Full Metal Panic! Watch Order

Full Metal Panic! Watch Order

A common misconception that people have about anime is that they are all cartoons. In truth, there are a wide variety of genres and animation styles in the world of anime. One such genre is mecha, which features robots or machines as main characters.

Full Metal Panic! Is a series with a mecha focus and starts off with a high school student named Sousuke Sagara who agrees to work for an organization known as Mithril on the condition he is allowed to protect Kaname Chidori from harm’s way.


The story follows their relationship as well as the many other characters involved in this chaotic world of espionage where everyone has something to hide and nobody can be trusted completely. This blog post explores how you should watch Full Metal Panic! in Order.

So let’s check out the Full Metal Panic! Watch Order


Full Metal Panic! Watch Order

  1. Full Metal Panic!
  2. Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu
  3. Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid
  4. Full Metal Panic! The Second Raid OVA
  5. Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

Where to watch Full Metal Panic!


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With the most advanced weapons and specially trained troops, A private military group called Mithril is determined to eliminate global terrorism and any threat to peace and harmony on the planet. The group is led by “Whisperered, “Whispered,” individuals who have a keen understanding of the world and the ability to design powerful machines and devices.

Seventeen-year-old Sousuke Sagara sergeant for Mithril is designated to guard Kaname Chidori who is a candidate with a whisper. He’s ordered to be part of her class of high school students and to be close to her as possible in order to stop the possibility of her falling into hostile hands. That is if the student can blend with his fellow classmates without divulging his identity.


Sousuke who was born on the battlefield and has no understanding of the typical high school student’s life He must adjust to a normal high school routine to protect Kaname. But, the enemy has already begun their march and Sousuke is likely to learn that the enemy who is pursuing the girl who whispered to him could be more familiar than what he imagines.

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