8 Favorite Erza Scarlet Armors

8 Favorite Erza Scarlet Armors

In this discussion, I will focus on the popular animanga series Fairy Tail, created and illustrated by Hiro Mashima and published in Weekly Shonen Magazine.

Now, let’s delve into the character of Erza Scarlet, one of the prominent figures in Fairy Tail. She is a stunning female knight adorned with flowing crimson hair and an enchanting physique.


Undoubtedly, Erza stands as one of the most idolized female characters, particularly among male fans, myself included. Fortunately, Mashima often treats us to fanservice involving this S-class wizard in Fairy Tail.

Erza possesses a unique magical ability called Requip, which instantly allows her to switch between different armors and weapons. Surprisingly, she can even employ Requip to change into regular clothing.


Erza Scarlet boasts an extensive collection of over 100 distinct armors, each possessing remarkable characteristics. While armor traditionally protects the wearer, it is intriguing that Erza’s choice of armor tends to expose her body, leading to moments of fanservice.

For your reference, I have compiled the results of a Kaskuser poll conducted within the Fairy Tail manga thread, featuring the top eight favorite armors as chosen by the community.


8. Flame Empress (Entei no Yoroi)

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First worn during a duel with Natsu, this armor lowers the destructive rate of fire attacks by 50%.

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This red, black, and yellow armor also allows Erza Scarlet to use fire magic. Her hair is in two long pigtails.

7. Heaven’s Wheel (Tenrin no Yoroi)

Heaven's Wheel Armour

The armor Erza uses the most in battle. It is very suitable to be used against many opponents because this armor can fire many weapons. With this armor, Erza Scarlet can summon a super large number of swords.

6. Purgatory (Rengoku no Yoroi)

Purgatory (Rengoku no Yoroi)


Erza’s second strongest armor, and before her fight with Ikaruga, Erza said, “Never has anyone seen this armor and lived to tell the story.” But the armor was destroyed instantly by Ikaruga.

It was black armor covered in thorns. You can see an evil aura radiating when Erza wears this armor. Lightning Emperor, Black Wing, dan Robe of Yuen

5. Lightning Emperess (Raitei no Yoroi)

Lightning Emperess (Raitei no Yoroi)

This armor will lower attack damage from all lightning strikes aimed at Erza. This dominant white armor is not only for defending against lightning attacks, but Erza can also carry out blue lightning attacks on her enemies.

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4. Black  Wing

Black  Wing Armor

This armor increases the destructive power of Erza’s attacks. This armor is black with silver trim and bat wings. When using this armor, Erza only uses one sword. This armor first appeared during the battle of the demon Lullaby. And when wearing this armor, he can fly in the air.

3. Robe of Yūen

Robe of Yūen Armor


One of my favorite armor. Armor in the form of a simple kimono with a dominant purple color. This armor has elastic properties that prevent Midnight’s Reflector Magic from binding her.

With a sleeveless tunic with a floral pattern, this armor exposes Erza’s chest. Uh, savory, savory, enjoy.


2. Heart Kreuz  (Heart Cross Armor, Hāto Kurosu no Yoroi)

Heart Kreuz  (Heart Cross Armor, Hāto Kurosu no Yoroi)

Made by Heart Kreuz, the casual armor that Erza usually wears daily. With this armor, sometimes Erza requips the sword and doesn’t change her armor.

1. Seduction Armor  (Yūwaku no Yoroi)

Erza’s most exciting armor. In an “extremely sensual” maid outfit, Erza only wore a long white apron covering her bare chest and super sexy panties paired with dark pants.

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Erza wears long stockings. And only his arms are wearing iron armor. For weapons, Erza wears a sword that reads, “Come on, Boy.”

Unfortunately, Erza had never worn this armor before. It only flashed through her mind when fighting Azuma. It’s a shame it wasn’t used then, maybe sometimes. Haha

Maybe the goal is not to be defensive but to intimidate opponents, especially boys.

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