Powerful Goblin Slayer Main Characters

Powerful Goblin Slayer Main Characters

When Goblin Slayer premiered on Crunchyroll, it created some controversy due to its scenes of extreme violence. Those who saw the controversy and decided to watch the anime ended up enjoying the story and the mix of RPG culture that brought something new to battle scenes.

Here is the list of Goblin Slayer Main Characters you should know about before watching this anime.


Goblin Slayer Main Characters

1. Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer

Goblin Slayer is the series’ main character. He mainly hunts goblins and is an experienced silver rank adventurer. He is a calm person that generally fails to notice his surroundings due to his focus on slaying goblins. His companions try to help him socialize better, but the process is difficult.



Unlike a lot of the adventurers, Goblin Slayer is not endowed with any supernatural powers. He’s just a fighter that’s skilled in archery and has great hearing and sight, but he still has a lot of knowledge on goblins.


2. Priestess

Priestess in Goblin Slayer

The anime’s second protagonist, the Priestess is an orphan girl who was raised in a temple in the midst of the priesthood, along with other children without a family.


When she decides to leave the place to follow the life of an adventurer, she ends up almost being raped and killed by the goblins in her first mission, but is saved by the Goblin Slayer. After that, she starts to accompany him on his adventures, becoming the first member of his group.

Known for her kindness and the ease with which she makes friends, the 15-year-old seems like the opposite extreme of Goblin Slayer but ends up getting along with him.


  • Holy Light – The intensity of this light temporarily blinds opponents.
  • Minor Healing – Heals minor wounds. It has no use against poisoning or death.
  • Protection – Creates a magical barrier that can be used as a kind of giant shield or to trap enemies.
  • Purify – Remove impurities from people or items such as water or air. It was once used by the Priestess to turn a goblin’s blood into water, but such action is considered a transgression against Mother Nature.
  • Silence – Freezes the noise, which also prevents, for example, the opponent from casting spells.
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3. Elf archer

Elf archer


This adventurer is 2000-years-old, yet they are still considered young among elves. Member of the group of adventurers Goblin Slayer is a warrior ranked Silver.

She is known for her temper when she drinks. In one of her missions, she showed how clever she was about what the goblins do in battle. However, her bravery made it impossible for her to stop fighting.


  • Archery skill with extreme precision
  • Perception for traps
  • great agility
  • Increased hearing thanks to its large elf ears
  • Elvish speech and the common tongue

4. Dwarf shaman

Dwarf Shaman Goblin Slayer


The Dwarf Shaman is one of the characters who is responsible for comic scenes in the anime. He often teases Elfa Archer, but he also acts as an adviser to her.

According to him, his motivation for becoming an adventurer was to try exotic flavors around the world that he could combine with his fiery wine. Although he is not very tall, but is incredibly strong and can cast up to four spells per day.



  • Stone Explosion – This enchantment increases the size of stones and fires them quickly.
  • Strength – Spell used to quickly dry concrete.
  • Bind – Used to trap a fleeing goblin.
  • Stupor – The Dwarf Shaman uses this spell after spraying his fire wine into the air, forming a fine mist that he enchants to quickly get anyone who aspires drunk to the point of knocking opponents unconscious.
  • Stone/Metal Barrier – Used to enchant a stone or metal floor and turn it into a protective wall.
  • Fear – Spell used to control a goblin’s emotion from illusion magic, leaving the opponent emotionally defenseless.

5. Lizard Priest

Lizard Priest Goblin Slayer


Tokage Souryo is an alien-looking creature, with green skin and horns atop his head. His intimidating appearance isn’t what’s inside of him, however, as he is a very polite and respectful lizard man who is very concerned about nature.

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He has the ability to cast magic like a priest. He’s also a highly-skilled fighter who can resist many poisons.


  • Sword Claw – With a fang as a catalyst and a brief prayer, it is able to transform its prey into a powerful blade.
  • Refresh/Refresh – Healing spell.
  • Dragontooth Warrior – With multiple fangs as catalysts, he is able to summon a skeleton lizard to fight on his side.
  • Partial Dragon – Spell used to increase the Lizard Priest’s strength.
  • Communicate – Using the powers of his ancestors, he is able to communicate and understand another person in a different language, telepathically.

6. Lady of the sword

Lady of the sword Goblin Slayer

Formerly known as High Priestess, she was once a Gold-ranked adventurer until she was captured, tortured, and raped by goblins. Ten years ago, he made history after defeating the Demon Lord along with five other adventurers.

When she stopped being an adventurer, she went on to serve as Archbishop of the Supreme in the Temple of God’s Law. His goblin nightmares abate after meeting the Goblin Slayer, for whom he harbors unrequited feelings. His position today gives him political and religious influence.



  • Resurrection – Miracle used to recover from major wounds. To do this, she sleeps with the injured person and a virgin. You’ve already used this miracle with the Priestess and the Goblin Slayer.
  • Protection – Creates a powerful magical barrier whose protection can extend to your allies.
  • Holy Light – Creates a light whose intensity temporarily blinds opponents.
  • Appraisal – Although she is blind, this miracle gives her the temporary power to check the properties and value of different items.

7. Witch

Witch Goblin Slayer

This Silver-ranked adventurer is part of a group of adventurers formed only by her and the Lancer. She usually plays games of a sexual nature, but her humor with it does not prevent her from being affectionate and considerate with those around her.


Although he is not part of the Goblin Slayer group of adventurers, he seems to get along well with the warrior, having already helped him on missions.


  • Inflammable – She uses this spell that creates fire to light her pipe.
  • Missile dodge – Generates an invisible flow to ward off non-magical projectiles.
  • Give Fire – Envelops the opponent’s weapon in fire after it recites the words “Alma … Inflammare … Offero”.
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8. Lancer

Lancer Goblin Slayer


Lancer is a Silver ranked adventurer who acts very brave in order to catch the attention of girls. However, he does what he believes is right, even if he’ll lose money by doing so.

Despite his showy manner, he has a sense of fairness that motivates him to always do what he considers most right, regardless of the financial gain of the mission. In addition, it takes care of those in need and has already helped beginners in weapons training.



As his name suggests, he is extremely skilled with the spear. He is able to use magic, but can only do two spells a day.

9. Guild girl

Guild Girl Goblin Slayer

She worked at the front desk, taking contracts and informing people about guild quests. She was upset when stronger adventurers would not take jobs for the sake of money because she was anxious about the villages.


For that reason, she has great respect for Goblin Slayer. Extremely beautiful, she is tired of hearing other adventurers bragging about their work to get her attention. Soon, his interest ends up turning to the quiet and discreet way of the protagonist.

10. Farmer

Farmer Goblin Slayer


A childhood friend of the Goblin Slayer, she had taken a trip into town the night of the massacre in the village where they had lived when they were children. After losing most of his family to the goblins’ attack, he moves in with his uncle on a farm.

Goblin Slayer spends five years training with Burglar and returns to the village, where he lives on the Farmer’s uncle’s farm. Five years later, he’s already a Silver ranked adventurer, and she’s still worried about finding the friend she remembers in him.

As she reconnects with his friend, he begins to develop a romantic interest in him. For this reason, she is jealous of his new adventure partner, the Priestess, as well as of the Guild Girl, who also shows an interest in the adventurer.

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