Why Jigen Can’t kill Boruto

Why Jigen Can't kill Boruto

Chapter 50 of the Boruto manga may not have been everything we expected, but it ended up giving us important information about Jigen and Boruto’s relationship.

The last chapters of the manga have increasingly increased the power that Jigen represents. We first learn about his origin that he is actually Isshiki Otsutsuki who came to Earth with Kaguya.

Then we found that the Karma brand is actually a backup for Otsutsuki. It’s a type of sealing that allows otsutsuki to store their genetic information later they could use to revive themselves, Which is once karma reaches its maturity the vessel transforms into the Otsutsuki.

Why Jigen Can’t kill Boruto

But why Isshiki can’t kill Boruto?

You may have seen in the manga where Isshiki easily dominated Sasuke in a fight and about to kill him, Isshiki is reluctant to finish after Boruto puts himself in front of the attack.

Jigen Isshiki Boruto

Added to the fact that Isshiki had already wasted other opportunities to kill him, Boruto comes to the conclusion that Isshiki, in fact, cannot murder him directly.

Understand why Jigen can't kill Boruto

This information is kind of confirmed by Isshiki himself, who looks like someone who was caught with his pants down while cursing the protagonist under his breath.

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We got the answer in the next Boruto chapter 51, where its said that inorder for the Ten Tails to convert in Devine Tree a special condition must be met.

Why Jigen Can't kill Boruto

The Condition is to feed a living Otsutsuki. As we already know Kaguya Otsutsuki is no longer alive there is no one other than Isshiki himself. But as Boruto is Momoshiki Vessel and his karma reached at certain stage where Boruto can be considered Otsutsuki.

Isshiki Planing to Sacrifice Boruto, the reason he could not kill him.

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