10 Best Episodes of Bleach Anime You Can’t Skip

10 Best Episodes of Bleach Anime You Can't Skip

Bleach is a fantastic anime series with 15 seasons and around 366 episodes. But here’s the thing: some of those episodes are filler content, which means they don’t add much to the main story. Half of the episodes are essential for understanding the plot, while the other half can be skipped without missing anything important.

It’s not uncommon for fans of long-running anime to skip specific episodes or storylines to save time or get to the exciting parts faster. If you’re one of those fans and want to know which episodes to skip in Bleach, there’s a helpful guide called “Guide to Watching Bleach: Story Order and Episode Filler.” It tells you which episodes are must-watch to follow the main plot and which ones you can safely skip.


Using this guide, you can focus on the essential episodes that contribute to the overall story while skipping the filler ones that don’t have much impact on the main plot. It’s a great way to streamline your viewing experience and enjoy the best parts of Bleach!

Best Episodes of Bleach Anime

1. Episode 20

Bleach Episode 20


In Episode 20 of Bleach, a significant shift occurs from the Substitute Shinigami arc to the Soul Society Invasion arc.

This episode concludes Ichigo’s training with Kisuke Urahara and sets the stage for his journey to Soul Society. Essential plot points include the plan to attack Soul Society, Rukia’s punishment for transferring her powers to Ichigo, and the determination of Ichigo and his friends to save her.

Moreover, we gain insight into the relationships and personalities of some top Shinigami characters. The episode also delves into the significance of Zanpakutos and the importance of knowing their names.


Considering its plot relevance and essential information for the upcoming major arc, Episode 20 is a must-watch and shouldn’t be skipped by any Bleach fan.

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2. Episode 61

Bleach Episode 61


After the thrilling conclusion of the Soul Society arc, Bleach takes a dramatic turn with a betrayal from Sousuke Aizen. This sets the stage for the next major arc, the Arrancar arc, which brings more excitement to the series.

Aizen’s deception begins as he pretends to be dead and eliminates the entire governing body of Soul Society, the Central 46. From the shadows, he starts giving secret orders.

During this arc, we also learn more about Aizen’s Shikai, his unique sword ability, and the reason behind his scheme to bring back Rukia and have her executed.


This is part of an elaborate plan to obtain the Hogyoku, a device within Rukia that is believed to enable Hollows to evolve into their ultimate form.

This new arc promises to unravel more mysteries and bring thrilling adventures for Bleach fans.

3. Episode 114

YouTube video


After surviving a fierce attack from two Arrancar, Ichigo and his friends are left contemplating their narrow escape.

During this time, it’s revealed that Aizen has taken an interest in Ichigo. Still, Ulquiorra realizes the situation’s absurdity and withdraws once their mission is complete, even though Ichigo is overwhelmed by Yammi.

This marks the beginning of the first half of the Arrancar arc, where Ichigo grapples with the fact that his inner Hollow could consume him if he doesn’t gain control over it.


Meanwhile, Soul Society is taking steps to intercept the Hollow that will appear in Karakura Town. They are preparing for an all-out war and deploying several Captain-class Shinigami, along with Rukia Kuchiki, who has finally regained her Soul Reaper powers after recovering from her injuries.

4. Episode 125

YouTube video

This episode is crucial for understanding Aizen’s primary motivation. He aims to create the Oken, the key to the Soul Palace, and eliminate the Soul King.

Although the exact reason behind Aizen’s plan remains uncertain, removing the Soul King from Soul Society would disrupt the balance between the living world and the Soul Society.

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To execute his plan, Aizen required a location with a high concentration of souls, roughly 100,000, to create the Key. Karakura Town became his ideal choice as it provided the perfect conditions for his scheme.

5. Episode 142

Bleach Episode 142

Orihime has been taken by Ulquiorra on Aizen’s orders. She kept her promise to go to Hueco Mundo to protect her friends.

This sets the stage for the second half of the Arrancar arc, known as the Hueco Mundo Invasion. The main objective of this arc is to rescue Orihime.

Even though Ichigo is forbidden from entering Hueco Mundo, Urahara lends him a helping hand. However, the Gotei 13, the Soul Society’s military organization, doesn’t prioritize the rescue mission, leaving Ichigo to undertake the journey alone. But he is later joined by Chad and Uryu as they venture into Hueco Mundo.

6. Episode 196

bleach Episode 196

In Episode 196, we clearly see what the Soul Society has been doing after discovering Aizen’s plan.

Kenpachi explains that several Gotei 13 Captains arrive in Hueco Mundo to support Ichigo in his battle against Aizen and the remaining Arrancar. This plan also involves safeguarding Karakura Town.

To keep Aizen away from Karakura Town, they create fake and clone versions of the town as a decoy. This helps in concluding the Hueco Mundo arc, and the story now moves into the Karakura Town arc after Aizen’s defeat at the end of the episode.

7. Episode 212

Bleach Episode 212

The Turn Back, The Pendulum Arc, is a 6-episode mini-arc that takes 100 years back in Soul Society before the main series events.

It’s crucial for understanding the origins of the Vizards, Urahara’s deep knowledge of Soul Society, confirming him as a Shinigami, and Aizen’s backstory.

Episode 212 concludes the arc but leaves out some important details about the Vizards, which are worth watching if you’re interested in Soul Society’s history. It also introduces Squad 0.

Overall, this arc is essential and enjoyable for those who want insights into Soul Society’s past.

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8. Episode 288

Bleach Episode 288

After the intense battle with Ulquiorra and taking care of the last Hollow, the Hueco Mundo arc ends, Ichigo is heading to Karakura Town to join the fight against Captain Unohana.

Unohana helps heal Ichigo, but she realizes he’s not at full power. Surprisingly, Ichigo is still emitting the powers of a Captain-class Shinigami.

Interestingly, Ichigo hasn’t been affected by Aizen’s Shikai, Kyouka Suigetsu, which means he’s the only one who can get close to Aizen and possibly defeat him without his manipulation. Despite a difference in physical abilities, Ichigo has the best chance of taking down Aizen.

9. Episode 296

bleach Episode 296

Episode 296 is crucial in Bleach, playing a significant role in the entire series. It provides essential context for the later arcs and helps fill some plot holes.

In this episode, Aizen explains his fights and observations to Ichigo, a unique way of tying up loose ends and explaining many mysteries in the series.

This episode holds immense importance for the overall plot of Bleach, and it’s essential not to skip it. It’s one of the most pivotal episodes to date, as it wraps up lots of details and reveals essential information about Ichigo’s character.

10. Episode 343

Bleach Episode 343

The Fullbring arc in Bleach is often considered less important, and some people skip it. However, it provides valuable insights into Ichigo’s character.

Although it’s not a sprawling storyline, it’s essential for understanding what happens after the battle with Aizen. Ichigo is losing his powers, and the arc mainly focuses on the human world and its aftermath.

Even though Ichigo’s life seems to have returned to normal, crucial elements in this arc should not be overlooked.

The arc introduces the Shinigami Amulet and new characters, which will play a significant role later in the series. So, despite its reputation, this arc offers essential information and should be given proper attention.

As for Thousand Year Arc, We will Update it as it gets Completed.

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