Chainsaw Man Season 2 Release Date And Updates

When Will Chainsaw Man Season 2 Be Released?

According to leaked information, there might be some exciting developments for Chainsaw Man fans. The manga has a second part and talks of a movie adaptation. The first season of the anime aired in October 2022, and while fans were hoping for an immediate confirmation of season 2, Studio Mappa didn’t announce it right away.

Mappa is currently busy with other anime projects like Vinland Saga, Jujutsu Kaisen season 2, and Attack on Titan, so, understandably, they might not have been able to confirm the next season of Chainsaw Man yet.


However, a recent leak from a Chinese social media platform called Weibo, shared by @WSJ_manga, suggests that there will indeed be a second season of Chainsaw Man and even a movie. It’s important to note that there’s no official confirmation from the creators or the studio yet, so we must take this information with a grain of salt.


Many fans hoped to get some news during Mappa Stage 2023, but unfortunately, no official announcements were made. So, for now, we’ll have to wait for the official word on the future of Chainsaw Man. Fingers crossed for more exciting adventures!

What to expect from Chainsaw Man Season 2?

Chainsaw Man Season 2 is still in the early planning stages, so there’s no official information yet on what will happen. However, we can make some educated guesses based on the manga.


The main antagonist is likely to be the powerful Gun Devil, who has caused the deaths of millions of people. Denji and his friends must use all their strength and cleverness to take on this formidable foe.

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Denji himself will become even more potent in Season 2. He has already shown great potential, and we can expect him to master his chainsaw devil powers even better and gain new abilities.


The cast of characters will expand, introducing some new faces from the manga that haven’t appeared in the anime yet. This may include Nayuta, who could be the successor to the enigmatic Makima.

The story is expected to take a darker turn in Season 2. Chainsaw Man is known for its dark themes, with more intense violence, and the stakes will be higher.

In addition to these predictions, there are other possibilities for the upcoming season. Denji and Power might learn more about their pasts, face off against other powerful devils like the Darkness Devil or the Hell Devil, and develop new abilities like flying or shooting lasers from their eyes.


With the potential for more characters, darker themes, and even more action, Chainsaw Man Season 2 promises to be an exciting story continuation. Fans of the manga are in for a thrilling ride!

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What Is Chainsaw Man About?

Chainsaw Man is a quirky anime centered on a guy named Denji who is obsessed with touching specific body parts. It doesn’t matter if it’s his boss or coworker; he’s on a mission!

What sets him apart as Chainsaw Man is his unique ability to sprout chainsaws from his arms, legs, and even his head! Although painful, he can quickly heal himself by defeating bad guys and sipping their blood (just like a devil).


What Happened in Chainsaw Man Season 1

Chainsaw Man season 1 covers the initial 38 chapters of the manga. It’s all about introducing the characters, their relationships, and what drives them, along with the main problem and the bad guy.

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It follows Denji, a young guy who makes a deal with Pochita, a dog-like devil. This deal gives Denji the ability to turn parts of himself into chainsaws. Later, Denji becomes part of the Public Safety Devil Hunters, a government team that fights devils when they threaten Japan.

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In season 1, Denji makes friends with Power, a blood-drinking devil, and Aki Hayakawa, another Devil Hunter. They battle various devils like the Katana Man, Ghost Devil, and Snake Devil.

The season concludes with Denji defeating the Katana Man, but it comes at a significant cost. Aki dies in the fight, and Power is believed to be dead, too. Denji is heartbroken but determined to keep fighting the devils in their memory.

To summarize, Chainsaw Man season 1 is an action-packed journey that introduces us to a dark world where humans and devils coexist. It’s a story about friendship, grief, and human determination. If you’re into dark fantasy, Chainsaw Man is a series you won’t want to miss.

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