Code Geass Filler List Guide

Code Geass Filler List

“Hangyaku no Lelouch,” also referred to as Code Geass, is an anime series written by Ichirō Ōkouchi, and produced by  Sunrise animation studio. Kadokawa Shoten has published manga and light novels based on the show.

The anime is about an Imperial Prince who finds himself stuck in conflict for island nations, where he receives a mysterious power from a girl that allows him absolute dominance over any person.


So if you have plans to watch this anime, below is the Code Geass Filler List guide which will help you to avoid fillers.

Code Geass Filler List Episodes Guide

1Stage 01 - The Day a New Demon Was BornManga Canon
2Stage 02 - The White Knight AwakensManga Canon
3Stage 03 - The False ClassmateManga Canon
4Stage 04 - His Name is ZeroManga Canon
5Stage 05 - The Princess and the WitchManga Canon
6Stage 06 - The Stolen MaskManga Canon
7Stage 07 - Attack CorneliaManga Canon
8Stage 08 - The Black KnightsManga Canon
9Stage 09 - RefrainManga Canon
10Stage 10 - Guren DancesManga Canon
11Stage 11 - Battle for NaritaManga Canon
12Stage 12 - The Messenger From KyotoManga Canon
13Stage 13 - Shirley at GunpointManga Canon
14Stage 14 - Geass vs. GeassManga Canon
15Stage 15 - Cheering MaoManga Canon
16Stage 16 - Nunnally Held HostageManga Canon
17Stage 17 - KnightManga Canon
18Stage 18 - I Order you, Suzaku KururugiManga Canon
19Stage 19 - Island of the GodsManga Canon
20Stage 20 - The Battle for KyushuManga Canon
21Stage 21 - The School Festival DeclarationManga Canon
22Stage 22 - Bloodstained EuphyManga Canon
23Stage 23 - At Least with SorrowManga Canon
24Stage 24 - The Collapsing StageManga Canon
25Stage 25 - ZeroManga Canon
26Turn 01 - The Day a Demon AwakensManga Canon
27Turn 02 - Plan for Independent JapanManga Canon
28Turn 03 - Imprisoned in CampusManga Canon
29Turn 04 - Counterattack at the GallowsManga Canon
30Turn 05 - Knights of the RoundManga Canon
31Turn 06 - Surprise Attack over the PacificManga Canon
32Turn 07 - The Abandoned MaskManga Canon
33Turn 08 - One Million MiraclesManga Canon
34Turn 09 - A Bride in the Vermillion Forbidden CityManga Canon
35Turn 10 - When Shen Hu Wins GloryManga Canon
36Turn 11 - Power of PassionManga Canon
37Turn 12 - Love Attack!Manga Canon
38Turn 13 - Assassin from the PastManga Canon
39Turn 14 - Geass HuntManga Canon
40Turn 15 - The Cs' WorldManga Canon
41Turn 16 - United Federation of Nations Resolution Number OneManga Canon
42Turn 17 - The Taste of HumiliationManga Canon
43Turn 18 - Final Battle Tokyo IIManga Canon
44Turn 19 - BetrayalManga Canon
45Turn 20 - Emperor DismissedManga Canon
46Turn 21 - The Ragnarok ConnectionManga Canon
47Turn 22 - Emperor LelouchManga Canon
48Turn 23 - Schneizel's GuiseManga Canon
49Turn 24 - The Grip of DamoclesManga Canon
50Final Turn - Re;Manga Canon
51The Wyvern ArrivesManga Canon
52The Wyvern DividedManga Canon
53The Brightness FallsManga Canon
54Memories of HatredManga Canon
55To Beloved OnesManga Canon

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In 2017, Japan lives under the yoke of the Britannia Empire. Renamed “Zone Eleven”, the country suffers daily terror from the occupier who suppresses all sedition thanks to his armies of Mechs, the “Nightmare Frames”. But the day of the revolt may have sounded when a young student named Lelouch Lamperouge accidentally finds himself involved in a terrorist attack. While he should have died, Lelouch will instead survive, and even inherit a mysterious power, the “Geass”, which gives those who hold it the possibility of controlling the will of others. Will this power allow Lelouch to shake the Britannia Empire?

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