Dr. Stone Filler Episode List Guide

Dr. Stone Episode List

Dr. Stone is a anime manga about two students, Taiju and Senku who are best friends. One day Taiju went to confess his feelings to his crush and on same day while Senku was working on an experiment. Suddenly a blinding blaze of light flashes which turned every person on earth into Stone for a few centuries.

And when a 16-year-old genius named Senkū Ishigami is suddenly revived to find himself in a world where all traces of human civilization have been eroded by time. In this article, we will be list all the Dr. Stone Episodes along with fillers if it comes in Dr. Stone’s second season.

Dr. Stone Episode List

# Title Type Airdate
1 Stone World Manga Canon 2019-07-05
2 King of the Stone World Manga Canon 2019-07-12
3 Weapons of Science Manga Canon 2019-07-19
4 Fire the Smoke Signal Manga Canon 2019-07-26
5 Stone World The Beginning Manga Canon 2019-08-02
6 Two Nations of the Stone World Manga Canon 2019-08-09
7 Where Two Million Years Have Gone Manga Canon 2019-08-16
8 Stone Road Manga Canon 2019-08-23
9 Let There Be the Light of Science Manga Canon 2019-08-30
10 A Tenuous Alliance Manga Canon 2019-09-06
11 Clear World Manga Canon 2019-09-13
12 Buddies Back to Back Manga Canon 2019-09-20
13 Masked Warrior Manga Canon 2019-09-27
14 Master of Flame Manga Canon 2019-10-04
15 The Culmination of Two Million Years Manga Canon 2019-10-11
16 A Tale for the Ages Manga Canon 2019-10-18
17 A Hundred Nights and a Thousand Skys Manga Canon 2019-10-25
18 Stone Wars Manga Canon 2019-11-01
19 To Modernity Manga Canon 2019-11-08
20 The Age of Energy Manga Canon 2019-11-15
21 Spartan Crafts Club Manga Canon 2019-11-22
22 The Treasure Manga Canon 2019-11-29
23 Wave of Science Manga Canon 2019-12-06
24 Voices Over Infinite Distance Manga Canon 2019-12-13
25 Stone Wars Beginning Manga Canon 2021-01-14
26 Hot Line Manga Canon 2021-01-21
27 Call from the Dead Manga Canon 2021-01-28
28 Full Assault Manga Canon 2021-02-04
29 Steam Gorilla Manga Canon 2021-02-11
30 Prison Break Manga Canon 2021-02-18
31 Secret Mission Manga Canon 2021-02-25
32 Final Battle Manga Canon 2021-03-04
33 To Destroy and to Save Manga Canon 2021-03-11
34 Humanity’s Strongest Tag Team Manga Canon 2021-03-18
35 Prologue of Dr. Stone Manga Canon 2021-03-25
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