Magi Filler List

Magi Filler List

Magi is an adapted anime series that began in 2012. The narrative follows the journey of a boy called Aladdin in a strange land where mysterious ruins are termed. Dungeons are thought to be home-prized paintings. Along with Alibaba, a friend he met during his journeys, Aladdin tries to conquer all the Dungeons and get his treasures.

Aladdin will know of his destiny through the meetings and partings he encounters. So if you plan to watch this anime, below is the episode list you can go through. The Series does not have any fillers, though. Though there are multiple seasons, you can get the order to watch by following the Magi Watch Order article.


Magi Episodes List (Magi Filler List)

1Aladdin and AlibabaManga Canon2012-10-07
2Dungeon SuiteManga Canon2012-10-14
3Magician of CreationManga Canon2012-10-21
4The People of the PlainsManga Canon2012-10-28
5Dungeon CapturerManga Canon2012-11-04
6Warrior Tribe FanalisManga Canon2012-11-11
7His Name is SinbadManga Canon2012-11-18
8A Broken PromiseManga Canon2012-11-25
9A Prince’s DutyManga Canon2012-12-02
10His Name is JudarManga Canon2012-12-09
11A New VisitorManga Canon2012-12-16
12Determination and SeparationManga Canon2012-12-23
13Prince of RebellionManga Canon2013-01-06
14Alibaba’s AnswerManga Canon2013-01-13
15Cassim’s AnswerManga Canon2013-01-20
16Wisdom of SolomonManga Canon2013-01-27
17SmileManga Canon2013-02-03
18The Kingdom of SindriaManga Canon2013-02-10
19The Culprit’s Name is SinbadManga Canon2013-02-17
20The Two PrincesManga Canon2013-02-24
21Zagan LabyrinthMixed Canon/Filler2013-03-03
22Household of FlamesMixed Canon/Filler2013-03-10
23Battle CryMixed Canon/Filler2013-03-17
24Fall into DepravityMixed Canon/Filler2013-03-24
25Alibaba and AladdinMixed Canon/Filler2013-03-31
26Premonition of a JourneyManga Canon2013-04-07
27DepartureManga Canon2013-04-14
28Setting SailManga Canon2013-04-21
29PiratesManga Canon2013-10-27
30MotherManga Canon2013-11-03
31A Kind PersonManga Canon2013-11-10
32Kouha Ren AppearsManga Canon2013-11-17
33Days of TrainingManga Canon2013-11-30
34The Reim EmpireManga Canon2013-12-01
35The High PriestessManga Canon2013-12-08
36The Great RiftManga Canon2013-12-15
37A New EmperorManga Canon2013-12-22
38Titus AlexiusManga Canon2014-01-05
39The Hidden CitizensManga Canon2014-01-12
40The Magicians’ CountryManga Canon2014-01-19
41Remaining LifeManga Canon2014-01-26
42Declaration of WarManga Canon2014-01-26
43Reim’s ThreatManga Canon2014-02-02
44A Real MagiManga Canon2014-02-09
45ReunionManga Canon2014-02-23
46The King VesselManga Canon2014-03-02
47The Things I Want to ProtectManga Canon2014-03-09
48The Djinn WarriorsManga Canon2014-03-16
49Time of DestructionManga Canon2014-03-23
50Welcome HomeManga Canon2014-03-30


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