Komamura Sajin Quotes From Bleach!

Komamura Sajin Quotes From Bleach!

Komamura Sajin is one of the most popular characters from the Bleach anime series. He is a loyal and powerful Soul Reapers captain who fights to protect humans from Hollows. Komamura is also a giant anthropomorphic fox, which makes him even more unique and exciting.

Fans of Bleach love Komamura for his strength, loyalty, and dedication to his friends and comrades. He is always willing to put himself in harm’s way to protect others, and his fierce fighting style makes him a formidable opponent.


Even though he is a giant fox, Komamura is a kind and gentle soul who cares deeply for his friends and allies. You need to check out Komamura Sajin. He’s a fantastic character with great depth and will surely become one of your favorites.

Here are the best Komamura Quotes from Bleach!


Komamura Sajin Quotes:

1. I have not thrown my life away. I have merely gambled it. Genryūsai-done gambled his own life on this battle. I see no reason why I should not do the same. From the moment I set foot on this battlefield, I had already left my life behind!” – Komamura Sajin

2. Don’t retreat, Tetsuzaemon. No matter what. You stand firm right behind me!” – Komamura Sajin

3. An anonymous friend of Tousen… If you had been there…What would you have said to stop him?” – Komamura Sajin.

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4. You destroyed those Menos Grandes. That’s enough for me! I have decided to fight by your side! I won’t accept no as an answer, masked ones!” – Komamura Sajin

5. Let us commence, Zaraki! Your favorite game of carnage!!” – Komamura Sajin

6. Get down here, Tosen! Why did you become a Shinigami? Was it not for your deceased friend? Was it not to carry out justice!? Where is your justice now!?” – Komamura Sajin


7. If our core beliefs are truly incompatible, attempting to solve this with words is meaningless. For the sake of Soul Society, I must strike you down. I do not wish to do so. Having heard your true beliefs, I am now satisfied. In my heart, I have already forgiven you.” – Komamura Sajin

8. Back then. I felt a kernel of untruth in your words. You talked about “The world she loves” many times. But made not a single mention of “The world I love”.” – Komamura Sajin

9. I never thought the day would come when I would be forced to protect someone from your blade.” – Komamura Sajin

10. You are right. I have not yet introduced myself. I am Captain of the Seventh Division Komamura Sajin. And though it shames me, I am just as you say — A meager worm of a man.” – Komamura Sajin

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11. I was glad you did not pretend to be a saint and claim to love the world despite everything. That is why I decided that I would be your true friend. I would accept your sorrow. And I would share my joy. If you strayed, I would reprimand you. If you made mistakes, I would forgive you. And when you found yourself in trouble, I would be there for you. So that you who learn to hate the world, would come to love it once more.” – Komamura Sajin


12. Worry not. I have no doubt, but my debt to Genryūsai-dono inspires me. Everyone shunned me due to my appearance. He found me when I was one gone astray. The debt I owe that gentleman shall I answer with all my spirit. I do not hesitate. Should that gentleman call it justice, then even my death shall be justice!” – Komamura Sajin

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