Ace of the Diamond: Act II Filler List

Ace of the Diamond Act II Filler List

I am an anime viewer, and I know how difficult it can be to find good-quality filler for your favorite series. I have compiled a list of Ace of the Diamond: Act II Filler List episodes.

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Ace of the Diamond: Act II is an anime series based on the manga by Yuji Terajima. An anime adaptation of Ace of Diamond Act II premiered on April 2, 2019. The series is listed for 52 episodes.

So, here is the Ace of the Diamond: Act II Filler List Episodes Guide

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Ace of the Diamond: Act II Filler Episodes List

1Beyond the DreamMixed Canon/Filler
2Wanna Take the MoundManga Canon
3Blessed by the Baseball GodsManga Canon
4The Day It BeganMixed Canon/Filler
5JoiningManga Canon
6Go StraightManga Canon
7KINGManga Canon
8CamphorManga Canon
9Battle, BattleManga Canon
10DebutManga Canon
11Where You LookManga Canon
12SelfishManga Canon
13Batting FirstManga Canon
14PresenceManga Canon
15My RoleManga Canon
16Only After You've WonManga Canon
17Three MonthsManga Canon
18Something to Find OutManga Canon
19Competitive StreakManga Canon
20Self-AssertiveManga Canon
21Out of TimeManga Canon
22ChosenManga Canon
23One Pitch, One SecondManga Canon
24IncompleteManga Canon
25UnleashedManga Canon
26Beneath the Same BannerManga Canon
27The NoteManga Canon
28I'm Not StoppingManga Canon
29After Spring ComesFiller
30Bloom of YouthManga Canon
31Kind of Like a PromiseManga Canon
32HungerManga Canon
33Heat TransferManga Canon
34CompetitionManga Canon
35Because He's AwesomeManga Canon
36As a CatcherManga Canon
37Invincible MentalityManga Canon
38FragileManga Canon
39I'm Counting on YouManga Canon
40ExpressionManga Canon
41Shared FateManga Canon
4220 PeopleManga Canon
43Summer Training CampManga Canon
44Setting SailManga Canon
45Go EXCEED!!Manga Canon
46EncouragementManga Canon
47Under the FeetManga Canon
48Get BackManga Canon
49Seido Goes All OutManga Canon
50FIRE AGEManga Canon
51That's the Reason WhyManga Canon
52Ace of DiamondManga Canon
  Ace of the Diamond Filler List


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