A Certain Scientific Railgun Filler List (Toaru Kagaku No Railgun)

A Certain Scientific Railgun Filler List

An anime tv series adaptation of A Certain Scientific Railgun from J.C. Staff aired in Japan between October 2009 and March 2010, followed by an initial video cartoon launched in October 2010.

The Story follows Mikoto Misaka a student from Cité Scolaire. This large university town welcomes students with gifts called espers. They are classified by level; from 0, no donation, to 5, the most powerful donations. Misaka is the third most powerful of the seven-level 5. She controls electric and magnetic fields.


This young girl lives in the most famous part of the school in the School City and cohabits with Kuroko Shirai, a level 4 esper who has the gift of teleportation and is part of Judgment, an organization that investigates to resolve the problems of the School City. Accompanied by two other friends, they will try to solve certain problems that could endanger the entire city.

Here we are sharing the A Certain Scientific Railgun Episodes List followed by the A Certain Scientific Railgun Filler List.


A Certain Scientific Railgun Filler List

1ElectromasterManga Canon
2When Working Under a Hot Sun, Rehydration is EssentialMixed Canon/Filler
3Tokiwadai is TargetedFiller
4Urban LegendsManga Canon
5A Certain Pair of New TraineesManga Canon
6Everyone is Proactive When it Comes to ThisManga Canon
7Abilities and PowersManga Canon
8Level UpperManga Canon
9Majority ReportManga Canon
10Silent MajorityManga Canon
11Dr. KiyamaManga Canon
12AIM BurstManga Canon
13A Bikini Divides the Eyeline Between Top and Bottom, But a One-piece Shows Off the Figure, so They Only Flatter the SlenderFiller
14Special WorkshopFiller
15Skill OutAnime Canon
16Academy CityAnime Canon
17Tsuzuri’s Summer VacationFiller
18Asunaro ParkFiller
19Midsummer FestivalFiller
20PoltergeistAnime Canon
21VoicesAnime Canon
22Level 6Anime Canon
23What Is It You See In Your Eyes Right Now?Anime Canon
24Dear My FriendsAnime Canon
25RailgunAnime Canon
26CriticalManga Canon
27Project Radio NoiseManga Canon
28SistersManga Canon
29Project Level 6 ShiftManga Canon
30I… Can See All Of YouManga Canon
31I… I Want To Be Of Help To You, SissyFiller
32ITEMManga Canon
33AIM StalkerManga Canon
34MeltdownerManga Canon
35The Vending MachineManga Canon
36Tree DiagramManga Canon
37AcceleratorManga Canon
38The PromiseManga Canon
39Kamijou ToumaManga Canon
40SisterhoodManga Canon
41Study GroupFiller
43Academic Reach AssemblyFiller
47Silent PartyFiller
48Eternal PartyFiller
49Super-powered (Level 5)Manga Canon
50The Daihasei FestivalManga Canon
51Balloon HunterManga Canon
52TamperingManga Canon
53TrustManga Canon
54The Battle BeginsManga Canon
55Auribus oculi fideliores sunt. (The eyes are more trustworthy than the ears)Manga Canon
56Railgun x Mental OutManga Canon
57Kozaku MitoriManga Canon
58Clone DollyManga Canon
59Joining the BattleManga Canon
60ExteriorManga Canon
61SYSTEM (Those Who Arrive at Heaven’s Will in an Only Human Body)Manga Canon
62Dragon Strike (Jaw of the Dragon King)Manga Canon
63PromiseManga Canon
64Dream RankerManga Canon
65PrecognitionManga Canon
66Bust UpperManga Canon
67Strange CoincidenceManga Canon
68Ha det braManga Canon
69DoppelgangerManga Canon
70ScavengerManga Canon
71PossessionManga Canon
72DiffusionManga Canon
73My Dear FriendsManga Canon
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