World Trigger Watch Order

World Trigger Watch Order

The innovative anime series World Trigger paints an engaging portrait of characters struggling to defend their city from invading aliens. Produced by Toei Animation, this fictional story blends elements of action, drama, and survival themes against uniquely conceptualized battles.


In the show’s fantastical setting, the metropolis Mikado City faces repeated attacks from enemies known as Neighbors who cross over from another dimension through an interdimensional Gate. To fight back, a specialized defense force called Border equips select humans with Triggers – futuristic weapons powered by an energy source called trion that grant users special battle abilities and functions.

The story follows neighbor invaders and the border patrol agents who heroically master their triggers to learn about team strategy and achieve personal growth through adversity. Rich worldbuilding and a diverse cast come together to deliver an episodic thrill ride for fans of sci-fi and mechas.

For newcomers, World Trigger’s continuity is straightforward to follow week-to-week in release order as engaging action unfolds. No filler movies or specials exist to disrupt the core series’ alien invasion arc. So viewers can easily dive in to witness the human drama at the heart of this unique battle anime.


Order To Watch World Trigger

  • World Trigger
  • World Trigger 2nd Season
  • World Trigger 3rd Season

1. World Trigger

  • Episodes: 73
  • Broadcast: 2014-2016

In the peaceful town of Mikado, a gateway to another world unexpectedly opens, unleashing formidable aliens that Earth’s conventional weapons can’t conquer.

Earth’s last line of defense is the enigmatic “Border” organization equipped with powerful “Triggers.”


Fast forward four years, Mikado City is on the path to recovery, and its residents are adjusting to the recurring alien threats. In this backdrop, Yuma Kuga, a new student, and his classmate Osamu Mikumo face a sudden incursion by a Neighbor.

Osamu, a Border agent, deploys his Trigger but falls short of defeating the invader. Seizing the moment, Yuma activates his Trigger, successfully vanquishing the alien. However, Yuma unveils a shocking revelation – he is not affiliated with Border but is a Neighbor transferred from the other side.


2. World Trigger 2nd Season

World Trigger 2nd Season

  • Episodes: 12
  • Release: Winter 2021

In the second season of World Trigger, the defense organization “Border” is in full swing, dedicated to combating the mysterious and powerful beings known as “Neighbor.”

Osamu Mikumo, a committed member of Border, takes the initiative to form Squad Mikumo. The squad comprises Yuma Kuga, an unexpected ally and Neighbor he encounters, along with his childhood friend Chika Ametori.

Together, they embark on a challenging journey to achieve the rank of Internal Border, aspiring to join the elite expedition force. The season unfolds as they face trials and tribulations in their pursuit of excellence and unity.


3. World Trigger 3rd Season

World Trigger 3rd Season

  • Episodes: 14
  • Release: Fall 2021

In the third season of World Trigger, the Tamakoma Squad experiences significant development as Hyuse becomes a new addition to the team. The ranking wars persist, and the Tamakoma Squad is determined to secure a spot for the highly coveted Away Mission.


To provide a more accurate sequence of the story arc, it would be helpful if you could specify the particular story arcs or events you’re interested in. World Trigger has several story arcs, and I can provide more detailed information based on your request.

Black Trigger Capture9-16
Border Enlistment17-21
Large Scale Invasion22-37
B-Rank Rank Battles38-48
Fugitive (anime exclusive arc)49-63
B-Rank Rank Battles64-73
Galopoula Invasion73–77
B-Rank Rank Battles – Part II77–87
Expedition Selection Exam88

Where To Watch World Trigger?

Depending on your region and subscription preferences, you can watch World Trigger on various streaming platforms. Here are some options:

  • Crunchyroll: World Trigger is available for streaming on Crunchyroll in various regions. You can watch both the original series and its subsequent seasons.
  • Hulu: In some regions, Hulu offers World Trigger for streaming. You might find different seasons available depending on your location.
  • Netflix: In some countries, Netflix can stream World Trigger. However, availability may vary based on your region.
  • Amazon Prime Video: In certain regions, you can watch World Trigger on Amazon Prime Video. Check your local Amazon Prime Video library for availability.
  • AnimeLab: AnimeLab provides access to World Trigger for viewers in Australia and New Zealand.

These are some of the major platforms where you can watch World Trigger. Make sure to check the availability and subscription requirements in your specific region.

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