SPY x FAMILY Filler List

SPY x FAMILY Filler List

SPY x FAMILY is an ongoing anime series with 6 episodes aired so far in 2022. This series has no reported filler episodes.

This anime follows Twilight, a spymaster from Westalis, to ensure peace is preserved. He infiltrates the prestigious Eden Academy to check on politician Donovan Desmond’s son, and keep war at bay.


Thus, getting married and having a child is the most difficult thing a spy could do. Twilight quickly adopts orphan Anya, and she fits in as the six-year-old daughter. As a wife, he meets Yor Briar, who needs someone to pretend to be his partner to impress his friends.

However, Twilight isn’t the only one with a secret life: Yor is a deadly assassin, and getting married also creates the perfect cover for her. Meanwhile, Anya is not the average girl she appears to be. She is an Esper, the product of secret experiments that allow her to read minds.

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So if you are watching or want to watch this anime follow the SPY x FAMILY Filler List Guide Below:

SPY x FAMILY Filler List

SPY x FAMILY Episodes List

1Operation "Strix"Manga Canon2022-04-09
2Secure a Wife
Manga Canon2022-04-16
3Prepare for the Interview
Manga Canon2022-04-23
4The Prestigious School's Interview
Manga Canon2022-04-30
5Will They Pass or Fail?
Manga Canon2022-05-07
6Friendship Scheme
Manga Canon2022-05-14
7The Target's Second SonManga Canon2022-05-21
8The Counter-Secret Police Cover OperationManga Canon2022-05-28
9Show off How in Love You Are
Manga Canon2022-06-4
10The Great Dodgeball PlanManga Canon2022-06-11
11StellaManga Canon2022-06-18
12Penguin ParkManga Canon2022-06-25

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