler List

In the Academic City, where people use science to develop supernatural abilities, the unlucky Tôma Kamijô has a special gift. While the students have more incredible powers than the others, Tôma’s mysterious ability allows him to nullify any paranormal activity at the cost of his luck. Resigned to living under a bad star all his life, his misfortune provokes his meeting with the young Index.

True encyclopedia on foot, the nun would have memorized 103,000 grimoires in the service of the Church. Embarked on a phenomenal adventure, Tôma finds himself propelled despite himself to the front of the scene of the greatest plots where science and magic clash in a merciless struggle for the world’s supremacy.


A Certain Magical Index aired from 2008 to 2019. In total, 74 episodes. Though it does not have a fillers list, the list of Episodes is below for your reference.

A Certain Magical Index Episode List

1Academy CityManga Canon
2Innocentius (The Witch Hunter King)Manga Canon
3Necessarius (The Church of Necessary Evil)Manga Canon
4Perfect Memory AbilityManga Canon
5Limit (12 o’clock)Manga Canon
6Imagine BreakerManga Canon
7The Science Cult (Misawa Cram School)Manga Canon
8Ars Magna (Golden Transmutation)Manga Canon
9Deep Blood (Vampire Killer)Manga Canon
10Mikoto Misaka (Sissy)Manga Canon
11Sisters (Sisters)Manga Canon
12Level 6 (Absolute Ability)Manga Canon
13Accelerator (One Way)Manga Canon
14Weakest vs. Strongest (Strongest vs. Weakest)Manga Canon
15Angel Fall (Angel Fall)Manga Canon
16Touya Kamijo (Father)Manga Canon
17The Power of God (Archangel)Manga Canon
18Replica (Impostor)Manga Canon
19Last Order (The End)Manga Canon
20Virus Code (Final Signal)Manga Canon
21Counter Stop (Identity Unknown)Manga Canon
22Golem (Stone Figure)Manga Canon
23Friends (Hyoka Kazakiri)Manga Canon
24Imaginary Number School District – Five-Element AgencyManga Canon
25The Last Day (August 31)Manga Canon
26The Book of LawManga Canon
27The Amakusa ChurchManga Canon
28Sheol Fear (Voice of the Magicbane)Manga Canon
29Lotus WandManga Canon
30Remnant (Wreckage)Manga Canon
31Move Point (Coordinate Relocation)Manga Canon
32The Daihasei FestivalManga Canon
33Route Disturb (Pursuit Inhibited)Manga Canon
34Shorthand (Stenographic Sourcebook)Manga Canon
35Stab SwordManga Canon
36Belvedere (The Observatory)Manga Canon
37Croce di Pietro (Apostolic Cross)Manga Canon
38City of WaterManga Canon
39Queen’s FleetManga Canon
40Rosary of the Appointed TimeManga Canon
41Penalty GameManga Canon
42Serial Number (Specimen Number)Manga Canon
43The Researcher (Amata Kihara)Manga Canon
44Hound Dog (Hound Squad)Manga Canon
45Testament (Learning Device)Manga Canon
46The Divine Retribution SpellManga Canon
47PrewarManga Canon
48Skill Out (Armed Gang)Manga Canon
49UnrestManga Canon
50The Right Seat of GodManga Canon
51The Document of CManga Canon
52The Dark Side of Academy CityManga Canon
53Dark MatterManga Canon
54Super-espersManga Canon
55The Third LevelManga Canon
56Saint BreakoutManga Canon
57Holy Mother VenerationManga Canon
58Sky Bus 365Manga Canon
59British LabyrinthManga Canon
60MercenariesManga Canon
61Curtana OriginalManga Canon
62HeroesManga Canon
63Spark SignalManga Canon
64The Governing BoardManga Canon
65DRAGONManga Canon
66The Alliance of Independent NationsManga Canon
67Misaka WorstManga Canon
68A Reason to ProtectManga Canon
69The Star of BethlehemManga Canon
70GabrielManga Canon
71Fuse = KazakiriManga Canon
72IndexManga Canon
73WingsManga Canon
74Son of GodManga Canon


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