What does “Doki Doki” mean in anime?

What does Doki Doki mean in anime

Doki Doki is a Japanese word usually translated to ‘heartbeat.’ It’s often used in anime or manga to denote the feeling of love or excitement.

What is Doki Doki in Anime?

Doki Doki is a Japanese onomatopoeia that translates to ‘heartbeat’ or ‘sound of a heartbeat.’ It’s often used in manga and anime to indicate when a character feels nervous or excited.


You might see the characters in an anime start to sweat or their heart rate begin to increase as the Doki Doki sound effect plays. This is usually followed by a close-up of the character’s faces as they blush.

The Doki Doki sound effect is also used in other media, like video games and TV shows. It’s become so popular that there are now Doki Doki merchandise and even a Doki Doki Literature Club, which is a visual novel where you play as a high school student who joins their school’s literature club.


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How to express “Doki Doki” in English

Anime fans who watch a lot of shows from Japan often come across the word “doki doki.” It’s a term that is used frequently in everyday speech and it has a wide range of meanings. While its most literal translation is “heartbeat,” it can also be used to describe the feeling of excitement or nervousness. For example, you might say “doki doki desu” (I’m so excited) or “doki doki kuruwa” (I’m getting butterflies in my stomach).


If you want to add some Japanese flavor to your English conversations, here are a few ways to express “doki doki”:

1. “My heart is racing!”


2. “I’m so nervous!”

3. “This is thrilling!”

4. “I can’t wait!”

5. “This is exciting!”


Examples of Doki Doki in Anime

Doki Doki, also known as heart-pounding, is common in anime. It’s usually used to denote when a character feels nervous, excited, or both. Here are some examples of Doki Doki in anime:

-In ‘A Silent Voice’, Shoya is often seen with a rapid heartbeat whenever he’s around Shoko, the girl he used to bully. This is because he’s fallen in love with her and is nervous about confessing his feelings.

-In ‘Your Lie in April’, Kaori often makes Kousei’s heart race with her playful and energetic personality. Kousei is also in love with Kaori, which makes these moments even more special (and nerve-wracking) for him.

-In ‘Sword Art Online, Asuna’s Doki Doki moments are mostly due to the dangerous situations she and Kirito find themselves in. However, there are also times when she gets flustered around Kirito because she’s not sure how to express her feelings for him.

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