ReLIFE Watch order

ReLIFE Watch Order

A lot of anime has been coming out lately, and we’re pretty sure you’ve heard of some. One that is lesser known is called “Relife.”

It’s an anime about Arata Kaizaki is 27 years old, unemployed, and had worked for only three months for his last job. Arata Kaizaki participates in a new research program, ReLIFE, which makes him look ten years younger. He then attended high school for a year while taking the medication.


So if you have this anime on your watch list, then make sure to follow the right Relife Watch order given below:

Relife Watch order

  • ReLIFE
  • ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen
  • ReLIFE: Kanketsu-hen Specials

ReLIFE Video Trailer

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The story is about Arata Kaizaki, who has been unemployed for several years, and Ryō Yoake, who offers him a job opportunity. However, in order to accept the offer, Kaizaki needs to become a tester for ReLife; which involves becoming 10 years younger as well as going back to school.

The experiment is supposed to provide a chance to experience youth once again and, in the process, fix whatever is wrong with the subject’s life.

Is ReLIFE worth watching?

Yes, One can praise ReLIFE for its creative story, wonderful characters and colourful OST. But what stands out to me and what has the most emotional impact on me is the fact that life is wonderful. ReLIFE reminds us all that life is worth living.

How many episodes are there in ReLIFE?

There are 13 Episodes in ReLIFE

Is ReLIFE ending sad?

It has a happy ending. Read Manga for Story

How many chapters does ReLIFE have?

Maybe 53 to 54

What genre is ReLIFE?

Slice of life

Does Hishiro end up with kaizaki?

Yes, at the end of ReLIFE, Kaizaki and Hishiro get together again because they remember each other

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