One Punch Man Filler List Guide

One Punch Man Filler List

One Punch Man is Manga Series that begin in 2009. The Manga Quickly started getting viral, and soon anime series was introduced in 2015. The One Punch Man Anime consists of Two Seasons. Season 1 is already completed consisting of 21 Episodes. And One-Punch Man Second Season 2 is still ongoing.

In this article, we are going to share the one-punch-man filler list. With the Help of these one-punch-man fillers, You can avoid watching one-punch-man filler episodes that are just repeated or a story of a particular character.


In this anime, the main character is Saitama, who became a hero just for fun. After his Special training for years, he became invincible.

One Punch Man Filler List

One Punch Man Episodes List

1The Strongest ManCanon10/4/2015
2The Lone CyborgCanon10/11/2015
3The Obsessive ScientistCanon10/18/2015
4The Modern NinjaCanon10/25/2015
5The Ultimate Master Canon11/1/2015
6The Terrifying CityCanon11/8/2015
7The Ultimate DiscipleCanon11/15/2015
8The Deep Sea KingCanon11/22/2015
9Unyielding JusticeCanon11/29/2015
10Unparalleled PerilCanon12/6/2015
11The Dominator of the UniverseCanon12/13/2015
12The Strongest HeroCanon12/20/2015
13Return of the HeroCanon4/9/2019
14The Human MonsterCanon4/16/2019
15The Hunt BeginsCanon4/23/2019
16The Metal BatCanon4/30/2019
17The Martial Arts TournamentCanon5/7/2019
18The Monster UprisingCanon5/14/2019
19The S Class HeroesCanon5/21/2019
20Resistance of the StrongCanon5/28/2019
21The Ultimate DilemmaCanon6/11/2019
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