Dr. Stone: Revealed the Character Designs for the Second Season

Dr Stone Season 2

Dr. Stone: after several months, we finally have news about Dr. Stone and the first drawings of the characters of the second season. The second part of the series that will see the light probably in 2021 will transpose the arch called Stone Wars.

The bow will see Senku and the others wear important new scientific equipment to give them any advantage against the powerful fighters of the Tsukasa Empire. And below we can see the new looks that will show off the protagonists.


As the second season approaches, there will be time to take a more detailed look at the designs of Senku, Koharu, and Chrome. All three seem to have been well equipped for the winter, as they will need all the help they can get ready for the next war.


The first season ended with the first conflict between the Kingdom of Science and the Tsukasa Empire. Following this, the two sides understand that a battle for dominion of Earth is upon us. This leaves Senku and the rest of Ishigami village only winter to prepare. We will see the results of these efforts when the anime returns!

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