Best Anime OSTs Of ALL Time to listen

Best anime Ost’s Of ALL Time

Anime is a popular genre that can span from being extremely lighthearted to incredibly dark and gritty. Some anime OSTs are filled with beautiful-sounding songs, while others are packed with more upbeat tunes. This article will guide you through the best anime OSTs for different moods!


Recently, I’ve been listening to some anime OSTs, which have been very well made. Despite not thinking much of the show, I want to recommend the songs anyways.

Best anime Ost’s Of ALL Time

Standing Up On Roaring Earth – Yasuharu Takanashi (Naruto Shippuden OST)

Naruto Shippuden OST 3-Standing up on Roaring Earth (2016)

I will always defend Naruto because it has some of the best fight scenes in any medium, closely followed by its music. As I will state further down, Takanashi is good at his job because he mixes genres.


Roar Of The Fire Dragon King – Yasuharu Takanashi (Fairy Tail OST)

Roar Of The Fire Dragon King | FAIRY TAIL Final Series OST

I will defend the music of Fairy Tail above all else. Naruto and Fairy Tail have great music produced by Yasuharu, who blends rock metal with European folk and traditional sounds. I go back and forth on which I prefer.

Chokkaku – Shiro Sagisu (Bleach OST)

[OST] Bleach ~ Chokkaku

Shiro Sagisu is a Japanese composer and music producer who has worked on numerous anime and video game titles. He is best known for his work on the Bleach anime, for which he composed the majority of the soundtrack.


“Chokkaku” is one of the tracks from the Bleach OST, and is one of the more popular ones among fans. The track features a fast-paced, upbeat melody that perfectly fits the action-packed scenes it accompanies in the anime. It’s a great example of Sagisu’s work and is sure to get your heart pumping.

Daigyakuten – Yuki Hayashi (One Piece: Gold OST)

One Piece Film Gold OST - Daigyakuten

The Daigyakuten track is an upbeat and catchy tune that will get your feet tapping. It is the perfect song to listen to when you need a pick-me-up. The lyrics are also very uplifting, and they perfectly capture the spirit of the One Piece anime. If you are looking for a great piece of music to add to your collection, then look no further than Daigyakuten by Yuki Hayashi.


Unmei No Hi: Tamashi Tai Tamashi – Horonobu Kageyama (Dragon Ball Z OST)

Unmei no Hi: Tamashi tai Tamashi [GOHAN SSJ2 THEME]

Horonobu Kageyama’s “Unmei No Hi: Tamashi Tai Tamashi” is one of the most iconic tracks in the Dragon Ball Z soundtrack. The track perfectly encapsulates the series’ themes of determination and fighting spirit and has become synonymous with the franchise.

Kageyama’s composition is an uptempo rock track that features a heavy guitar riff and driving drums. The track also features some of the series’ most iconic vocal performances, with Kageyama himself belting out the chorus alongside fellow vocalists Hironobu Kageyama and Masako Nozawa.


The lyrics of “Unmei No Hi: Tamashi Tai Tamashi” are motivational and inspirational, urging the listener to never give up on their dreams. The track has been used in numerous Dragon Ball Z trailers and commercials over the years, and its stirring message continues to resonate with fans of the series.

Your Power – Yuki Hayashi (My Hero Academia OST)

Boku no Hero Academia Season 2 OST - Your Power (Kimi no chikara)

Your Power is an amazing song by Yuki Hayashi, who is best known for his work on the My Hero Academia soundtrack. The track perfectly captures the feeling of empowerment and hope that comes with being a hero. It’s an absolutely inspiring piece of music, and it’s definitely one of my favorites from the entire series.


Gogeta vs Broly – Norihito Sumitomo (Dragon Ball Super: Broly OST)

Dragon Ball Super Broly OST - Gogeta vs Broly Full Theme Song

The highly anticipated battle between Gogeta and Broly from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie finally has its own theme song, composed by Norihito Sumitomo. The track starts with a fast-paced drum beat, setting the tone for an intense battle.

The strings come in next, adding to the sense of urgency. The brass section then comes in, giving the track an epic feel. Finally, the choir comes in, giving the track an even more epic feel. The track is sure to get your heart pumping and get you ready for the battle between Gogeta and Broly.

Ihojin No Yaiba – Naoki Sato (Sword Of The Stranger OST)

Sword Of The Stranger - Ihojin No Yaiba [Battle Theme]

It is a fitting song for the end of this list, as it is the movie’s final battle. The first time I saw this scene, I was amazed to see that it was from 2007. It very well could have been from 2017.


And many more new OST needs to be added, which we will be doing soon.