Most Hated Anime Characters 2023

Most Hated Anime Characters

In each anime itself, there are characters created by anime makers to produce interesting stories. The characters created can be hated and liked by anime fans. So, who is your most hated anime character? Don’t miss this article.

Most Hated Anime Characters

1. Kazuya Kinoshita – Rent a Girlfriend

Kazuya Kinoshita – Rent a Girlfriend


Kazuya Kinoshita is the main character in the anime Rent a Girlfriend. Kazuya is an indecisive man who loves to invest himself in his superiority. So, Kazuya sometimes lies without any doubt in himself.

Lies perpetrated by Kazuya often cause him to be in trouble. His lies were caused by not having power.


Kazuya made up his lies to keep himself out of trouble. One of his lies is his fake relationship with Chizuru Ichinose. Kazuya’s relationship with Chizuru took place after Kazuya broke up with Mami. After the relationship broke down, Kazuya hired Chizuru as his fake girlfriend to please his grandmother.

There Was Some Incident in Manga That Led Kazuya to become one of the most hated anime characters by anime fans, and he labeled the worst male character in 2020.


2. Rachel – Tower of God

Rachel – Tower of God

Rachel is one of the anime Tower of God characters and the most hated female anime character in the otaku world version.


Rachel, also known as Michelle Light, is irregular because she climbed the tower of her free will. Irregulars are often labeled as bringing chaos to the tower. Rachel is a friend of Baam. He is the only person willing to meet Baam in the cave. Rachel is also the main reason why Baam wants to climb the tower.

However, the reason why Rachel is the most hated anime character is that Rachel betrayed Baam. Rachel pretends to be a disabled person to push Baam off the tower.

3. Shou Tucker – Fullmetal Alchemist

Shou Tucker – Fullmetal Alchemist

Shou Tucker is an anime character who is quite introverted and doesn’t socialize much. When entertaining guests, Shou is a gentle and kind man. His daughter, Nina Tucker, noticed that Shou spent more time with work than with his family. Shou himself suffers from a lack of confidence in what he does.


However, what makes him the main character of an anime that is hated is that he is willing to change the child who loves him and his pet dog into an animal named Chimera. Not only his son, his wife also became a victim of Shou to maintain his position.

It’s not surprising that Shou is the most hated anime character from various sources, including

4. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno is one of the main characters in the anime series Naruto. However, Sakura is also one of the most hated characters in the Naruto series. Not only in the Naruto series, but Sakura is also one of the most hated anime characters, according to

Sakura is often seen as making it difficult for her team to carry out a mission, even though Sakura can treat wounds using her ninjutsu abilities. Apart from being seen as hindering her teammates from carrying out missions, Sakura is also very interested in Sasuke.

Her desire for Sasuke has grown since she was still at the academy and made her have an excessive desire to have Sasuke. Sasuke himself doesn’t seem to like Sakura.

5. Akainu Sakazuki

Akainu Sakazuki


Akainu is one of the most feared anime characters. Quoting from Duniagames, Akainu is one of the most hated anime characters. The problem with Akainu’s character is that he is an ideological extremist.

He is someone who believes in absolute justice. He is willing to do anything to achieve absolute justice regardless of the people hurt by it. Anyone he feels is a criminal or an obstacle to his ideology of absolute justice will be killed without hesitation. He also had the heart to kill his comrades who fled from battle.


What caused him to be hated was when Akainu killed Luffy’s adoptive brother, Portgas. Portgas tried to protect Luffy from Akainu’s attack and made his body hit by Akainu’s attack so that Portgas breathed his last

So those are some of the most hated anime characters and infuriated anime connoisseurs. Of course, each character gives color to their respective anime series. Who do you think excites you the most?

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