Ace of the Diamond Filler List

Ace of the Diamond Filler List

If you’re like me, you’ve been watching Ace of the Diamond since it first aired. The show is full of character development, humor, and baseball action.

However, we’re now in the last few episodes, and the end is near. Don’t worry though; I’ve got you covered with an Ace of the Diamond Filler List episode guide.


Ace of the Diamond Filler List Episodes

1The One PitchManga Canon
2PartnerManga Canon
3Not Qualified to Be a Pitcher?Manga Canon
4Are You Like Me?Manga Canon
5A ClashManga Canon
6Head to Head!Manga Canon
7The Two BatteriesManga Canon
8The Truth About ChrisManga Canon
9With Chagrin in His HeartManga Canon
10Hone Your Moving FastballManga Canon
11Chris to the Field!Manga Canon
12TargetManga Canon
13You’re in the First-StringManga Canon
14Training Camp Begins!Manga Canon
15Lead With Your Plays!Manga Canon
16ChallengeManga Canon
17Games Are FunManga Canon
18I Hate It, But....Manga Canon
19FateManga Canon
20EmergencyManga Canon
21To the Dream StageManga Canon
22Calling for AttentionManga Canon
23Official Game DebutManga Canon
24ClockworkManga Canon
25Anti-Furuya StrategyManga Canon
26Miracle AkikawaManga Canon
27I’m Not RunningManga Canon
28Path, Eijun Sawamura to the Scorching MoundFiller
29Neck and NeckManga Canon
30Winner and LoserManga Canon
31Dark HorseManga Canon
32SummersManga Canon
33Money TreeManga Canon
34Reliable TeammatesManga Canon
35PotentialManga Canon
36The Ace Walks OnManga Canon
37Burst!Manga Canon
38RolesManga Canon
39Expectations of an AceManga Canon
40The Winning ShotManga Canon
41It’s the SemifinalManga Canon
42The Giant Looks DownManga Canon
43RevengeManga Canon
44Best PitchManga Canon
45Pitching of DespairManga Canon
46FantasyManga Canon
47That SummerManga Canon
48At the Dorm...Manga Canon
49A Nostalgic FaceManga Canon
50Footsteps to TomorrowManga Canon
51The Battle Begins!Manga Canon
52I Don’t Want to LoseManga Canon
53Change GearsManga Canon
54Entrusted Faith and the Courage to PerformManga Canon
55Strong MenManga Canon
56DecisionManga Canon
57Reliable UnderclassmenManga Canon
58The Three-HoleManga Canon
59FearlessManga Canon
60Lonely SunManga Canon
61DeterminedManga Canon
62Victory or DefeatManga Canon
63Lingering FeelingsManga Canon
64RestartManga Canon
65In the SunManga Canon
66OutsiderManga Canon
67The KickManga Canon
68The Ace TitleManga Canon
69Can’t Lose!Manga Canon
70Next StageManga Canon
71September SkyManga Canon
72The Final LessonManga Canon
73InheritanceManga Canon
74The Guiding LightManga Canon
75In PursuitManga Canon
76Howling in the SummerFiller
77The Summer Heat HazeFiller
78The Kings of SummerFiller
79The Fall Tournament Begins!Manga Canon
80The Cold RainManga Canon
81Out of OrderManga Canon
82Where I AmManga Canon
83ScenarioManga Canon
84My PathManga Canon
85Did You Just Pitch...Manga Canon
86The Underdog StoryManga Canon
87Self-DestructionManga Canon
88FissureManga Canon
89On My ShouldersManga Canon
90Persistent and DiligentManga Canon
91Chain ReactionManga Canon
92Shut Him Down!!Manga Canon
93This Guy’s Pretty GoodManga Canon
94An Uncompromising ChallengeManga Canon
95With Heads Held HighManga Canon
96Whispers of the Devil?Manga Canon
97Winging ItManga Canon
98School Academic LevelManga Canon
99Individual MindsManga Canon
100ZealManga Canon
101The Conceited UnderclassmanManga Canon
102Step By StepManga Canon
103The Resilient Second-StringManga Canon
104Demon ChildManga Canon
105The Kings’ RoarManga Canon
106The Courage He Gave MeManga Canon
107The Resolve for ResponsibilityManga Canon
108The Ace’s InstinctManga Canon
109InnocentManga Canon
110The World BeyondManga Canon
111RematchManga Canon
112PrioritiesManga Canon
113One PitchManga Canon
114Meeting ExpectationsManga Canon
115Play BallManga Canon
116The Lead-off ManManga Canon
117Fastball, Featuring TodorokiManga Canon
118To This SideManga Canon
119The Best FastballManga Canon
120The FieldManga Canon
121The DecisionManga Canon
122PartnershipManga Canon
123Party BoysManga Canon
124Just You Wait!Manga Canon
125Last InningManga Canon
126Seek Diamonds!Manga Canon
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