My Hero Academia Filler List

My Hero Academia Filler List

My Hero Academia is a superhero manga series written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi. The show has also inspired many spin-off mangas, for example, My Hero Academia Smash!! , My Hero Academia: Vigilantes, along with My Hero Academia: Team-Up Missions, in addition to an anime television show by Bones.

Its first season aired in Japan from April to June 2016, followed by Another year from April to September 2017, after the next period from April to September 2018, the fourth year from October 2019 to April 2020, along a fifth year expired in March 2021.


Let’s Check Out the My Hero Academia Filler List Episodes.

My Hero Academia Episodes List

My Hero Academia Filler List

This table includes My Hero Academia Filler List as well the Canon.

1Izuku Midoriya: OriginManga Canon
2What It Takes to Be a HeroManga Canon
3Roaring MusclesManga Canon
4Start LineManga Canon
5What I Can Do for NowManga Canon
6Rage, You Damn NerdManga Canon
7Deku vs. KacchanManga Canon
8Bakugo’s Start LineManga Canon
9Yeah, Just Do Your Best, Iida!Manga Canon
10Encounter With the UnknownManga Canon
11Game OverManga Canon
12All MightManga Canon
13Upon Each of Their HeartsManga Canon
14That’s the Idea, OchacoManga Canon
15Roaring Sports FestivalManga Canon
16In Their Own Quirky WaysManga Canon
17Strategy, Strategy, StrategyManga Canon
18Cavalry Battle FinaleManga Canon
19The Boy Born With EverythingManga Canon
20Victory or DefeatManga Canon
21Battle on, Challengers!Manga Canon
22Bakugo vs. UrarakaManga Canon
23Shoto Todoroki: OriginManga Canon
24Fight on, IidaManga Canon
25Todoroki vs. BakugoManga Canon
26Time to Pick Some NamesManga Canon
27Bizarre! Gran Torino AppearsManga Canon
28Midoriya and ShigarakiManga Canon
29Hero Killer: Stain vs. U.A. StudentsManga Canon
30ClimaxMixed Canon/Filler
31The Aftermath of Hero Killer: StainManga Canon
32Everyone’s InternshipsAnime Canon
33Listen Up!! A Tale From the PastManga Canon
34Gear up for the Final ExamsMixed Canon/Filler
35Yaoyorozu: RisingManga Canon
36Stripping the VarnishManga Canon
37Katsuki Bakugo: OriginManga Canon
38EncounterManga Canon
39Game StartFiller
40Wild, Wild PussycatsMixed Canon/Filler
41KotaManga Canon
42My HeroManga Canon
43Drive It Home, Iron Fist!!!Manga Canon
44Roaring UpheavalManga Canon
45What a Twist!Manga Canon
46From Iida to MidoriyaManga Canon
47All For OneManga Canon
48Symbol of PeaceManga Canon
49One For AllManga Canon
50End of the Beginning, Beginning of the EndManga Canon
51Moving Into DormsManga Canon
52Create Those Ultimate MovesManga Canon
53The TestManga Canon
54Shiketsu High LurkingMixed Canon/Filler
55Class 1-AMixed Canon/Filler
56RUSH!Manga Canon
57Rescue ExercisesManga Canon
58Special Episode: Save the World With Love!Filler
59What’s the Big Idea?Manga Canon
60A Talk About Your QuirkManga Canon
61Deku vs. Kacchan 2Manga Canon
62A Season for EncountersManga Canon
63UnrivaledManga Canon
64The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-AFiller
65OverhaulManga Canon
66Boy Meets…Manga Canon
67Fighting FateManga Canon
68Let’s Go, Gutsy Red RiotManga Canon
69An Unpleasant TalkManga Canon
70GO!!Manga Canon
71Suneater of the Big ThreeManga Canon
72Red RiotManga Canon
73Temp SquadManga Canon
74LemillionManga Canon
75Unforeseen HopeManga Canon
76Infinite 100%Manga Canon
77Bright FutureManga Canon
78Smoldering FlamesManga Canon
79Win Those Kids’ HeartsManga Canon
80Relief for License TraineesManga Canon
81School FestivalManga Canon
82Prepping for the School Festival Is the Funnest PartManga Canon
83Golden Tips ImperialManga Canon
84Deku vs. Gentle CriminalManga Canon
85School Festival Start!!Manga Canon
86Let It Flow! School Festival!Manga Canon
87Japanese Hero Billboard ChartManga Canon
88His StartManga Canon
89All Hands on Deck! Class 1-AAnime Canon
90VestigesManga Canon
91Clash! Class A vs. Class B!Manga Canon
92Make It Happen, Shinso!Manga Canon
93Operation New Improv MovesManga Canon
94ForesightManga Canon
95Match 3Manga Canon
96Match 3 ConclusionManga Canon
97Early Bird!Manga Canon
98That Which Is InheritedManga Canon
99Our BrawlManga Canon


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My Hero Academia is an anime based on manga of the same name. The story follows Izuku Midoriya, a boy who has dreamed of being a hero all his life, and he’s one of those rare children born without a Quirk (the ability to do superhuman things).

  My Hero Academia Chapter 393: Release Date & Spoiler

He is eventually identified as having One For All, which grants him the power of many other quirks. His idol is All Might, known to be the world’s greatest superhero.

However, that all changes when All Might is forced to retire from duty and his true identity – Izuku’s childhood friend Toshinori Yagi – was revealed.

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