Facts About Power In Chainsaw Man


Chainsaw Man has a lot of memorable female characters, but none are as famous as the heroine Power. Her childlike and self-centered personality makes her a hilarious protagonist, even if she’s not the story’s protagonist. She appears on many fans’ lists of favorite characters, ranking higher than even Denji.

Power has entertained many people through the manga it carries Chainsaw Man. If they can bring her to life in the way she’s been portrayed in the manga, Power will surely be one of the main reasons for the anime’s success. In this list of 10 facts, you’ll find out more about the character and see other unique celebrity facts as well!


Facts about Power Chainsaw Man

1. The name Power came from the Christian angelic hierarchy

The name Power came from the Christian angelic hierarchy

The names of Christian angels inspired power’s name. After following Chainsaw Man for a while, we can see that the series uses a lot of biblical references. These references are valuable assets to the author as his story revolves around a world full of demons.

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The word ‘power’ comes from the second sphere in the angelic hierarchy and has three categories: domans, virtues, and power, which is where it earned its name.

2. Power Is A Devil With A Human Body

Power Is A Devil With A Human Body

She is human in every way, but Power is a demon hell-bent on bringing pain and misery. Often called possessed, infernals are demons possessing dead humans’ corpses to roam the Earth. While the immaculate appearance of a human body is retained, Aki explains that they can be seen as infernals because they have demonic features on their heads.


Power is identified as an infernal and can be recognized by the two horns on its head and sharp teeth. However, this isn’t Power’s original form; this is just a human body used as a container. Similarly to all other demons, Power’s true form is monstrous yet only revealed later in the series.

3. Don’t care for humans

Don't care for humans


Makima has put Power in Aki’s squad to form a more diversified team of Demon Hunters with infernals and Denji, who is a hybrid. Power was put to work on behalf of the same humans as Denji, meaning she would be killed if she disobeyed Makima or the Demon Hunters. However, she denied that she cared about humans since she was a demon.

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4. Power Loves Cats

Power Loves Cats

Power is a girl who doesn’t seem to like any of the humans in her life. All she wants is an excellent pet cat! She ends up naming him Meowy, and they spend all their time together.


Power was once a demon that wanted to eat Meowy, but she grew fond of the cat. Now, Meowy is the only thing Powers wants to protect. As anime fans will soon see, Power does whatever she needs to take care of Meowy. Even if it means she’ll go to pretty extreme lengths even with other demons who come into play.

5. Has a cowardly side

Has a cowardly side

Though Power is confident and thinks she is superior, there is evidence to the contrary – her cowardly nature. She doesn’t show fear when faced with opponents like regular humans or other weak demons. However, anytime Power goes up against a stronger opponent, it’s off to the races for her.


When Aki’s squad was attacked by Demon Katana, Power fled the fight after seeing an enemy that was much stronger than her. However, no one is as afraid of Demon Katana as Power. Despite this fear, she met the Demon of Darkness and was left traumatized for days afterward.

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6. Thor Love and Thunder Reference

Thor Love and Thunder Reference

Chainsaw Man’s opening song became popular quickly because it contains several references to popular movies and TV series. One particular reference is a scene reminiscent of one found in the new Thor movie, which appears during Power’s opening scene.


In this scene, where she is posing on the beach in a bikini, there is an advertisement with the letters “P-O-W-E-R” identical to the sign in Thor Love and Thunder. It may have come from the tastes of Tatsuki Fujimoto, a fan of American movies.


Chainsaw Man is a Japanese manga series written by Tatsuki Fujimoto, who also wrote the Neon Genesis Evangelion manga series and followed Denji, a young man with nothing left to live for after being betrayed. He’ll do anything to survive, even if that means working as a demon hunter. He can never be in peace, though because he’s always accompanied by his demon dog Pochita. He only gets relief when they merge and are reborn as a half-demon.

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