A Certain Scientific Accelerator Filler List

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Filler List

After rescuing Last Purchase and being shot in the head, Accelerator, the strongest of these beings using extrasensory abilities in Academic City, is resting at the hospital. However, her recovery is disrupted when a mysterious woman with a photograph of Misaka Mikoto’s clone asks her to get assistance. They assault the Last order straight and sabotage the Academic City, although the entire planet.


This anime show ran from 2019 to 2019. It consists of 12 Episodes with few fillers Episodes. Below is the Episodes List for Reference which includes filler episodes.

A Certain Scientific Accelerator Episodes list

# Title Type
1 Accelerator Filler
2 Necromancer Manga Canon
3 Numbers Manga Canon
4 Third Number Manga Canon
5 DA Manga Canon
6 Scavenger Manga Canon
7 Download Manga Canon
8 Friend Manga Canon
9 Memory of Death Manga Canon
10 Catastrophe Manga Canon
11 Perfect Golem Manga Canon
12 Something to Protect Manga Canon
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