Best Dragon Ball sagas! That are Worth Watching

Best Dragon Ball sagas! That Worth Watching

Dragon Ball is one of the most popular anime; with more than 30 years and millions of followers worldwide, it still continues to rise.

From the beginnings of Dragon Ball to the Tournament of Power in Dragon Ball Super, the anime features super-iconic sagas and arcs, capable of making anyone’s goosebumps shiver.


And it’s sagas that we’re going to talk about! In this list, we have selected the Best Dragon Ball sagas in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Best Dragon Ball sagas!

7. God of Destruction Beerus Saga

God of Destruction Beerus Saga


The first arc of Dragon Ball Super introduces the new super-powerful characters, and obviously the Gods of Destruction!

This saga introduced the best characters of the modern era of Dragon Ball, Beerus! Interestingly, this saga does not stand out for the number of combat scenes, but for the dialogues and interesting story.


6. Universal Survival Saga/Tournament of Power

Universal Survival Saga

Dragon Ball Super’s “Universal Survival Saga” is one of the longest in the franchise. Considering how long the Tournament of Destruction took, it might be one of the longest sagas in Dragon Ball Super so far.


There were dozens of characters and dozens of combats that we can witness, all of them super exciting and fun in the good Dragon Ball fashion.

5. Majin Buu Saga

Majin Buu Saga

The Majin Boo Saga was the last one we had the chance to see in Dragon Ball Z and it was there that we got to know a lot of new things in the franchise!

Some of the interesting news was the Super Saiyan 3 transformation and the mergers, which left everyone with their mouths open.


And Majin Buu was both fun and evil, proving to be an excellent antagonist. For those who loved the Dragon Ball saga, this will not be one you’ll miss!

4. Saiyan Saga

Saiyan Saga

In this saga we learned that Goku was not the only Saiyan of the Dragon Ball universe, getting to know Raditz and Vegeta (who would become fundamental for the future of the anime).

These are the sagas that had expanded DB the most. It introduced new characters and concepts that would end up being decisive for the evolution of the story.

One of the characters that deserve a lot of attention is Piccolo, Piccolo was a villain at the beginning of Dragon Ball, but he ends up being a hero by the end of it.

3. Frieza Saga

Frieza Saga

This was one of the most iconic sagas in the Dragon Ball franchise. It is the most popular villain today, it created a new side to Vegeta and had led to our first look at Super Saiyan transformation.


The Frieza Saga was well received and deserved to be included among our favorite sagas. The Frieza saga could be in a better position on this list, however, in some decisive moments it ended up becoming a little obvious.

2. “Future” Trunks Saga/Goku Black

"Future" Trunks Saga


The latest installment in the Dragon Ball franchise was another epic saga; we even got to see Future Trunk’s return.

Furthermore, it was during this saga that we had the chance to be introduced to what is considered by many to be the most epic villain in the entire franchise, we are talking about Goku Black.

In the end, we were even surprised by a new Super Saiyan transformation and by all the power of Future Trunks who was able to defeat the villain and save his reality.


1. Cell Saga

Cell Saga

The Cell Saga is without a doubt (at least for us) the most exciting, surprising, and action-packed saga in the entire Dragon Ball franchise.

The cell was a powerful villain with many transformations and proved to be one of the greatest challenges faced by the Z Warriors. In the end, we even had a chance to witness something epic, Gohan transforming into Super Saiyan 2 and defeating Cell with his bare hands! Undoubtedly an incredible saga!

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